RealMenuPrices.com provide information on restaurant and fast food chain prices, coupon, offers and nutrition information to help you make informed decisions when you want to eat out.

We offer detailed reviews for restaurants and hotels based in the United States. Review is something from, which both customers and owners benefit. Reviews allow customers to choose the most suitable place to visit for a lively dining out experience. On the other hand, good reviews increase business revenues ad popularity.

How Do We Review Restaurants?

History of the Restaurants

For a delightful evening after a busy day or on a romantic night, a perfect ambiance with an apt cuisine for dinner is essential. Our restaurant reviews add details on the restaurant’s origin and history, its holdings and subsidiaries, and its eatery outlets and locations nationwide and internationally.

Menu Prices of the Restaurants

Our restaurant reviews include details on menus items, deals and combo offers that are recommended by the restaurants. We provide menu prices as accurately as possible; however, the prices are subject to change as per the restaurant’s policies without prior notice. We advise our readers to confirm the prices by contacting the restaurant prior to visit to help avoid any surprises.

How Are Our Restaurants Reviews Useful?

We review chains of conventional dining and fast food restaurants to give a clear understanding of what, how and when to choose when planning to eat outside. Our reviews are based on the information provided on the restaurant’s official website and other available online resources. Use our work to get an estimate of what you can expect to spend on your bill. See the various options in the menu to know if a place serves the food you are looking for.

We are always looking for feedback and opportunities to better serve our visitors. If you have any comments, please send us a message.

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