The Best Desert Chains In America

The rise in fast food chains has been brought about by their convenience, tasty meals and affordability. However one trend is steadily emerging, people are visiting fast foods for their even more sumptuous desserts. Here are the best desert chains in America.

1. Dairy Queen- Orange Julius original

The orange Julius Original is the ultimate smoothie when it comes to flavor and consistency. This smoothie has the tangy flavor of crushed oranges whose acidity has been toned down by a dairy flavor. All the ingredients seamlessly mesh together to form a dessert that is not only frothy but delicious as well. It has 212 calories and costs $3.89 for the large one.

2. Popeye’s- hand pie

The perfect pie has a golden exterior but with an interior that is easy to bite into and Popeye’s pies are exactly that. Their salty spicy chicken and cinnamon apple pie are extremely addictive but it’s their limited raspberry N’Cream Cheese Pie that got people going back for more. The cinnamon apple pies has 236 calories and costs $1.29.

3. McDonald’s- apple pie

Few fast food chains manage to stay relevant but McDonalds makes it look easy. Their apple pie is baked and not fried and this tends to have a nostalgic effect. It has a distinct apple flavor that is complemented by a cinnamon linger. This pie has 230 calories and costs $0.99.

4. Subway- cookies

There’s just something about cookies that is not comparable to other forms of dessert. While other dessert chains have ice-creams and shakes, subway gives a healthier option. They have a wide range of cookie flavors, each of which is tasty. This cookies have 210 calories and cost $0.65 a piece.

5. Chick-fil-A- icedream

You would think all creams would taste the same but I would beg to differ. Chick-fil-A’s ice-cream is soft, light and gently icy, a combination which is hard to beat. It is also milky and has a smoot texture that makes you want to order more. the large cup costs $1.65 and has 290 calories.

6. Sonic- fresh banana shake

It is impossible to mention desserts and not mention a shake and Sonic’s fresh banana shake sets the golden standards. Even though this shakes are only made with banana, milk splash (2%) and ice-cream, they have a natural and balanced flavor that is addictive. The large shake has 680 calories and costs $4.89.

7. Taco Bell- cinnamon twists

Taco bell is one of the countable Mexican fast food restaurants that also has a drive-thru. They seem to have grown their brand overnight but it’s not hard to see why when you have a taste of their iconic cinnamon twists. They are crunchy and perfectly balance out the sweetness and cinnamon flavor. This twits costs $1 and have 170 calories.

8. Wendy’s- frosty

When it comes to versatility, Wendy’s takes the trophy. Their ability to adapt to changes in people’s eating habits makes them stand out. Frosty makes a particularly great dessert as one can dip their fries on it, scoop it using a spoon and even drink it once it warms. The small serving has 340 calories and costs $0.99.

Which is the best dessert fast food chain?

The above top 8 fast food chains are all renowned brands with amazing desserts. If I were to choose one, I would go with Wendy’s frosty because it is versatile enough to enjoy in different ways. Besides, their vanilla and chocolate flavors are unbeatable and when combined, they are extremely delicious.


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