Mi Apá Menu Prices

Mi Apá Latin Café is the kind of Cuban food you can only find in Florida. Stop in for fresh and tasty breakfast, lunch and dinner options.

Customers love the often hard to find Cuban staples like ropa vieja and café con leche, served up in a friendly setting.

Natural Fruit JuicesGuava, mango, passion fruit, watermelon, lulo, pineapple, papaya, mora, tamarind, soursop and mamey$1.99
Fruit ShakesGuava, mango, passion fruit, watermelon, banana, lulo, pineapple, papaya, tamarind, soursop and mamey$2.89
Fountain DrinksCoke, Coke Zero, Diet Coke, Sprite, Lemonade, and Fanta Orange$1.59
SmoothiesGuava, mango, passion fruit, watermelon, banana, lulo, pineapple, papaya, tamarind, soursop and mamey$2.49
Malts and Bottled DrinksMalta Hatuey, Malta India, and Vitamin Water$2.19
Sugarcane Juice$2.79
Bottled Water$1.59
Canned DrinksCoco Rico, Colombiana, Frescolita, Guarann, Inca Kola, Ironbeer, Jupina, Kola Champagne, Materva, and Watermelon Soda$2.19
Gold Peak Iced TeaSweetened & Unsweetened Black Tea, Sweetened Green Tea$1.59
Nestea Iced TeaRaspberry Iced Tea$1.59
Stuffed Potato$1.59
Ham Croquettes$0.99
Chicken Soup$2.99
Black Bean Soup$2.89
Beef and Vegetable Stew$3.49
Some produce are seasonal
Del GatoGuayanes cheese, fried plantains and avocado slices$5.50
PabellonShredded beef, black beans, sweet plantains and aged cheese$6.50
PeluaShredded beef with cheddar cheese$6.00
GuayanesaGuayanes cheese (solid but creamy white cheese)$5.50
VegetarianMozzarella, mushrooms, tomatoes and green peppers$5.00
MafaldaPaisa cheese, ham, grilled chicken breast, grilled onions and pineapple$6.00
DominoBlack beans and aged cheese$5.00
PernilRoasted pork with tomato slices and mango sauce$6.00
PolloGrilled chicken breast with caramelized onions and cheddar cheese$5.50
Jamon y QuesoHam and cheese$4.50
Pollo y AguacateShredded chicken with avocado$5.50
Entrees - Meats
All meals come with your choice of two sides
Palomilla SteakThin cut beef steak topped with raw minced onions and parsley$7.69
Breaded SteakBreaded thin cut beef steak$7.99
Shredded BeefShredded Beef cooked in Cuban sauce with onions, tomatoes and sweet peppers$7.79
Grilled BeefGrilled beef seasoned with mojo and onions$7.79
Beef Stew with PotatoesBeef chunks simmered in a seasoned sauce with potatoes$7.69
Ground BeefSeasoned ground beef, simmered with onions, green peppers, tomatoes, garlic, olives, raisins, diced potatoes and spices$7.79
Fried Pork ChunksDeep fried marinated pork chunks$7.49
Roasted PorkPork chunks marinated in Cuban sauce$7.39
Cuban Pot RoastEye round roast stuffed with chorizo sausage, simmered in a tomato and cooking wine sauce$7.49
Chicken and RiceYellow rice cooked with shredded chicken seasoned Spanish style$6.99
Grilled Chicken BreastGrilled chicken breast marinated in Cuban sauce with cooked onions$7.49
Roasted ChickenDark meat chicken with cooked onions$7.29
Chicken FricasseeDark meat chicken, slowly simmered in sauce$7.29
Breaded Chicken BreastBreaded chicken breast marinated in Cuban sauce$7.99
Veggie PlateWhite rice and black beans$6.49
Sides Dishes
Black Beans$2.25 - $2.75
Kidney Beans$2.25 - $2.75
Chicken Soup$2.25 - $2.75
House Salad$2.25 - $2.75
Moro Rice$2.25 - $2.75
Yellow Rice$2.25 - $2.75
French Fries$2.25 - $2.75
White Rice$2.25 - $2.75
Sweet Plantains$2.25 - $2.75
Fried Green Plantains$2.25 - $2.75
Cassava with Mojo$2.25 - $2.75
Fried Cassava$2.25 - $2.75
Cuban SandwichHam, roasted pork, swiss cheese and pickles on hot pressed Cuban bread. Topped with plantain chips$6.89
Miami SandwichTurkey, ham, bacon, lettuce and tomatoes with mayonnaise on hot pressed Cuban bread$6.69
Elena Ruz SandwichTurkey, cream cheese and strawberry marmalade on hot pressed sweet bread$6.69
Medianoche SandwichHam, roast pork, swiss cheese and pickles on hot pressed sweet bread$5.99
Chicken SandwichChicken breast, cooked onions, lettuce and tomatoes on hot pressed Cuban bread$6.69
Roasted Pork SandwichShredded pork marinated in Cuban style sauce with cooked onions on hot pressed Cuban bread$6.69
Shredded Beef SandwichShredded beef cooked Cuban style with onions, tomatoes and sweet peppers on hot pressed Cuban bread$6.59
Croquette SandwichTwo croquettes, ham, roast pork, swiss cheese and pickles on hot pressed Cuban bread$5.99
Palomilla Steak SandwichPalomilla Steak, ham, tomatoes, cooked onions and shoe-string fries on hot pressed Cuban bread$6.59
Two Fried EggsOn white rice and sweet plantains$4.99
Cuban Egg SandwichOne egg any style with ham or bacon, and cheese on a Cuban bread roll$4.29
Beef and EggsTwo eggs any style and shredded beef with Cuban toast$6.59
Egg SandwichScrambled eggs with ham and cheese on a Cuban bread$4.99
Egg PlusTwo eggs any style with choice of ham, bacon or sausage plus breakfast potatoes and Cuban toast$4.99
Stuffed ArepaArepa Stuffed with scrambled eggs, ham and cheese$4.99
Bistec a CaballoBeef steak and two fried eggs with Cuban toast$6.59
PericoTwo scrambled eggs with diced onions, tomatoes and green peppers with Cuban toast or arepa$5.79
Cuban Toast$1.29
Coffee with Milk$1.69
CortaditoHalf milk and half Cuban coffee$1.39
Cuban Expresso$0.79
Hot Chocolate$1.79
Orange Juice$2.79
Kid’s Menu
Breaded Chicken StripsWith rice and black beans or plantain chips$3.49
Baby Cuban Sandwich$3.49
Ham and Cheese sandwichHot pressed on Cuban bread$2.99
Baby Elena Ruz Sandwich$2.99
Three Milks$1.50
Bread Pudding$1.50
Rice PuddingTop off any of these with your favorite topping $ 0.50 Coconut, Guava or Dulce de Leche$0.50
ChurrosDeep fried dough sprinkled with sugar$1.99
Cuban PastriesGuava, Cheese, Guava and Cheese, and Beef$0.79
Mini Cuban Pastries$0.49 - $13.50


Peter Ynigo founded Mi Apá in 2003 to share his native Miami cuisine with the rest of Florida. His goal is for you to experience a real Cuban café.

Trek Bible called Mi Apá one of the top 8 places to eat in Gainesville. The Gainesville restaurant is currently one of the chain’s two locations.


Mi Apá is a café, meaning you can place your order at a counter before enjoying it in the restaurant or on the go.

Locals and tourists agree, the Cuban food is some of the most authentic they’ve encountered. It’s rich, savory, and will leave you eager for your next visit.

If you’re new to Cuban cuisine, check out the medianoche – a traditional Cuban sandwich on sweet rolls. The Cuban coffee is also as good as it gets.

The staff here is quick and efficient, so you won’t have to wait long to take your very own miniature trip to Cuba!

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