17 Desserts That Start With T

There are a lot of delicious desserts out there, and it can be hard to choose just one. But we’ve got good news: We put together this list of sweet treats that start with the letter T!

From tiramisu to trifle, We’ve got something for everyone. So, what are you waiting for? Start browsing this list of desserts that start with T and find the perfect treat!


brown bread on white ceramic plate


Trifle is a cold dessert made of sponge cake or jelly, fruit or jam and custard, cream or whipped cream.It’s the perfect dessert for any festive occasion. It’s usually served in a large glass bowl or trifle bowl and can easily serve 6-8 people. I love it because you can use up fruits that are reaching their end of life.

Tottenham Cake

One can’t help but wonder what a Tottenham Cake is. Coming from the early 1700s, it is a dessert that dates back almost three centuries. It also goes by the name of Ketchup Cake or Syllabub Cake, and although it’s no longer as popular as it used to be, the taste of history lives on in this dessert.I tried it first time in London and I loved it. I want to make my own version of this cake.

Torta Caprese

Although this dessert is made of bread, some might take one look at it and think “hmm, ain’t that just a pizza?”. A torta caprese is not a pizza.To begin with, the crust of a caprese torta is made of bread dough. There are no tomatoes (although there are sometimes small amounts of tomato sauce) or any other pizza ingredients on this dessert. As for its name, it comes from the fact that its crust resembles that of the island of Capri in Italy. So yes, it’s Italian after all!

Tapioca pudding

Tapioca pudding is an American dessert made of tapioca-flour balls cooked in milk with sugar and sometimes vanilla or other flavoring.It is also called cassava pudding and can be served hot or cold. I had it for the first time in Washington DC, at International House , a restaurant that specializes in international cuisine. It was a surprisingly tasty dessert! I like to have it for breakfast when the weather is warm enough.

Treacle Tart

Now let’s take a trip down memory lane and see what the treacle tart is all about.The treacle tart came into being during the 19th century. If we refer to the Oxford English Dictionary, it said that treacle belongs to a class of sweet syrups produced from the concentrated juice of various plants and tree sap, herbs and spices. So it makes complete sense that Britain’s most popular post-Christmas dessert is a pie filled with syrup.I love this short crust pastry filled with sweet syrup. It’s not very sweet, and the flavor of buttery crust is the highlight of this recipe.

Tutti Frutti

It’s a dessert inspired by the popular fruit cocktail sold in a tall glass. Its my favorite one, I cannot eat just one of this.In my opinion, it’s an American thing. When you think of the name of this dessert, you have to picture lots of fruit made into a frozen whole and served with whipped cream and nuts. It’s a very popular American dessert and is also found in other parts of the world


Truffles are a relatively new addition to the dessert menu. They have been around for only about 50 years, and yet they are already among the most popular treats in the world. But what exactly is a truffle? A truffle is actually a kind of fungus, and can look like something completely different than what it actually is. For example, one type of truffle may look like an acorn or a turnip, while other types will resemble warts or even leaf buds. It is super tasty and makes me want to go eat more and more!

Twix Bars

Twix are an Australian chocolate bar created by Mars, Incorporated. They have been around since 1995.They come in four flavors – Original Dark, Caramel, Digestive and Mint. Twix are made with chocolate and caramel with a cookie crust covered in milk chocolate coating. I had my first one this Christmas at a small supermarket just outside my place of work. I used to love them when I was younger, but recently stopped eating them because I’m not so into the caramel flavor anymore.

Turkish Delight

Turkish Delight is a sweet dessert or candy prepared in the shape of an Arabian date (with or without a stem). The date shape is cut out of the center of the soft, velvety filling. It’s usually made with chopped almonds.It is usually found in Middle Eastern and some Mediterranean countries, exactly where it originated from. My husband loves this dessert and every year he asks for more .

Tin Roof Pie

Its a type of icecream cake with a graham cracker crust, topped with homemade caramel and chocolate ice cream. I love this kind of dessert, and every year I ask my husband to make it for me, even if we have other cakes or desserts. I cannot not eat it.This Dessert is also very popular in the United States, especially in the Southern states. I tried making this and we loved it !!! It is easy to make and very delicious.


Toffee is delicious as well as easy to make, and I always prepare it at home for my family during Christmas Day. It’s simple and quick to do, and it’s a very tasty treat for after dinner!It’s pretty much just butter and sugar cooked over low heat until the sugar melts. I think you can easily find the recipe in almost any cook book. It’s also popular in America.

Thin Mints Cookies

It’s a kind of cookies made with chocolate and mint taste. I have never tasted this in my life, but I saw it once and I had to buy them. It tasted yummy with the touch of mint flavorThis is a very popular dessert all over the world. I have it on my list.


Tiramisu is an Italian dessert made with sponge fingers ( ladyfingers), coffee, mascarpone cheese and cocoa powder. It can be prepared with or without alcohol. There’s not much to say about this sweet dessert, except that it tastes amazing! I’m a big fan of mascarpone and coffee so for me, it’s the perfect combination.I had it a few times and loved it every time.


Tartufo is a Italian icecream dessert made with pasta, sugar, rum and egg yolks. It’s eaten as an ice-cream or gelato dessert or as a gelato cake. I wish I could eat it!It is covered in a shell of chocolate and can have variety of flavors such as pistachio, fruit and vanilla. In Sicily, it is known as trufa and has a ball of chocolate in the middle.

Texas Sheet Cake

It is a chocolate sheet cake that has been around for many years. I have actually never had this, but it is a very popular dessert in the United States of America. It is a cake, but it has a brownie taste to it.I would recommend you having a slice at least once while in the USA !

Tarte Tatin

Tarte Tatin is a French dessert made with apples baked in a caramel and sugar crust. I have tried many times to make it at home – the last time was just a few weeks ago ( it’s not very easy to make ), but I simply could not get it right. I think next time I will try again, as this dessert is really good!I tried it for first time at my favorite restaurant of all time, Nobu, in London.

Tres Leches Cake

I tried this cake for the first time when I was in London. It wasn’t the most delicious dessert I ever had, but it was not bad either. I think it has a lot of milk and cream, so that makes a lot of difference in taste. But still – it’s very nice to have a slice after you eat lots of meat during Christmas!I’ve heard that this is one of the most popular desserts by Mexicans at Christmas lunch.

This was our comprehensive list for Desserts That Start With T. Have you tried any from this list? Let me know in the comments section.

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