Fast Food Chains that Make the Best Chicken

One of the most popular menu items at most fast food outlets is usually fried chicken. Crafty franchise owners have- over the years- continued to come up with unique chicken recipes; with the end result being tasty chicken meat that leaves patrons coming back for more. Below is a round up of some of the best fast food chains that offer fried chicken. We have also recommended a standout menu item that you should try out from each of these chains.

1. Church’s Chicken

Church’s Chicken is a franchise known not to compromise on flavor. Boasting outlets in 25 countries, this Georgia-based fast-food chain has continued to impress patrons with their trademark, hand-battered chicken pieces. Their original 3-piece meal- served alongside a honey-butter drizzled biscuit- is really tangy. You can also order other chicken-based selections at Church’s, including chicken sandwiches and tender strips.

Recommended menu item: Two-piece mixed (served with a regular soft drink, a regular side and a honey-butter biscuit).

Calorie information: 720-1740 calories

Approximate pricing; $5.79

2. Zaxby’s

Zaxby’s is another Georgia-based outlet that has grown to include outlets in 18 US states. The chain has managed to build its popularity through specializing in authentic buffalo-flavored chicken. If you’re a chicken lover, you’re highly likely to find their chicken salad and chicken fingers irresistible.

Recommended menu item: Large buffalo chicken finger plate (served with celery and Ranch Sauce)

Calorie information: 2020-2620 calories

Approximate pricing: $8.99

3. Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)

One of the world’s largest fast food chains also boasts one of the world’s most unique chicken recipes. At KFC outlets, chicken pieces are seasoned using 11 different types of herbs and spices for a distinct, aromatic flavor. Their chicken drumsticks are juicy, while the skin is decently crunchy. What’s more, KFC are known for their affordable meal combos.

Recommended menu item: Original recipe Eight-piece bucket meal (served with two large sides and four biscuits)

Calorie information: 120 calories- Approximate pricing: $21.99

4. Popeye’s

This widely popular Louisiana-based fast food chain is a force to be reckoned with in the fried chicken game. Whether you like your flavoring mild or spicy, their chicken is a must-try. What’s more, their Cajun-inspired side dishes-including Cajun french fries and ‘The jambalaya’ – perfectly complement their flavorful chicken pieces.

Recommended menu item: Bonafide two-piece chicken wing combo (served mild or spicy)

Calorie information: 420 calories- Approximate pricing: $6.79

5. Chick-fil-A

This brand is renowned for its nicely breaded chicken patties that feature a distinct crunchy, peppery taste. Chick-fil-A has built a reputation for offering tender chicken sandwiches; a result of their immaculate preparation process that includes selection of specific chicken breast parts, special seasoning marination and hand-breading.

Recommended menu item: Chick-fil-A chicken sandwich

Calorie information: 440 calories- Approximate pricing: $3.55

6. Shake Shack

Based in New York City, this burger Franchise offers its trademark chicken sandwiches that are quite sizable, as well. Their chicken patties come hot and feature pepper seasoning. What’s more, the sandwich is a combination of buttermilk mayo, lettuce and pickles; all of which perfectly complement the fried chicken, for a mouth-watering sandwich.

Recommended menu item: Chick’n shack (one sandwich that includes pickles, lettuce and mayo)

Calorie information: 595 calories- Approximate pricing: $6.29

7. Wingstop

This chain boasts some of the most-delicious chicken wings you’ll ever get to taste in your life. Not to forget, the diverse range of chicken wing flavors from which you can choose is a welcome plus. These include ‘tangy’, ‘classic Buffalo’ and ‘fiery Brazilian’ flavors.

Recommended menu item: Medium eight-piece wing combo (served with fries or veggie sticks and a 20-ounce drink)

Calorie information: 520 calories- Approximate pricing: $8.89

8. Raising Cane’s

At any given Raising Cane outlet, you’ll be served some of the restaurant’s famous, distinctive ‘Cane sauce’ alongside your fried chicken. What’s more, their chicken fingers and fries are absolutely delectable.

Recommended menu item: The three finger combo (served with fries, Cane’s sauce and a regular drink)

Calorie information: 1060 calories- Approximate pricing: $6.38


According to me, KFC is the best fried chicken chain, based on certain specific culinary aspects, including: flavor, crispiness and overall taste. Their crunchy chicken pieces, prepared using a special 11-herb recipe, are especially tasty. What’s more, KFC chicken-based meal combos are relatively affordable compared to their competitors’.


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