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Zoup! is a good place for hungry customers seeking a modern, relaxed atmosphere. The restaurant specializes in soup, salad, and sandwiches. They are most famous for their many varieties of soup, including 12 flavors that rotate daily. This is a nice place to stop for lunch or enjoy a casual meal.

This restaurant is a limited liability company. Its headquarters are located in Southfield, Michigan. The company currently has almost 90 open locations across the United States and Canada. They are recognized by their logo, which includes a bowl and a spoon that forms the exclamation mark in the name. They are also known for using the letter Z in their menu items.


12 Award Winning Soups

Chicken PotpieSide (8 oz.)$4.25
Chicken PotpieCup (12 oz.)$5.35
Chicken PotpieBowl (16 oz.)$6.50
Chicken PotpieExtra Large (32 oz.)$10.50
Chicken PotpieBread Boule$6.50
Corkscrew ChickenSide (8 oz.)$3.95
Corkscrew ChickenCup (12 oz.)$4.95
Corkscrew ChickenBowl (16 oz.)$5.95
Corkscrew ChickenExtra Large (32 oz.)$9.65
Corkscrew ChickenBread Boule$6.50
Lemon Basil ChickenSide (8 oz.)$4.40
Lemon Basil ChickenCup (12 oz.)$5.60
Lemon Basil ChickenBowl (16 oz.)$6.75
Lemon Basil ChickenExtra Large (32 oz.)$11.25
Lemon Basil ChickenBread Boule$6.50
Potato CheddarSide (8 oz.)$3.95
Potato CheddarCup (12 oz.)$4.95
Potato CheddarBowl (16 oz.)$5.95
Potato CheddarExtra Large (32 oz.)$9.65
Potato CheddarBread Boule$6.50
MulligatawnySide (8 oz.)$4.25
MulligatawnyCup (12 oz.)$5.35
MulligatawnyBowl (16 oz.)$6.50
MulligatawnyExtra Large (32 oz.)$10.50
MulligatawnyBread Boule$6.50
Lobster BisqueSide (8 oz.)$4.75
Lobster BisqueCup (12 oz.)$5.95
Lobster BisqueBowl (16 oz.)$7.25
Lobster BisqueExtra Large (32 oz.)$12.25
Lobster BisqueBread Boule$6.50
Seafood ChowderSide (8 oz.)$4.75
Seafood ChowderCup (12 oz.)$5.95
Seafood ChowderBowl (16 oz.)$7.25
Seafood ChowderExtra Large (32 oz.)$12.25
Seafood ChowderBread Boule$6.50
Pumpkin Pie BisqueSide (8 oz.)$3.95
Pumpkin Pie BisqueCup (12 oz.)$4.95
Pumpkin Pie BisqueBowl (16 oz.)$5.95
Pumpkin Pie BisqueExtra Large (32 oz.)$9.65
Pumpkin Pie BisqueBread Boule$6.50
Santa Fe Chicken ChiliSide (8 oz.)$4.25
Santa Fe Chicken ChiliCup (12 oz.)$5.35
Santa Fe Chicken ChiliBowl (16 oz.)$6.50
Santa Fe Chicken ChiliExtra Large (32 oz.)$10.50
Santa Fe Chicken ChiliBread Boule$6.50
Tomato CabbageSide (8 oz.)$4.25
Tomato CabbageCup (12 oz.)$5.35
Tomato CabbageBowl (16 oz.)$6.50
Tomato CabbageExtra Large (32 oz.)$10.50
Tomato CabbageBread Boule$6.50
Vegetarian Split PieSide (8 oz.)$3.95
Vegetarian Split PieCup (12 oz.)$4.95
Vegetarian Split PieBowl (16 oz.)$5.95
Vegetarian Split PieExtra Large (32 oz.)$9.65
Vegetarian Split PieBread Boule$6.50
White Bean with Turkey SausageSide (8 oz.)$4.25
White Bean with Turkey SausageCup (12 oz.)$5.35
White Bean with Turkey SausageBowl (16 oz.)$6.50
White Bean with Turkey SausageExtra Large (32 oz.)$10.50
White Bean with Turkey SausageBread Boule$6.50


CobbWhole Salad$6.75
CobbHalf Salad$4.75
AsianWhole Salad$6.75
AsianHalf Salad$4.75
Chicken CaesarWhole Salad$6.50
Chicken CaesarHalf Salad$4.50
GreekWhole Salad$6.50
GreekHalf Salad$4.50
Lemon Caper TunaWhole Salad$6.75
Lemon Caper TunaHalf Salad$4.75
Loco BurritoWhole Salad$6.75
Loco BurritoHalf Salad$4.75
SonomaWhole Salad$6.75
SonomaHalf Salad$4.75
Summer Berry w/MozzarellaWhole Salad$6.75
Summer Berry w/MozzarellaHalf Salad$4.75


Chicken GreekWhole Sandwich$6.50
Chicken GreekHalf Sandwich$4.50
Chicken ToscanaWhole Sandwich$6.75
Chicken ToscanaHalf Sandwich$4.75
MTB (Mozzarella, Tomato & Basil)Whole Sandwich$6.75
MTB (Mozzarella, Tomato & Basil)Half Sandwich$4.75
Pesto 3 CheeseWhole Sandwich$6.25
Pesto 3 CheeseHalf Sandwich$4.25
Southwest TurkeyWhole Sandwich$6.50
Southwest TurkeyHalf Sandwich$4.50
Tuna Salad With Lemon & CapersWhole Sandwich$6.75
Tuna Salad With Lemon & CapersHalf Sandwich$4.75
Turkey ClubWhole Sandwich$6.75
Turkey ClubHalf Sandwich$4.75
Veggie Wrap w/GuacamoleWhole Sandwich$6.50
Veggie Wrap w/GuacamoleHalf Sandwich$4.50

KidZ MealZ!

Kidz Soup & Sandwich$4.75

Dessert & Sides

Chocolate Chunk Cookie$1.50
Oatmeal Raisin Cookie$1.50
Chocolate Chunk Brownie$1.95
Veggie Chips$1.79
Sweet Potato Tortilla Chips$1.79
Multigrain Tortilla Chips$1.79
Jalapeno Tortilla Chips$1.79
Extra Sourdough$0.45
Extra Multigrain$0.45
Extra French$0.45




Zoup! was founded by Eric Ersher. It started as a company that produced spice mixes for restaurants. Because his business worked closely with experienced chefs, Ersher was able to get advice from professionals. Ersher sold the original company in 1997 and began a partnership with a chef. The two of them spent nearly two years developing recipes for soups.

By 1998, the team had finally perfected their recipes and were ready to share them with the public. The first restaurant opened in Southfield, Michigan, where it became extremely popular. The founders put a lot of passion into creating their product, and it paid off. Customers loved their fresh and tasty soup.

The business continued to profit over the next few years. Eventually, the founders expanded the menu by adding GreenZ! and SandwichZ! to give their customers more choices. By 2002, they had opened five more restaurants within the area of Detroit. The first franchise location was opened in 2003 in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

As the company continued to grow, an entrepreneur named Richard Simtob offered to help expand the franchise even further. With Simtob’s assistance, Zoup! has been able to open many more locations across the northern US as well as in Ontario, Canada. It has received several awards and continues to thrive as a successful business.


Zoup!’s menu features 12 different kinds of soup that change every day. Some of their most popular soups include the Chicken Potpie and Lobster Bisque. All soups come with fresh bread. Customers are allowed to taste the soup before they order. This is a convenient way for customers to make sure they like the food before paying for it.

In addition to its famous soups, Zoup! also offers salad and sandwiches. The Power Quinoa salad and the Maple Ham and Bacon sandwich are great choices. They include vegetarian, low-fat, and gluten-free menu options for those with dietary restrictions. The recipes are creative and made with delicious fresh ingredients.

The ambiance of the restaurant is generally relaxed. The furnishings and decorations have a modern, eclectic style. During lunch hours, the restaurant can get a bit loud and busy, but the overall experience is pleasant. It is usually clean and well-lit, and the staff are friendly and helpful. Customers do not have to wait more than a few minutes before their food is ready.

Prices are slightly expensive for the amount of food that is served, but the taste is well worth the cost. Most menu items can be purchased for under $15. Some are even less than $10. Hours vary by location, but they typically open at 11:00 AM and close around 8:00 PM. Lunchtime is the busiest time of day.


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