7 Desserts That Start With Z

There are a lot of delicious desserts out there, and it can be hard to choose just one. But we’ve got good news: We put together this list of sweet treats that start with the letter Z!

From zebra cake to zerde, we’ve got something for everyone. So, what are you waiting for? Start browsing this list of desserts that start with Z and find the perfect treat!

chocolate cake with white icing on white ceramic plate


Zuger Kirschtorte

The Zuger Kirschtorte is a classic Swiss and German dessert cake, filled with cream and topped with cherry pie filling. The Zuger Kirschtorte gets its name from the city of Zug in Switzerland (in German, this cake is called the “Zuger Kirschtorte”), where it was invented.I tried this cake on my trip to Switzerland. It’s a sweet dessert made with the traditional Swiss chocolate.


The Zwetschgenkuchen is a German plum tart. It’s a delicious sweet and tart cake with a shortcrust pastry. It can be made as a sheet cake, in individual tart cases, or as a large plum-shaped ring. Served chilled, it makes an excellent dessert.I tried this cake on my trip to Germany. It’s a sweet dessert made with the traditional Swiss chocolate and delicious German plums. This yummy plum torte is baked with plums, potato flour and butter, topped with sugar and cinnamon crumbly top, or streusel topping. The dessert is served hot, warm or cold.


Zabaione is an Italian eggnog dessert. It’s a simple recipe made of eggs, sugar, vanilla extract and sweet wine. Zabaione is also known as zabaglione, which comes from the Italian word “zabaglio” which means “hubbub”.I tried this dish in Italy. One of the best ways to make eggnog is with Asti Spumante sparkling wine!


Zeppole or Italian doughnuts are deep-fried, sugared or ‘sweetened’ fruit-filled pastries made of flour and egg batter. They are served hot, warm or cold and are traditionally eaten on Saint Anthony’s Day (January 6th) in Italy and throughout the world.I visited Italy on my trip to Europe. I just couldn’t resist to try zeppole as a dessert. It’s so good! If you love sweets, you have to try this treat.


Zefir is made by whipping cream with sugar and vanilla. This zinfandel flavored dessert served hot or chilled is a perfect end to any meal.I tried this in my trip to Europe! It’s made from heavy cream, sugar, vanilla and a little carbonated water.


Zuccotto is a traditional Italian dessert consisting of a cream-filled, round sphere of cake. It usually has chocolate shavings on the outside and cocoa powder sprinkled on top. The “core” of the zuccotto is typically made up of a sweet mousse or bavarois filling.I tried this dish in Italy. It’s so good! If you love sweets, you have to try this one!

Zeeuwse Bolus

Zeeuwse Bolus, also known as a “Donutolie”, is a traditional Dutch donut dessert made with a yeast dough that is deliberately overproofed with wheat and raisins.I tried this dish in my trip to the Netherlands. It’s so good! Next time if you are on a tour to Europe you cannot miss trying this.

This was our comprehensive list for Desserts That Start With Z. Have you tried any from this list? Let me know in the comments section.

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