Most Vegan-Friendly Fast Food Chains in the US

Vegans have always had limited options when it comes to fast food. However, that is quickly changing, as more restaurant-goers continue to demand food that is free of any animal products. This customer need has fueled a trend among a number of fast food restaurant chains, whereby they take into account vegan needs in their menu offerings. Below, we examine some of the most vegan-friendly fast food chains.

1. Burger King

Make a stop at any Burger King branch near you if your craving some vegan food. One of the most popular vegan selections that appear on their menu is their range of veggie burgers: of which the MorningStar brand veggie burger is the most popular. The patty is made from vegetable ingredients including pepper, carrots, and onions; while being prepared in fryers that are used exclusively for preparing non-animal based food products. Other tasty vegan offerings at Burger King include their entree salads and a variety of cereal-based dessert options. Finally, Burger King’s fries are totally vegan-friendly, as the preparation process cuts out the inclusion of beef flavorings.

2. Chipotle

At Chipotle, you can choose from a range of delectable vegan offerings, including sofritas; a tasty combination of fajita veggies and seasoned tofu. Their black and pinto beans are also free of animal lard, making them a great meal option for vegans.

3. Starbucks

The world’s most-renown coffee chain is also one of the most vegan-friendly ones; since- with a few minor changes- they allow you to order your favorite beverages ‘vegan-style’. For instance, you can order plant-based milk lattes, mochas, and smoothies. The vegan-friendly menu selections don’t end with the drinks- thankfully- as Starbucks also offers vegan food like ‘The Vegan Superberry Acai’. As of 2019, the brand is trialing new vegan menu offerings such as vegan Mac n’ Cheese.

4. Subway

Treat yourself to a wide range of vegan delights at any of Subway’s numerous branches. For instance, their ‘Veggie Delight-minus cheese or mayo’ is a must-try. In addition, the brand offers a ‘Sandwich on white bread’ menu option for those allergic to/prefer not to consume honey.

5. Taco Bell

This franchise offers one of the rangiest vegan menus, with up to 13 meatless selections on offer. They call these vegan-friendly meals ‘fresco-style dishes’. For example, a ‘fresco- style burrito’ is devoid of any dairy additives like lard. What’s more, Taco Bell offers vegan patrons an option to replace meat in any dish with ‘fresco-style’ beans and potatoes.

6. Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)

Apart from trialing meat-less vegan chicken across various outlets, KFC also boasts a decent variety of vegan-friendly selections that will leave you craving for more. These include corn on the cob-minus butter and fries cooked in vegetable oil.

7. Pizza Hut

This popular fast food chain makes use of a decent range of vegan-friendly ingredients that include gluten-free dough and low-fat french dressing sauce. Pizza Hut also recently launched a vegan-friendly ‘jack-fruit pizza’ that is made using dairy-free cheese.

8. Taco del Mar

Head out to any of this Mexican-inspired franchise’s outlets for a taste of vegan rice, vegan tortillas, and even vegan burritos. While their prices are slightly higher than typical fast food brands, their meal-size portions are huge.


While all of these fast food chains offer mouth-watering vegan meal selections, I personally prefer Taco Bell, as their vegan menu is the most diverse. What’s more, they’ve incorporated vegan aspects into already existing menu offerings; thus according patrons a chance to enjoy ‘vegan versions’ of their favorite dishes.


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