What To Serve With Tomato Soup

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For many, tomato soup evokes warm childhood memories of family dinners. Served in the classic style or with some extra pizazz, tomato soup can fill us up and contribute to the many vitamins and minerals we need daily.

The creamy soup can be made with many toppings and in a variety of styles. From garlicky to sweet and spicy, your tomato soup options are endless.

If you are looking for something a little more hearty, you will be delighted to know tomato soup goes well with sandwiches, pizzas, salads, and seafood!


17 Amazing Way To Have Tomato Soup

Don’t be stumped by dinner tonight. Grab a can of tomato soup and get creative with these wonderful recipes. Some are easy and some will test your culinary skills a little but all of them are delicious!

1. Sour Cream

You wouldn’t think sour cream goes well with an already tart tomato soup but it absolutely does!

The creaminess of the sour cream gives the soup some extra added texture and smoothness. Add as much as you like but a dollop is usually enough to fancy up an 8-ounce bowl of soup.

2. Avocado

Another creamy addition to your tomato soup is avocado. Trendy, delicious, and good for you, these “fruits” have been consistently making their way into our recipes.

Try dicing or slicing up some avocado and floating them on top of your tomato soup. A ripe avocado will blend right in with the hot tomato broth.

3. Tortilla Chips

If you’ve ever had any southwest cuisine, you would know a sprinkle of tortilla chips can make even a boring dish, awesome.

Sprinkle some crumbled tortilla chips, or better yet, tortilla strips on top of your soup to give it some salt and crunch. It will get everyone, even the kids, gulping up tonight’s tomato soup.

4. Bacon

From sandwiches to donuts, people have used bacon to enhance the flavor of everything edible under the sun. If you haven’t tried a sprinkle of bacon on your favorite food, start with tomato soup!

Cook some bacon on the stovetop or oven until crispy and then crumble it up and sprinkle it over your soup. Store-bought bacon bits work too.

5. Jalapenos

Want to make things a little spicy? Jalapenos make a great addition to your tomato soup.

The mild to spicy kick in jalapenos work well with the strong, sour flavor of tomato. Dice them up and mix them in with your soup or place a few slices of jarred jalapenos on the top of your soup.

6. Goldfish

For something fun that will get the kids pumped with vitamin C rich tomato soup, add some Pepperidge Farms goldfish.

Salty and cheesy, these little fishes add another layer of flavor to your soup. The extra added crunch makes your soup easy for even the pickiest of eaters to guzzle down.

7. Pretzels

If crunch helps the soup go down, why not try adding some pretzels to the top of your soup.

Think of the pretzels like croutons. Crumble them up or top your tomato soup with smaller bite-sized pieces. If you are daring, try some flavored pretzel bits like jalapeno or cheese flavored. You can’t go wrong.

8. Classic Grilled Cheese

This classic pairing of grilled cheese and tomato soup is comfort food that has no rivals. Think of good ol’ mom and pop when you cozy up to this warm soup and sandwich combo.

For a melty delight, work with a grilled cheese recipe that uses Velveeta. If you want to switch things up a bit but not too much, try a thick whole-wheat toast.

9. B.L.T.

If you’ve never had a B.L.T. it’s time to try one. These delicious sandwiches are made with Bacon Lettuce and Tomato (as the name suggests). Add a smudge of mayo to toasted bread and you have a sandwich to die for.

Make your lunch a well-rounded one by adding a side of tomato soup. The pairing is simply perfect.

10. Spinach Goat Cheese Melt

For those who like things a little fancy, make yourself a melty spinach and goat cheese sandwich. A great way to make your lunch extra special.

The pungent flavor in the goat cheese is toned down by the “sweetness” of the tomato soup. Grab a THERMOS and bring your tomato soup and spinach and goat cheese sandwich on a summer picnic.

11. Blueberry and Brie

You may have never considered a sandwich with blueberries but if you’ve ever tried having brie with blueberries you will know they taste delicious together.

It may seem like a bizarre combination but serve your blueberry and brie sandwich with tomato soup and delight your family and guests. As they say, opposites attract!

12. Burrito Wrap

Burritos are a great any time meal. Establishments such as Chiptole have now made them so mainstream that you can get them virtually anywhere.

If a burrito is not enough to fill your belly, grab a cup of tomato soup. The complementary flavors of cumin, chili, and other mouth-watering spices make the citrusy tang of the tomatoes really pop.

13. Seafood Stew

Tomato soup is a truly great starter or side but if you’re looking to make it a main course, don’t hesitate to try a hearty tomato-based stew recipe today.

The taste of tomatoes goes exceptionally well with seafood. To make a seafood tomato stew or Cioppino, try using halibut, mussels, clams, and squid. This Italian specialty is out of this world.

14. Creamy Tomato Bisque

Tomato soup comes in many varieties. One of our favorites is a bisque. This creamier version of tomato soup is well blended with other ingredients to create a smooth rich texture.

If you’re using fresh tomatoes try roasting them before cooking your soup broth for a fire-roasted style of this classic soup.

15. Cheesy Mac and Cheese

While tomato soup goes really well as a side to mac and cheese, you might want to try this version of mac and cheese that has the tomato soup right in it!

Whisk your canned tomato soup while cooking. Add the cheese and cooked macaroni into the soup mixture and top with parmesan or bread crumbs before giving the whole thing a quick bake in the oven.

16. Fisherman’s Soup

As we have already mentioned, seafood is exceptional with tomato soup. This out-of-this-world fisherman’s soup will have you feeling all tingly inside.

Chunks of tilapia added to a tomato soup base will be the starting point of your soup. Capers and shrimp added to the hearty broth make it a filling soup that’s full of protein and vitamin C.

17. Pizza Forever

There are never-ending ways to eat pizza. And we’ve just found another one. Take some time to indulge in your favorite pizza with a side of tomato soup or use the tomato soup as a dip.

Another way to turn pizza night upside down is to make a pizza-flavored tomato soup. Simply add some milk or cream to a can of tomato soup, cook, and serve with your favorite pizza toppings.

Wrap Up

The vitamin C and antioxidants in the tomatoes are a stress-relieving, anti-inflammatory addition to your recommended daily nutrition needs so grab yourself of tomato soup today!

Whether you’re cozying up to a hot bowl of tomato soup on a cold day or bringing a nice warm serving to your next picnic, you really can’t go wrong with this delicious soup.

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