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17 Savory Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  It gives you the energy to work or go to school, increases focus, and gives your body a healthy dose of much-needed vitamins.

The main problem with eating breakfast is that too many popular foods have a ton of sugar.  Don’t get me wrong, humans need sugar as much as any nutrient, but we don’t need too much.

A good breakfast has a lot of proteins, fiber, and carbohydrates.  They won’t be sweet, but rather filling.  Here are seventeen breakfast dishes that are both healthy and taste great. read more

17 Best Winter Soups and Stews Recipes

There is nothing like coming in from the cold to a hot bowl of soup or a stew.  A hearty soup or stew warms the body, but it also acts to stop dehydration.

While getting a can of soup from the supermarket is a good idea, making it yourself with fresh ingredients is a better one.  Especially if you use fresh vegetables.

Let’s take a look at seventeen of the best soups and stews for those winter days.  These are soups that fill you up with lots of vitamins and are made with love.

17 Best Winter Soups and Stews for Cold Days

1. Beef Stew

A simple, efficient stew that’s thick and full of protein, beef stew is a classic.  Some recipes add potatoes or beer to the mixture, too. read more

What To Serve With Grilled Cheese

Grilled cheese is one of the most common sandwiches in the United States, as well as one of the most versatile.  It can be made gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, and with almost any combination of cheese and bread, as long as it’s grilled.

Whether young or young at heart, grilled cheese is enjoyed by people of all ages.  In fact, the United States even has a national grilled cheese month, in April, and day, on April 12.

So, what kinds of foods do we serve with grilled cheese?  There are some obvious favorites like tomato soup with goldfish crackers, but there is a lot more to the grilled cheese side dish scene than that.  Let’s check them out! read more

What To Serve With Chicken Salad Sandwiches

Chicken salad sandwiches are not only a good source of protein, but easy to make at home.  They can even be healthy if you make them the right way with less mayonnaise, more vegetables, and whole-grain bread.

The good thing about chicken salad sandwiches is that they can go with almost any side dish, especially healthy side dishes like fruit, soup, cheese, pickles, and all kinds of vegetable salads.

Here are some yummy, healthy, and interesting side dishes to go with your chicken salad sandwiches that will go down great at any party. read more

17 Best Christmas Cookie Recipes

One of the best parts of the holidays is the food.  From the turkey to the candy canes, it’s definitely a time to indulge the appetite.

The biggest temptations of the season aren’t the large foods; it’s the small ones, the times where you can’t stop at one.  That’s right, I’m talking about the cookies.

Cookies might be bad for us, but they taste so good!  Here is a list of seventeen of the best cookie recipes for the holidays.  Just make sure you’ve eaten before reading this because these recipes are mouth-watering! read more

17 Best Christmas Appetizers

Christmas is the time of year when we’re obligated to spend time with family, even if it’s a pain.  It’s a time of get-togethers, and of course a time for family dinners.

The Christmas family lunches or dinners need a ton of preparations, of course.  You have to buy food, spend hours making all those delicious dishes, and remembering every little ingredient and detail to make it perfect.  It can get quite crazy sometimes.

Cutting back on the chaos is the key to a stress-free holiday, and that means less time in the kitchen.  Here are seventeen appetizers that are easy to make and won’t stress you out. read more

17 Best Brazilian Recipes

Brazil is one of the largest countries in the world, with a lot of diversity among its people.  This is one reason why Brazilian cuisine is so unique: its mixture of cultures has spread to their meals.

The sheer size of Brazil means that there are differences in the cuisine by region.  What is commonly eaten in one part of the country might not be so popular in another part.

With that said, there are some dishes that are popular all over the country.  Here is my list of seventeen of the best Brazilian dishes, and how to make them. read more

17 Winter Casseroles For Chilly Days

What do you eat for dinner on a cold winter’s day?  The best winter foods are the heartiest kind that both satisfy you and give you the energy to keep going even when the temperature is below freezing.

A casserole definitely fits that description; it’s a one-pan meal with meat, vegetables, and a binding element.  This is all slowly baked together with a cheesy topping, and sometimes with broth or other liquid, into a gooey, irresistible, mess.

That brings up the important question: which casserole is the best?  The answer depends, but here are seventeen casseroles that will make anyone who eats it say “wow!” read more

What to Serve With French Onion Soup?

French onion soup is a delicious, nutritious dish that can be made at home.  In fact, you’re better off making it at home since the soup that comes from the store has a lot of unhealthy preservatives like sugar and salt.

There are many variations in the recipe, but the basic ingredients are onions, broth, and a lot of time to slow-cook the onions.  The soup is served hot, usually as an entrée or as a full meal.

But while the soup is the main part of the course, it doesn’t have to be served by itself.  Here are seventeen side dishes that make food lovers cry “ooh la la!” read more

17 Easy Summer Side Dishes

The summer is the best time to host parties, go for picnics, camping trips with your family and testing new recipes out with your friends.

These coming recipes for side dishes will be a helpful step in the right direction to having a fun party with even better food. These recipes are a sure staple at any summer gathering or potluck!

Each recipe mentioned within this article is so easy to prep and can be done by anyone – even entrusting kids to help, with adult supervision when using sharp kitchen utensils or the oven or stove top. read more