What to Serve With Meatloaf

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Meatloaf is a classic dish. Its heart Homestyle flavor fills up even the hungriest eater. To learn what to serve with meatloaf, read on.

Meatloaf is quick and easy to make. Even a beginner chef can whip up a pan in no time. Different ingredients can be added to alter taste.

Meatloaf is a great go-to to satisfy a big appetite. It is filling and a small serving can keep you full for hours.  Here are the best dishes to serve with your meatloaf.


17 Side Dishes to Serve With Meatloaf

1. Mashed Potatoes and Gravy

Mashed potatoes are a hearty dish. Served with meatloaf, this side dish is a home run for any taste bud. It can be made in a variety of ways. Seasonings can be added to spice up the potatoes.

Pour gravy over the mashed potatoes for a creamy delight. Gravy can also be pored over the meatloaf to make it moister.

2. Corn on the cob

Corn on the cob is a healthy addition to meatloaf. If you are looking to add a vegetable to your plate there is no better choice than corn on the cob.

Spread butter on your corn to add flavor. Corn on the cob is tasty enough so you do not need to add a lot of seasonings. Just a little salt and pepper will do the trick.

3. Cabbage

Cabbage is a great addition to corn on the cob. Cabbage can be prepared in a variety of ways. Fried cabbage is my favorite and goes great with a slice of meatloaf.

Be careful not to overcook your cabbage so that it does not turn out mushy. Cabbage should be soft but not soggy.

4. Cornbread

Cornbread is a great addition to meatloaf because it is soft and easily breaks apart. Brown sugar can be added to sweeten it up.

Top your cornbread off with a little butter to bring out the flavor. Butter will make the cornbread soft. Cook until it is golden brown, then enjoy.

5. Potato Wedges

Crispy on the outside, warm and soft on the inside, potato wedges are a great compliment to meatloaf any night of the week.

Try your potato wedges with ketchup, or any of your favorite condiments. If you are a ketchup lover like me, you might want to top your meatloaf and wedges with the stuff.

6. Macaroni and Cheese

This cheesy favorite goes great with just about any meal, especially meatloaf. Mac and cheese can be served in a variety of ways, even spicy.

One bite of mac and cheese and you’ll see why it is a favorite at any dinner table. To add more flavor to your cheesy dish, try adding a little ham.

7. Candied Sweet Potato

Looking to add a lot of sweetness to your meal? Try pairing your meatloaf with a helping of candied sweet potatoes.

You can skip the desert when you compliment your meatloaf with candied sweet potatoes. The syrup in the candied potatoes is a nice treat.

8. Cheesy peas

Want to spice up a childhood favorite? Add a little Velveeta or cheddar cheese to your peas to turn an ordinary dish into a crowd-pleaser.

Adding cheese to your peas adds flavor and texture. This is a great side dish for meatloaf. I’m sure you’ll want a second helping of this delicious combo.

9. Honey glazed Baby Carrots

This healthy side dish is sure to please even a picky eater.  Honey glazed baby carrots are packed with flavor and health benefits.

Carrots are naturally sweet and the extra honey adds tasty syrup sure to please any taste buds. Pair this with meatloaf for a delicious meal any time of the year.

10. Steamed Broccoli

Add some green to your plate with steamed broccoli. Healthy and hearty, broccoli is a great addition to meatloaf night.

Meatloaf tastes better with Broccoli on the plate. I like to add a little lemon and garlic to my steamed broccoli for a zesty flavor.

11. Cheesy Scalloped Potatoes

Because it is tasty and filling, this hearty side dish is a great compliment to meatloaf. You can never go wrong with cheese, and this cheesy delight is sure to please.

For extra flavor, try adding a little ham to your cheesy scalloped potatoes.  One bit of this pairing and you’re sure to come back for seconds.

12. Wild Rice Pilaf

Want to add spice to your meatloaf night? Then go for an extra helping of wild rice pilaf. This zesty side is a great match with just about any meal, meatloaf included.

If you want to add a little crunch to your rice, then add a little almond. For those with food allergies, it is best to skip the almonds.

13. Creamed Green Beans

Creamy green beans are a yummy complement to meatloaf or any dish for that matter. Its rich texture and satisfying flavor are a family favorite.

For increased taste, add a little bacon or ham. Watching your weight? No problem. Use low-fat turkey instead.

14. Asparagus Cuts

Asparagus is a low-calorie must-have for meatloaf night. Because it is tasty and easy on the waistline, this green vegetable is the perfect complement to your meatloaf.

Asparagus can be cooked in a variety of ways. To add flavor, bake the stalks in garlic and butter. Serve this with meatloaf and watch your mouth water.

15. Garlic Butter Broccoli and Cauliflower

This veggie duo goes great with a slice of meatloaf. A classic combo, these two vegetables are sure to make your taste buds rock.

The garlic butter sauce sets it off with this pair. The rich aroma and mouthwatering flavor earn this side dish a thumbs up.

16. Creamed Corn

This cozy side dish is sure to make your family smile any night of the week. Served with meatloaf, creamed corn is the perfect match.

Pressed for time; try preparing your creamed corn in a slow cooker.  Simply add in all the ingredients, set the cooker on low, and voila, there you have it.

17. Bacon and Brussel Sprouts

Meatloaf night will never be the same with this duo. Bacon adds flavor and crunch to this traditional vegetable for a taste that is out of this world.

These hearty vegetables are a healthy way to fill up. For a low-fat alternative, use turkey bacon. This low-fat side dish is a must-have on your food list.

Wrap Up

Meatloaf is just one of those dishes you can’t get enough of. Served plain, or with condiments, meatloaf will keep you coming back for seconds.

Meatloaf is a great way to stretch the budget and keep the family full. If you enjoy meatloaf and have any tips or suggestions about this meaty meal, leave a comment below.

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