What To Serve With Fish Tacos

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Fish tacos can almost be found on every menu. The flavors of the fish and the easiness of tacos make it a perfect dinner, but it also raises the question of what to serve with fish tacos?

Tacos can be an easy weeknight dinner for most families. Adding a side dish can seem overwhelming, but there are some easy things you can do to make a well-rounded meal.

The flavors of fish tacos and these seventeen side dishes complement each other well. Read on to learn about each of these easy side dishes.


17 Side Dishes to Serve With Fish Tacos

These side dishes do not require a lot of time to make and can help you create a nice balance of flavors with the freshness of the fish!

1. Mexican Rice

Mexican rice is a light and fluffy spicy rice that is a great side dish for tacos. The Mexican seasoning used on the rice brings out the herb and spiciness of the tacos.

Rice dishes are common with tacos due to the spices used in both words. But rice is a great side dish because it provides some complex carbohydrates perfect for the meal.

2. Guacamole

The creamy avocado side dish is the perfect side dish for tacos. Fish tacos are known for being fresh and healthy, and guacamole keeps with that theme!

Guacamole can be an excellent topper to the tacos or even as a side dish with chips. Guacamole can be made with various ingredients and can be made spicier depending on the herbs and spices used.

3. Re-Fried Beans

The salty flavor of refried beans adds a nice contrast to that of the fresh fish. Refried beans are usually made into a sticky, mushy smooth taste.

The creaminess of the refried beans is similar to that of the taco’s crunchy texture. They complement each other well and help increase the well-roundedness of the dish.

4. Mexican Street Corn

Mexican street corn is sweet but also contains the spices of the taco mixed with cheese and butter. The flavors enhance the fish while also adding a sweetness that may be missing from the tacos.

Street corn is so easy to make because all it requires is cooking the corn and then adding the spices. This makes the dish easy and personalized to your tastes.

5. Nachos

A perfect appetizer and dish to have on the table with fish tacos is nachos. The flavors of the cheese and vegetables, along with the saltiness of the chip, make them the perfect bite.

Adding fish or other toppings to the nachos can elevate them and allow them to shine through with the added flavors nachos provide.

6. Jalapeno Poppers

Jalapeno poppers bring the spice to your dish along with the fried crunch. The added choice of putting cream cheese inside or other herbs helps complement the various textures found in the tacos.

The creamy inside of the peppers places cheese with the tacos’ fish and adds richness to the dish.

7. Black Bean Soup

Soup is a nice start to the meal because it creates fullness in the stomach before eating your entree. A black bean soup is perfect with fish tacos because it establishes a dipping sauce for the tortillas.

The soup will contain some liquid that can be a perfect topper for the tacos, along with the beans’ flavors, adding a saltiness that may be lacking.

8. Chips and Salsa

Chips and salsa are the staple for any Mexican food, especially tacos. The chips are used as perfect spatulas for anything that gets dropped out of the taco, and the salsa can be light and refreshing.

Chips and salsa are easy to make because you do not have to cook anything if you go to the store. This can make it a perfect side dish for fish tacos when you are busy.

9. Coleslaw

Coleslaw is not typically used as a side dish for Mexican food but is the perfect dish for fish tacos. The creamy crunch of the coleslaw adds a flavor to the fish-like tarter sauce.

Coleslaw is such a light salad, and to spice it up; you can add similar spices to those found in the tacos. Fish tacos sometimes have a slaw on top that contains many of the same ingredients making them great complements.

10. Mexican Corn and Bean Salad

Another cold salad that goes great with fish tacos is Mexican corn and bean salad. The fresh ingredients of corn, tomatoes, and beans mixed with a light dressing are full of flavor.

This is a perfect side dish for tacos because the tacos’ heaviness in the tacos needs a light side dish.

11. Salsa

Salsa can be a side dish ready to eat with tacos. The flavors of the tomato and onions add to the flavors of the fish in the tacos.

Tortillas are great for sopping up the salsa, and this will go well with the fish. Using the salsa as a side dish introduces tomato and brightness to the tacos.

12. Queso Fundido

This hot cheese mixed with sausage and seasonings is delicious. It can be served with chips or your main entree of fish tacos.

The sausage is an excellent combination with the fish, and the cheese is creamy and makes the fish melt in your mouth.

13. Cilantro Lime Rice

Cilantro lime rice is an excellent combination with tacos. The fish tacos can complement the acidity of the lime juice and the earthy flavors of the cilantro.

Fish tacos need that acidity to bring out the fish’s flavors, and the grounding of the cilantro makes it a good combination.

14. Tex Mex Salad

Salads with the flavors of Mexican seasonings make it a great combination with tacos. Fish tacos can be complemented by the creamy salad dressing and the bright vegetables.

Tex Mex salads are great complements because they are crunchy and add flavor to the tacos.

15. Taco Dip

Even though you are already eating tacos, you can add taco dip to your side dish. Taco dip is a creamy cheese flavor that helps bring out the creaminess of the fish.

Taco dip is also so versatile that you can add more spicy flavors to bring out the acidity in the fish tacos.

16. Tamales

Tamales are an excellent combination of rice and corn husks. The crunchiness of the outside and the sticky inside make an excellent complement to the tacos.

These can be a nice little packet of flavor to add to your tacos and make sure the fish and sweetness of the corn shine through.

17. Margaritas

Most Mexican places will serve margaritas with their food. This can be a great combination with fish tacos because the margaritas’ acidity will help bring out the fish’s brightness.

Alcohol is an excellent complement to the fish tacos and helps create a buttery soaked-up flavor combination with the tacos.

Wrap Up

There are many different things to try with fish tacos. Each one will bring a distinct flavor to the table and help create a well-rounded meal.

The flavors of fish tacos are unique and bring a lightness to the tacos. Fish is a perfect bright flavor and can make a well-rounded meal.

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