Texas Roadhouse Menu Prices


Texas Roadhouse is a casual, family restaurant. Though known for their hand-cut steak, they provide much more than that. The menu is full of all different types of barbecue staples, such as their Fall-Off-The-Bone Ribs, and homemade country meals. They pour their hearts into providing Texas-sized meals at a great price without sacrificing quality and taste.

They are a restaurant committed to their community. Their mascot, Andy the Armadillo, makes appearances at local little league games and schools. Texas Roadhouse takes a great deal of pride in their employees, or “Roadies,” and they take steps to ensure that they are happy. It is reflected in the fun and friendly attitude that the customers are served with in the restaurants.


Kent Taylor dreamed of owning a restaurant with a fun environment that everyone would be able to enjoy. Kent Taylor was an avid skier and had actually moved to the mountains of Colorado to pursue his passion. While there, he managed nightclubs and restaurants. After a few personal events, he eventually moved back to his hometown of Louisville, Kentucky.

Back in Louisville, he managed a few well-known chain restaurants. His thoughts drifted back to Colorado and he began to plan out opening his own restaurant. He found a backer and opened up the Buckhead Hickory Grill with a Colorado theme. Under Taylor’s management, the restaurant flourished. There were plans to open a second restaurant, but the plans fell through when he had a disagreement with the investor.

Taylor did not lose his drive. He worked to obtain new investors, and the first Texas Roadhouse was opened on February 17, 1993 in Clarksville, Indiana. The second location opened in Gainsville, Florida, and they expanded modestly. Taylor tried his best not to take too much from outside investors and managed to raise $5 million in 1997 through his employees. That cash launched a burst of rapid expansion.

By the end of the 1990s, they had 67 restaurants operating. Between the years of 1999 and 2003, almost 100 new locations were open – they had 162 restaurants in more than 30 states. Currently their restaurants average 5,000 guests per week with 300,000 meals served per day. There are over 420 locations across the 48 states, as well as in Dubai and Kuwait. They have received a numerous amounts of awards by Forbes and other top-name organizations.


Texas Roadhouse’s menu is extensive and incredible. The appetizers include favorites such as the Texas-sized onion in the Cactus Blossom. Rattlesnake Bites made of hand-battered, diced jalapenos and jack cheese are another favorite. Most of the appetizers run under $10. They have plenty of tasty salads to choose from, which are mostly about $10 a piece. The side salads are under $5. The burgers at Texas Roadhouse are all 1/2 lb. Angus patties that are hand-ground. The sandwich menu offers Pulled Pork, BBQ chicken, or Mushroom Jack Chicken. These items are also under $10.

On the seafood menu, they have Grilled Salmon, Fried Catfish, and Grilled Shrimp. There are also plenty of choices for chicken – Country Fried, Chicken Critters, or a Smothered Chicken marinated with sauteed onions and mushrooms in cream gravy or jack cheese, as well as plenty more. The country dinners are a delight and include Beef Tips, Country Fried Sirloin, Grilled Pork Chops or a number of others. All of these entree items are offered at under $15.

Their famous Fall-Off-The-Bone Ribs are as advertised and are under $20. The steak selection is incredible – Sirloin, Ft. Worth Ribeye, Dallas Filet, Prime Rib – and more. They range from around $10 to around $27. For those who cannot make a decision, there are combo meals available. The children’s menu is also hearty, which a selection for older kids as well. Though it does include the usual chicken tenders and hot dog choices, they also have “grown-up” foods for the little ones. They have child portions of ribs and steak. The sides menu is vast and inexpensive, all of which are available for less than $3 each.

Everything is homemade including the bacon bits, croutons, and dressings. Each location employs a butcher to hand cut every steak that is served. The in-house bakers make the yeast rolls from scratch daily, to be served with their delicious cinnamon butter. The staff is friendly and passionate about their work. They have a bar with plenty of televisions for the latest games. Every so often the jukebox cranks up and the servers do a bit of line dancing to entertain the guests. Birthdays are made especially special, complete with a saddle for the guest of honor. They provide a clean environment for everyone. For a fun and delicious meal that is actually affordable, Texas Roadhouse is definitely the place to go.

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