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Pita Pit has become one of the leading establishments in the healthy fast food industry. It combines Canadian cooking, Italian cuisine, and fresh, American produce to create a blend of flavors that customers love. The eatery has become a leader in everything they stand for, and continues to deliver excellent service to their customers.

The combination of high quality, pita-based cuisine, and the innovative, health-based menu is definitely a reason to pay them a visit. With friendly staff and a large, varied board of directors and executives, it is not difficult to understand where they get their quality customer service and inclusive menu from.


Breakfast Pitas

Awakin with Bacon$6.19
Ham n' Eggs$6.19
Steak n' Eggs$6.49
Meat the Day$6.39
Morning Glory$5.49

Meat Pitas

Super Greek$7.99
Chicken Caesar$6.79
Chicken Crave$6.85
Chicken Souvlaki$6.85
Chicken Breast$6.39
Buffalo Chicken$6.39
Prime Rib$5.09
The Local$7.99
Philly Steak$6.85
Black Forest Ham$6.39
California Club$6.69
Southwestern Chicken$6.69
The Aloha$6.85

Veggie Pitas

Spicy Black Bean$6.69
Feta Cheese$5.99
Cheddar Cheese$5.99
Pepper Jack Pita$5.99

Kids Pitas

Li'l Turkey$3.49
Li'l Ham$3.49
Li'l Hummus$3.49
Li'l Chicken$3.49


Pita & Dip$2.79
Chicken Quesapita$5.49


Fountain Drink$1.79
Soft DrinkBottle$1.99
Orange JuiceBottle$1.99
Gold Peak Sweet TeaBottle$1.99
Gold Peak Unsweetened TeaBottle$1.99


Smoothie (Banana Very Berry, Mango Tango, Berry go Round or Blu Bayou)Medium$4.29


The history of Pita Pit is rich and detailed. The company was founded in Canada, and soon spread to the USA and the rest of the world. It first opened its doors in 1995, Canada, with the aim of creating an eatery that embraced the casual and friendly atmosphere of a fast food, while incorporating personal taste, preference and healthy eating.

Pita Pit’s move to the United States of America took place in 1999, and the restaurant has not looked back since. Pita Pit’s USA headquarters can be found in Idaho, but you can enjoy their famous pitas in every state across America. Their founder, Nelson Lang, is still very much involved with the company, which ensures that it continues to grow, improve and always put its customers first.

The diner is inclusive in many ways, boasting vegetarian options and alternatives to their meals. The diner firmly believes that the customer should have full control over their meal, which gave way to the revolutionary “create your own pita” style of operation. This creates a more intimate dining experience, with the customers getting to enjoy a real engagement with the staff, and their meal.

It is this blend of history and customer service that has allowed this restaurant to keep growing and expanding throughout the years. This, combined with their varied and tasty menu, leaves customers with a great experience each time. Their dedication to creating a personal and tailored experience sets them apart from their competitors.


The menu of Pita Pit is widely varied, and caters for many sorts of dietary needs. Vegetarians will find no shortage of meals that they can enjoy without any fear or worry about accidentally ingesting meat. Since this is fully customization, customers can easily forgo food items that cause allergies or other reactions, while knowing exactly what the final product will contain.

Options include the “Chicken Cesar”, “Falafal”, “Garden” and so much more. Even customers who need to be gluten free will find that this diner caters to them. Despite offering pitas, which are known for containing gluten, the restaurant also offers pita free options, such as fully customization salads, served in bowls.

This inclusive nature is one of the things that makes this restaurant great and helps it stand out above the crowd as a high quality diner. The establishments themselves are presented well, with a casual, clean feel to the seating areas. This ensures that customers food is always well prepared and safe to eat, in a clean and healthy environment.

Staff are required to wear the proper hygienic gear at all times and are knowledgeable and passionate about the food that they present. This attention to detail, and high quality service is yet another thing that stands out about the establishment. If you are looking for a quality restaurant with affordable prices (generally around the $7 mark, per meal), then this is a good diner to visit.


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