17 Tasty Treats That Pair With Hot Chocolate

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When the cold weather starts to roll around, there’s few things better than a nice steaming hot cup of hot chocolate to warm you up.

Of course, hot chocolate is even better when it’s paired with a nice treat.  A complementary snack can emphasize the sweet flavor of your hot drink.

There are so many treats that can go well with hot chocolate, many of them being seasonal favorites.  In case you need ideas, here are some suggestions to inspire you.


17 Tasty Treats That Pair With Hot Chocolate

1. Marshmallows

The classic topping for hot chocolate can also be eaten alongside it!  Snacking on marshmallows on their own can be lovely, and eating them alongside a cup of hot chocolate is even better.

If you’ve ever wondered if you can make homemade marshmallows, it’s surprisingly doable!  This recipe from Two Sisters Crafting is much easier than you might expect.

2. Chocolate Chip Cookies

Another sweet treat to have with your sweet drink is some classic chocolate chip cookies, preferably fresh out of the oven when they’re still warm and gooey.

There are endless recipes for chocolate chip cookies out there, but this recipe from Sugar Spun Run is by far the most intriguing.  In fact, it even has a secret ingredient to make them extra tasty.


3. Sugar Cookies

If you’re in a cookie mood but want something other than chocolate, you can try some delicious sugar cookies!  There are so many kinds of sugar cookies, and all of them make great pairs for hot chocolate.

Sugar cookies are another pastry that has a ton of recipes available, but this recipe from Belly Full is simple and takes only a few ingredients, allowing you to focus on your toppings.


4. Rolled Wafers (Piroulines)

Rolled wafers, such as the Pirouline ones you can buy at the store, make a delicious snack to go along with some hot chocolate because of the lovely crunchy texture and creamy filling.

Although this is something most people would buy at the store, you can try making them yourself for some extra fun!  Cupcake Project has a clever recipe for these using Nutella has filling.

5. Donuts

For something a little more on the filling side, you can have some deliciously sweet donuts, which are absolutely perfect for dunking in a cup of hot chocolate.

You can find a wide variety of donuts at most supermarkets, let alone donut shops, but you can also try making homemade donuts.  The Recipe Critic has a recipe that is great for beginners.


6. Cheesecake Bites

The unique taste of cheesecake makes it a great pair for hot chocolate.  However, if a whole cheesecake is a bit much for your needs, some cheesecake bites are much more manageable.

Just like with normal cheesecake, there are different variations of cheesecake bites, but this recipe by Spend With Pennies is customizable – you can use your choice of fruit preserves.


7. Candy Canes

If you want a snack on the smaller side, the unmistakable flavor of candy canes is perfect for hot chocolate.  In fact, many people even drink their hot chocolate with candy canes stirred in.

Before you ask, yes, you can make candy canes yourself at home!  Chowhound has a recipe that is delightfully easy to follow, and very fun to make.


8. Chocolate Crinkles

Another cookie that goes well with hot chocolate is chocolate crinkles.  This is a great option if you’re the type of person who just can’t get enough chocolate!

These cookies are best when made from scratch.  There are many recipes out there, but this one from Sally’s Baking Addiction is perfect for chocolate lovers.


9. Popcorn

Salty snacks always seem to go great with hot chocolate, and popcorn is a great example of this.  The crunchy texture is so satisfying to have alongside a sweet hot drink.

Microwave popcorn is cheap and easy, but stovetop popcorn is the absolute best.  Plus, as this recipe by Cookie and Kate demonstrates, it’s very  easy to make.


10. Roasted Nuts

Another crunchy, salty snack to serve with hot chocolate is roasted nuts.  It’s hard to go wrong here – any kind of nut has that wonderful nutty taste that goes so well with chocolate.

If you decide to roast your own nuts, you’re in for a treat.  There are lots of creative recipes for roasted nuts, but No Spoon Necessary has one that is downright irresistible.


11. Snack Mix

There are so many kinds of snack mixes, usually with the same basic components – rice Chex, pretzels, and chocolate – along with other additions.  The salty, sweet, crunchy combo is an addictive treat.

Most stores sell a variety of snack mixes, but making it yourself is a lot of fun too.  For a recipe that will get you in the holiday spirit, Chelsea’s Messy Apron’s recipe is deliciously addictive.


12. Peppermint Bark

The holiday classic peppermint bark is a great pair for hot chocolate for the same reason as candy canes: the minty flavor and crunchy texture that goes so well with chocolate.

This is another treat that can be a lot of fun to make yourself!  Dinner at the Zoo has a recipe that is easy to follow and doesn’t take too long to make.


13. S’mores Bark

As long as we’re talking about bark, s’mores bark is another delicious treat.  It’s everything you love about s’mores in a convenient, less messy bark form.

Just like with peppermint bark, you can have a real fun time making s’mores bark.  Sparkles to Sprinkles has a recipe that is mouthwatering and easy to follow.

14. Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls

Nothing seems to be as perfect with chocolate as peanut butter is!  Chocolate peanut butter balls are delicious and addictive on their own, and irresistible alongside hot chocolate.

This is generally a relatively simple no-bake recipe.  Kitchen Fun With My Three Sons has an especially simple recipe which only takes a few ingredients.


15. Whoopie Pies

If you aren’t familiar with whoopie pies, they’re two round pieces of cake filled with creamy frosting.  They come in lots of flavors, and the soft, chewy, creamy texture is a perfect pair for hot chocolate.

Depending on where you live, whoopie pies might be all over the place.  Whether or not this is the case, you can make your own.  Epicurious has an easy-to-follow recipe for classic whoopie pies.


16. Churros

Cinnamon is a flavor that tends to go well with hot chocolate, which is what makes churros such a great snack to have with it.  These sugary, cinnamon-y treats are great for dipping in your drink.

If you’ve never made churros before, you might be surprised at how easy they are!  Natasha’s Kitchen has an easy recipe, along with a video of how to do it.


17. Peanut Butter Lasagna

For a treat that is more complex and irresistibly decadent, you could try some peanut butter lasagna.  This is a recipe that sweet, chocolatey, and of course, loaded with peanut butter.

There are lots of different recipes for peanut butter lasagna out there, though Melissa’s Southern Style Kitchen has a wonderful recipe that uses peanut butter cups to top the whole thing off.


Wrap Up

When you have a winter sweet tooth, you can curl up with a warm cup of hot chocolate and any of these tasty treats that are sure to satisfy your cravings.

The nice thing about these treats is that almost all of them can be dipped in your hot chocolate!  It might sound strange for some of them, but just try it and your taste buds will be sure to thank you.

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