Fast Food Chains that Make the Best Tacos

While opinions may be divided as to what a great taco is made of, most will agree that some fast food chains have mastered the art of making tasty tacos that are a class above the rest. Whether you’re into the juicy taste that hits your tongue and palate as soon as you bite into a soft-shell taco, or the delightful crunchiness of hard-shell tacos; chances are there’s a fast food chain offering just the taco variation that you like/ might want to try out. A number of chains even offer vegan tacos for those who prefer to steer clear of animal products.Below, we’ve gone through some of the fast food chains that you might want to check out the next time you’re hungry and craving tacos.

1. Taco Bell

This is arguably the most popular fast food chain when it comes to Tacos- and rightfully so- as the versatility of their menu options, as far as tacos go, is bewildering. One of the most popular items on their menu is the Loaded Nacho Taco that includes seasoned beef, lettuce, nacho cheese sauce and cheese. If you’re vegan, you can have this taco made ‘fresco-style’. Another tasty, yet simpler, taco variation on Taco Bell’s menu is the Chicken Soft Taco that includes shredded chicken and cheddar cheese.

Loaded Nacho Taco

Calorie information: 280 caloriesApproximate pricing: $1

Chicken Soft Taco

Calorie information: 170 calories

Approximate pricing: $2.29

2. Del Taco

This Mexican-inspired fast food chain also has a good variety of Tacos options to pick from. The Crunchy del Taco features a crunchy tortilla filled with beef, hand-grated cheese, and sliced tomatoes; while the Soft del Taco features a flour tortilla for those who prefer a less-crunchy taste.

Crunchy del Taco

Calorie information: 310 caloriesApproximate pricing: $1.39

Soft del Taco

Calorie information: 300 caloriesApproximate pricing: $1.39

3. Moe’s

At Moe’s, the tacos are quite sizable and delicious. To top it off, customers get free chips and salsa on the side whenever they order tacos at Moe’s. You might want to try out their Three Amigos- which are three tacos, each featuring a corn tortilla filled with a protein, red onions and avocado lime crema. The protein options include chicken, steak and organic tofu.

Three Amigos

Calorie information: 402 caloriesApproximate pricing: $8.75

4. Baja Fresh

This Mexican-influenced chain makes some truly outstanding tacos. Try out their Grilled Soft Taco-Carnitas– which is topped with slow-roasted carnitas and chipotle slaw.

Grilled Soft Taco- Carnitas

Calorie information: 250 caloriesApproximate pricing: $2.89

5. Jack in the Box

From the Bacon Ranch Monster Taco to the Nacho Monster Taco, you’re likely to find a tacos variety that you like at Jack in the box. Their creations are quite pleasing to the eye, as well.

Bacon Ranch Monster Taco

Calorie information: 335 caloriesApproximate pricing: $1.69

Nacho Monster Taco

Calorie information: 333 caloriesApproximate pricing: $1.69

6. Qdoba

While Qdoba’s Tacos recipes may not borrow from the simplicity blueprint that their competitor’s abide by, their tacos are definitely flavorful. A longtime customer favorite is the Drunken Yardbird Taco that incorporates a variety of fillings such as tequila lime chicken, minced onions, and cilantro.

Drunken Yardbird Taco

Calorie information: 220 caloriesApproximate pricing: $3.25

7. Chipotle

At Chipotle, customers can create their own custom-made tacos by selecting a preferred protein. This accords you the freedom to go for a vegan-friendly protein like sofritas, if you so wish. Toppings include salsa and sour cream.

Chipotle Chicken Taco

Calorie information: 138 caloriesApproximate pricing: $2.40

8. Freebirds

At Freebirds, your options are almost limitless, as you get to choose what kind of protein and toppings you want in your tacos. In addition, you can opt for their vegan-friendly taco if you’re vegan; as it is filled with plant-based meat substitutes, avocado slices and lettuce.

Seasoned Chicken Tacos (2)
Calorie information: 576 caloriesApproximate pricing: $7.75


While all of these fast food chains offer some tasty tacos, the ultimate choice rests with you as the buyer. A few factors you might want to consider before deciding on where to grab tacos include price, flavor, and whether they offer vegan-friendly varieties. Personally, I prefer Taco Bell tacos as they cover a diverse range of flavors.


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