What To Serve With Potato Salad

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This “salad” made of boiled potatoes, mayonnaise, celery, and herbs, is quintessential fare in both America, Europe as well as parts of Asia where potato salad can be had both savory and sweet!

Potatoes are naturally packed with fiber, vitamin c, and potassium. When made into a potato salad, they add a layer of goodness that’s chock full of flavor.

Potato salad, eaten all over the world, is a homely side dish that goes well with a variety of mains as well as on its own.


17 Side Dishes To Serve With Potato Salad

Besides being a great side to many proteins like meat, potato salad goes surprisingly well with fish and as a vegetarian entrée. Potato salad can also be prepared in unique ways that get your palate really excited.

1. Chicken Every Which Way

It really doesn’t matter how you like your chicken, any style you choose goes great with a helping of potato salad.

Try crispy mustard-crusted fried chicken with your potato salad. If you are a fan of dark meat, try grilled chicken thighs or wings with your favorite potato salad.

2. Steak Tips, Dips, and Cuts

There are many ways to eat a steak. A variety of cuts deliver the flavors you love in your favorite style. Whether you’re a fan of beef tips or a T-bone you can be sure a potato salad will complement your juicy steak in the most appetizing way.

If you’ve never tried a French dip, try making this steak creation by slow-cooking a chuck roast, slapping it between French bread, and using the juices as a dip on the side. The thought of having some potato salad with this is simply mouthwatering.

3. Sticky BBQ Pork Ribs

Potato salad can be found at BBQs all over the country. It’s a summer classic that is unbeatable with a rack of ribs.

Sticky BBQ ribs refer to the sweet barbecue sauce that is slathered onto the ribs before slowly grilling them. Its sweet and savory taste pair exceptionally well with a briny, creamy potato salad.

4. Turkey Sandwich

Sandwiches are quick, easy, and delicious for lunch or as an afternoon snack. But if you are in the mood for a little extra or need something more to keep your day fueled, think about adding a side of potato salad to your lunch.

If you are a fan of turkey sandwiches, you’ll be delighted to know potato salad pairs perfectly well with your favorite cold cut. Since the potatoes in your salad are boiled, they are healthier than chips or fries as a side dish.

5. Meatloaf

Another great meat course that is perfect with potato salad is the all-American meatloaf. This hearty meal will warm your belly and is a great way to pack in your potassium and protein.

While some people like mashed potatoes with their meatloaf, we like the texture of potato salad with the already soft meatloaf. The pairing gives the entire meal more substance.

6. Ham Steak

A grilled ham steak is salty in the most delectable way. That being said, without a nice side, it can be slightly overwhelming.

Try a light and creamy potato salad with your ham steak tonight. The flavors just pop with this combo with a Southern flair. Serve it with a sweet curry (pineapple or apricot) and have a truly spectacular meal.

7. Smoked Duck

If you think smoked duck is fancy, wait until you pair it with a decadent potato salad! This is not your quick, run-of-the-mill meal. Try it today or save it for a special occasion.

Plate a Dijon mustard tossed potato salad over fries or your favorite greens. Top this with a smoked duck breast and serve with a sprinkle of herbs de Provence.

8. Bratwurst

While potato salad goes well with all sorts of sausages bratwurst is definitely worth a try. Different from your typical hot dog in that they’re made from ground pork or veal, the flavor of the bratwurst will knock your socks off.

This German import is seasoned with ginger, nutmeg, coriander, or caraway and compliments the creamy wholesome goodness of potato salad in a way that will surprise and delight you.

9. Hamburgers

For something a little more homegrown, try your favorite burger with potato salad. Whether it be a bacon burger or a veggie burger, you won’t go wrong with potato salad as an aside.

While we commonly think of burgers only going well with French fries, this healthier alternative will surprise your palate. Try a potato salad that has a little extra mustard flavor.

10. Grilled Fish

We’ve highlighted a lot of meat pairings for potato salad but did you know grilled fish go fantastically well with potato salad?

Tilapia, salmon, halibut, and trout make for a great meal. The light and flaky mild flavors of the fish compliment the hearty potatoes to create a hearty, heart-healthy meal.

11. Deviled Egg Potato Salad

If you are a fan of deviled eggs and love a good potato salad at summer parties, you’ll love the combination of both. Take your devil egg recipe and turn it upside down!

Cream your egg yokes the way you would for your deviled egg recipe. Toss this mixture with cooked and chopped potatoes along with dill relish and your favorite spices. Deviled egg potato salad is a party classic in the making!

12. Green Goddess Potato Salad with Sugar Snap Peas

You can go simple with this recipe or you can go all out. Either way, the potatoes give your green meal a hearty and satisfying spin.

If you want to look like a master of culinary arts, give your potato salad a kick with some pickled shallots and a homemade creamy dill dressing. Add your favorite greens like asparagus, cucumber, and French beans to make your salad extra special.

13. Baked Potato Salad

If you’re scrambling to find something for your next potluck, look no further. A crowd-pleaser and a dish that partygoers will remember is this take on a traditional potato salad.

So what is it? This is a potato salad that’s got all the goodness of a baked potato. Simply make your potato salad as you normally would and then top it as you would a loaded potato, with bacon bits, sour cream, chives, etc.

14. Roasted Sweet Potato Salad

For something a little different, why not try a roasted sweet potato salad. The sweetness of the sweet potatoes will bring a whole new flavor punch to your potato salad.

Toss your cooked and chopped sweet potatoes with your favorite spices and accouterments. Crumbled blue cheese, cranberries, avocado, and walnuts are just a few toppings that go well with sweet potatoes. Stick to a light dressing of olive oil and vinegar to bind it all together.

15. Lemony Potato Salad with Basil and Mint

If you love potato salad but are tired of having it with the traditional dressing of mayonnaise, try this light and refreshing version of the classic tuber salad.

Using olive oil and a handful of your favorite fresh herbs such as mint and basil, coat the cooked potatoes (try petite red skin or fingerling potatoes) with the mixture. Add some salt, pepper, and lemon to make the flavors pop.

16. Picnic Showstopper

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, potato salad is synonymous with summer parties. Picnics are a great time to share a helping of your favorite potato salad.

Some wonderful sides to accompany potato salad is corn on the cob, watermelon, and coleslaw. Packed neatly in your picnic basket, you can’t go wrong with this combination.

17. Vegan Delight

To be vegan means you eat only plant-based foods which leaves a traditional potato salad off the menu considering it is made with mayonnaise that is traditionally made by whipping eggs with oil.

Surprise! The vegan revolution has taken mayo by storm. This copycat recipe uses a combination of vinegar, Dijon mustard, and silken tofu to mimick mayonnaise. Combine potatoes and other vegetables for a truly vegan potato salad.

Wrap Up

Light and airy, potato salad simply goes great with a variety of mains. You won’t regret trying any of the recipes above or just indulging in a traditional store-bought potato salad.

Take a leap and try pairing a traditional potato salad with your favorite herbs and spices. And if you’re still not convinced that potato salad is a great side, try whipping up a batch and bringing it to your next summer BBQ or family event.

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