Top Coffee Chains In America

Coffee has become one of America’s favorite beverages. Due to that fact, it should come as no surprise that America has a large number of coffee chains. The question is which coffee chain is best for you? In this article, I will discuss some of the top coffee chains in America and provide my decision regarding the best coffee chain.

1. Starbucks

Starbucks was founded in Seattle in 1971. Starbucks has grown to be arguably the most recognizable coffee chain in the United States. Starbucks offers hot and cold coffee options, including lattes. You can find a Starbucks in just about any city in America. Additionally. many hotels and department stores, such as Target, have a Starbucks available to customers. Starbucks also offers a number of food items to it’s customers. One of Starbucks signature food items is is the double smoked bacon, cheddar, and egg breakfast sandwich.

2. Dunkin

Dunkin (formerly Dunkin Donuts) is another national brand that most people are familiar with in the United States. Most people are not aware of the origin of this chain. The first Dunkin opened it’s doors in 1950 in Quincy, Massachusetts. Some coffee lovers out there may argue that Dunkin does not offer as many options when it comes to coffee as other top coffee chains. However, Dunkin provides a consistently good top quality flavor of coffee that comes at a much cheaper price than some of it’s competitors. Additionally, when it comes to food items, Dunkin offers more than just donuts. Dunkin offers breakfast sandwiches as well. Dunkin also proudly boasts, “breakfast sandwiches are served all day long.”

3. Panera Bread

In 1997, Panera Bread was founded in St. Louis, Missouri. Although Panera may not be widely known for it’s coffee, this national chain does a great job with regard to coffee. A wide variety of coffee options are available to the consumer. Panera also offers freshly basked items, such as bagels, which compliment any cup of coffee. Panera notes that, “we pride ourselves on serving clean food without artificial preservatives or sweeteners.” It appears that Panera is doing all it can to adjust to these changing times where Americans are looking for healthier food choices, Panera scores with me in that regard.

4. Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme may primarily be known for it’s outstanding donuts. Most Americans would be surprised to know that this chain has a long history. The first Krispy Kreme resturant opened on July 13, 1937. Krispy Kreme offers a variety of tasty mocha and latte options. Examples of beverage options offered at this chain are caramel lattes, cappuccinos, iced mochas, hot mochas, and Ghirardelli hot chocolate options. It should be noted that Krispy Kreme also offers “skinny” lattes for those that are concerned with calorie intake.

5. Biggby Coffee

Biggby Coffee is based primarily in the Midwest portion of the United States. The chain was founded in East Lansing, Michigan in 1995. Biggby offers breakfast sandwiches, smoothies, and lattes. One beverage option that separates this chain from others is Biggby’s tea lattes. A few examples of the tea lattes are Enlightened Chai, Chinese Flower, and Cinnamon Spice. Biggby currently has over 200 locations. I would not be surprised if that number doubled in the next few years based on it’s current popularity.

6. Tim Horton’s

Tim Horton’s is a brand that first started in Canada before expanding to America. The first Tim Horton’s opened it’s doors in Hamilton Ontario with a different name. The first one was named Ronald. V. Joyce in 1964. In 1967, the name was changed due to Tim Horton’s death. The new sole owner, Ron Joyce, renamed the resturant what it it today, Tim Horton’s. Currently, Tim Horton has over 900 location in America. Tim Horton offers donuts, breakfast sandwiches, soups, and salads in addition to it’s coffee. Tim Horton also offers a rewards program to it’s return customers.

7. Peet’s Tea and Coffee

Peet’s Tea and Coffee is another outstanding coffee chain that currently has approximately 200 locations nationwide. Founded in 1966, this chain opened it’s first resturant in Berkeley, California. As the name suggests, customers will find a variety of tea and coffee options. This chain also offers breakfast sandwiches and other traditional breakfast items that are sure to go well with any cup of coffee.

8. Caribou Coffee

Caribou Coffee is one of the fastest growing coffee chains in the United States. Founded in 1992, this chain opened it’s first restaurant in Edina, Minnesota. Caribou offers a variety of Mochas and lattes for it’s coffee loving customers as well.. Caribou offers a, “coffee of the day”. The company indicates that a regular rotation of Carribou coffee blends is done every day. One of Carribou’s signature beverages is the Mint condition Mocha. This beverage is composed of, “steamed milk, espresso, and a rich mint flavor. Sounds good to me!

In conclusion, there is no doubt that America offers some outstanding options when it comes to coffee chains. However, for me, Starbucks is the clear winner. Starbucks offers the most variety of options with regard to lattes, mochas, etc. than any of the other national coffee chains. Additionally, with approximately 27,000 locations in the United States, accessibility to this brand is certainly not a problem. So the verdict is in! I am going with Starbucks!


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