Souplantation Menu Prices


If you are looking for a restaurant with a little bit of a difference then Souplantation might just be the right restaurant for you. It offers a range of different menu items, with great ambiance, quality servers, and healthy food. With the health craze currently sweeping America, it is safe to say that Souplantation is at the top of the healthy eating list.

However, this is no fad eatery. With over 100 stores nationwide and a heritage that has been going strong since the 70s, this restaurant has a one of a kind history that lends itself to great meals and an even greater experience. The establishment gives customers a number of different food options, ensuring an inclusive culture.

Salad Experience
Single Size Saladdesign your own creation from our famous salad bar$5.29
Single Size Salad Combocreate your own single serving salad from our salad bar plus add a cup of soup or a hot pasta dish or a loaded baked potato and your choice of any 2 single serving bakery items
Family Size Salads
generous portions enough for everyone
Garden Fresh Saladvarious choice of dressings$11.99 - $19.99
Classic Caesar Salad$11.99 - $19.99
Wonton Chicken Salad$14.99 - $24.99
Signature Prepared Saladsmade from scratch. We prepare many varieties$1.49 - $4.79
Muffins or Focaccia Breadmade from scratch choose any 2 items. Please ask for daily selections$0.80
Chocolate Chip Cookiesa bakers dozen made fresh daily$1.69
Garlic or Pizza Focaccia Bread$8.50
Sourdough Bread$3.50
Indian Grain Bread$3.50
Loaded Baked Potatoyour topping options include sour cream, real bacon crumbles, scallions and shredded yellow cheese$2.29
Hot Pastathree varieties, prepared fresh. please ask for selections$2.29
Garden Vegetable Party Trayan assortment of fresh veggies with ranch dip. please give us 48 hours notice to prepare party trays$12.95
Assorted Beveragesfountain and bottled varieties
Hearty Soups
Six Made from Scratch Choicesclassic chicken noodle and five daily selections$2.49 - $5.99


Souplantation was founded in March 1978, offering diners something fresh and different to indulge in. Instead of the usual style of fast food, this diner offers a range of health conscious dining options to really sink your teeth into. The first establishment opened in San Diego and quickly grew from there.

In 1983, the Souplantation spread, growing beyond Southern California, and eventually expanded to over 15 states, and more than 120 restaurants nation-wide. The restaurant delivers quality meals that emphasize healthy eating choices. Customers have the option of customizing the ingredients that go into their meals. This ensures customer satisfaction.

Many businesses, especially fast food eateries, value processed foods that can be purchased at a low price, and stored for extended periods of time. This restaurant cares about the health of its customers and ensures that each ingredient is bought fresh every day, which ensures the freshness and quality of each meal.

These founding values allowed the small, San Diego restaurant to spread to every state in America. One of the great things about this eatery, that has given it such success, is the fact that it puts so much emphasis on getting fresh ingredients to its customers, at an affordable rate.


One of the advantages of eating at Souplantation is the fact that it offers such a healthy menu. Their menu is predominantly plant based and was created on the theory that consuming high levels of vegetables and salads leads to improved health. However, their menu still contains vital levels of optional protein and carbohydrates, ensuring it is well-balanced.

The true strength of their menu lies in the high-quality food preparation and variety, which leads to great taste in each meal. They offer an onsite bakery and a range of soups, such as the Basmati Lentil Soup and the Asian Ginger Soup. Their lunches average at $8, while their dinner menu is priced around the $11 range.

The eatery staff are polite and friendly and offer prompt service. The establishment does not offer formal dining, but it will suit those looking for a casual eatery with a touch of fancy. The atmosphere is casual, with soft lighting and wide booths that offer customers a chance to relax. The diner itself can get busy, but it is well worth the wait.

Souplanation offers good, prompt service, a clean and hygienic environment and a wide variety of different menu options. The staff are friendly and you cannot go wrong with the affordable prices. If you are looking for a restaurant that stands out from the crowd, located in safe, clean neighbourhoods, then this definitely the place to go.

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