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This fast-food chain is a revelation within the industry with its health conscious, Korean style menu. Flame Broiler’s focus is on providing a healthier alternative to traditional fast-food establishments. For each and every meal they provide the nutritional values so that their customers can make more informed decisions about the fuel they put into their bodies.

All of their menu items are a combination of well-flavored, high-quality vegetables, rice and meat, providing a fully balanced meal. They only use fresh ingredients, ensuring your meal is delicious as well as heathy. Either eat in or grab something to go, but definitely pick up a plate or bowl from your nearest Flame Broiler today.



Chicken White Meat Substitute for $1.25
Chicken Bowl$6.25
Angus Beef Bowl$6.75
Chicken Veggie Bowl$6.40
Angus Beef Veggie Bowl$6.90
Half & Half Bowl$6.50
The Works Bowl$6.65
Veggie Bowl$5.50


Chicken Plate$7.95
Chicken Plate (White Meat)$9.85
Angus Beef Plate$8.60
Chicken & Angus Beef Plate$8.40
Chicken & Angus Beef Plate (White Meat)$9.65
Angus Rib Plate$9.95
The Works Plate$8.55
The Works Plate (White Meat)$9.80

Mini Bowls

Chicken Mini Bowl$4.90
Beef Mini Bowl$4.90
Half & Half Mini Bowl$4.90


Only One Extra per Bowl or Plate
Extra Angus Rib$3.75
Extra Chicken$2.75
Extra Angus Beef$3.25
Extra White Meat Chicken$3.25


Side Angus Rib$4.75
Side Angus Beef$4.75
Side Chicken$4.00
Side White Meat Chicken$4.50
Side Rice (White or Brown)$3.45
Side Veggies$3.45
Side Salad$3.45


Fountain DrinkRegular$1.69
Fountain DrinkLarge$1.89


This chain was envisioned by Young Lee, who, after finishing his degree in economics at UCLA, joined the American workforce. It was here that he found himself frequently snacking on unhealthy fast-food due to a lack of alternative, efficient options. Lee decided that he would have to take matters into his own hands.

He opened the very first location in 1995 in Fullerton, California. With their emphasis on convenience and health, they quickly became an extremely popular choice. The chain promise that in all of their products you will find: no dairy, no trans-fats, no frying, no skin and no high fructose corn syrup.

Flame Broiler started franchising in 1999 and this is when the chain began to expand at an enormous rate. Their healthy, simple and tasty menu items appeal to the growing health conscious generation. All franchises are run to the same high standards as Lee’s original location and provide the same delicious products.

They now have over 180 locations across the United States and they’re continuing to expand. They consistently deliver on the high standards set by the founder and are always looking at new ways to increase convenience for their customers. They have provided well-balanced, delicious meals for over 20 years and continue to obtain more and more repeat customers with their innovative food philosophy. 


Their locations are designed with convenience in mind with plenty of seating options in the form of tables and chairs and breakfast bars, some locations also have outside seating area. The décor is brightly colored, clean and inviting. The staff are also very pleasant and helpful and will assist you in any way they can.

This chain offers a streamlined menu which ensures their quality is consistent. There are two main choices; a bowl or a plate. Then you choose your rice; white or brown. Next you decide which filing you would like: chicken, angus beef, half & half, chicken veggie, angus beef veggie or the works. The most popular choice is definitely the works, and a great choice for those who can’t decide which meat they would like the most.

All of their meat is marinated so that it retains its full flavor during the cooking process. But they also have their signature magic sauce if you feel like topping up the flavor. Their plates are served with a small cabbage salad and fruit salad. They also offer: mini bowls, sides, drinks and extra meat options. Whatever you decide you are guaranteed to leave feeling well-nourished, full and fully flavor satisfied.

Due to Flame Broiler’s emphasis on providing healthy meals they are more expensive than other fast-food chains, although still reasonable. For a bowl you will pay around $7 and a plate costs around $9. Overall, Flame Broiler provide healthy, well-balanced, well-flavored, convenient meals. Whether your health conscious or you’re just in the mood for something different and delicious, try Flame Broiler, you’ll be happy to return for more.


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