What to Serve With Jambalaya

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Jambalaya is a spicy dish that can be served with just about anything. If you are having jambalaya for dinner, you might just wonder, what to serve as a side dish.

Whether it is Creole or Cajun style, jambalaya is a flavorful assortment of rich foods, and diverse textures, that elevate dinner-time standards.

These 17 scrumptious side dishes are a tasty complement to have next to your mouth-watering jambalaya.


17 Side Dishes to Serve With Jambalaya

1. Corn Bread

Moist and rich in texture and flavor, cornbread is a winning side dish to pair with your jambalaya. Cornbread is subtle enough in flavor that it will not overpower the taste of the jambalaya.

I like to sweeten up my cornbread by adding in a tablespoon, or two, of brown sugar. This thickens the cornbread batter and makes the bread heavier.

2. Side Salad

Crispy and light, a refreshing side salad adds balance to the hearty jambalaya. Loaded with vegetables, salad is an easy way to add some nutrients to your meal.

If you are looking to sweeten up your salad, add in a little raisin and pineapple. This is a great way to get some fiber and vitamins.

3. Biscuits

Biscuits are perfect because they are thick enough so that the juice from the jambalaya does not make them soggy.

Store-bought biscuits taste great and are handy for when you don’t have a lot of time to spend in the kitchen. Plus they do not cost much money.

4. Fried Cauliflower

Want to add some crunch to your soft and tender jambalaya? Then try some fried cauliflower for something crispy.

Fried cauliflower is easy to make. All you need are some eggs, cauliflower, cracker crumbs, and milk, plus some and oil for frying.

5. Hush Puppies

If you love corn then hush puppies are the perfect side dish for you. Hard and crunchy on the outside, this delightful corn-based side is a dinner-time favorite.

I like to make my hush puppies from scratch that way I can add in my favorite ingredients. I prefer to add in a little crab meat to spice them up.

6. Baked Butternut Squash

Semi-sweet and creamy, baked squash makes the right choice for jambalaya night. The soft rich texture of the squash complements the tender seafood.

Since butternut squash already has a sweet taste, I like to sweeten it up some more by sprinkling it with a little brown sugar and cinnamon before baking.

7. Green Beans

It doesn’t matter how you like to eat your green beans, soft or crisp, they are a delicious match for the creamy jambalaya.

I like to boil my green beans for thirty minutes, drain, and then sear them in a little olive oil, lemon juice, and garlic. Boiling the beans first makes them soft.

8. Fiesta Style Corn

Any style of corn is a sensation when paired with jambalaya, but fiesta corn is a delight all its own. Flavorful and robust, fiesta corn is the right choice for jambalaya.

Fiesta corn is easy to make, just add in some onion and bell peppers and voila. For more flavor, I like to use frozen corn for my fiesta instead of canned corn.

9. Deep-Fried Eggplant

Eggplant not only adds distinct color to your dinner plate, but it also has a unique flavoring as well. The strong taste of the eggplant adds a lot of zest to your meal.

To help cut back on the bitter taste of the eggplant, remove the skin and remember to lightly salt your eggplant before frying.

10. Zucchini Bread

Thick, moist and packed with an explosive earthy flavor, zucchini bread makes the right choice to pair with jambalaya.

It’s best to use small or medium-sized zucchini for the bread because they contain more moisture. Larger zucchini are bitterer.

11. Swiss Chard

Packed with vitamins and minerals, as well as all the fiber you need, this leafy vegetable goes great with a serving of jambalaya.

There is no wrong way to cook Swiss chard. I like to soften the leaves with a little garlic and white wine and then sauté it in a pan with a little lemon and butter.

12. Fried Okra

Known for its earthy grass-like flavor, fried okra has a semi-sweet, mild flavor that goes well with the spicy jambalaya.

Most people prefer to fry their okra because frying reduces its slimy appeal. For best results fry your okra on high heat for a few minutes and serve.

13. Cheesy Garlic Bread

What better than garlic bread? Garlic bread sprinkled with cheese. This cheesy delight is a slam dunk side for your jambalaya.

Use can use just about any kind of cheese you want for cheesy garlic bread, however, I prefer to use cheddar cheese because it is a hard cheese and not so messy.

14. Corn on the Cob

Corn is always a winner as a tantalizing side dish to pair with jambalaya. Its sweet taste blends well with the seafood flavor making this is a top-notch combination.

I like to baste my corn on the cob with butter and then wrap it in aluminum foil. The foil holds in the moisture of the butter while the cob cooks.

15. Black Eyed Peas

Jambalaya and black eyes peas are a classic pairing. The rich, thick, beans complement the spicy flavoring of the jambalaya sauce.

Black-eyed peas are naturally loaded with flavor, but add in a little smoked ham and you have a savory side dish that is a little salty and tender.

16. Bananas Foster

Wanting to keep with the authenticity of the New Orleans theme, bananas foster is served as the perfect desert for jambalaya.

Many different types of rum can be used to make the bananas foster. If you don’t have any rum, bourbon can be used instead.

17. Oysters

Oysters are another seafood classic that goes hand in hand with the spicy jambalaya. Sweet and a little salty, oysters are the right choice for jambalaya night.

Many people enjoy eating their oysters raw and sprinkled with a little vinegar. I, however, prefer to fry my oysters in a little olive oil.

Wrap Up

Jambalaya takes rice and seafood to the next level. Packed with flavor, this New Orleans classic is sure to keep you coming back for more.

If you enjoy jambalaya and have any tips or suggestions you would like to make about this yummy meal, leave a comment below.

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