What To Serve With Hamburger Helper

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With so many types of Hamburger Helper out there, there’s something for everyone.  Hamburger Helper is a household favorite for many families because of how convenient it is to make.

For most people, Hamburger Helper is a standalone meal.  Because it’s pasta-based, it tends to be filling.  However, with a quick side dish, the meal can be elevated.

Adding a side dish to the meal gives you the opportunity to add a flavor or texture that might be missing.  Even better, you can add veggies to make the meal a bit healthier.


17 Side Dishes to Serve With Hamburger Helper

1. Mixed Green Salad

A nice side salad is a great addition to any meal, and Hamburger Helper is no different.  Crisp, refreshing lettuce and veggies make a great contrast to warm, soft pasta.

It’s easy and inexpensive to grab some fresh salad ingredients from the store and toss them together.  This recipe from Two Peas & Their Pod is an example of a salad that’s delicious and easy to make.


2. Mixed Veggies

Just a step away from salad is mixed veggies.  Some healthy, crunchy mixed veggies could be exactly what Hamburger Helper is missing on its own.

You can get them fresh, frozen, or canned – there are so many ways to get your mixed veggies.  To take mixed veggies and add an extra twist, try this recipe by Philly Jay Cooking.

3. Corn on the Cob

Any occasion can be improve with some delicious corn on the cob.  It’s fun to eat, and has a nice, satisfying crunch when you bite into it.

Corn on the cob is typically pretty easy to make – you can grill it, bake it, boil it, etc.  Natasha’s Kitchen has a delicious recipe for boiled corn on the cob that’s ready in just fifteen minutes.


4. Sautéed Mushrooms

Another deliciously healthy side dish is sautéed mushrooms.  Mushrooms have a unique, addictive texture, which is made all the better when they are perfectly sautéed.

There are lots of recipes for sautéed mushrooms consisting of various spices and additions.  Dinner at the Zoo has a recipe that takes only a few ingredients and a few minutes to make this tasty dish.


5. Grilled Peppers

A popular addition to Hamburger Helper is grilled peppers.  These are crunchy and delicious to have on the side, but also delightful when chopped up and stirred in.

It’s cheap and convenient to grab a few peppers from the store, and quick and easy to cut up and grill them.  This recipe from A Couple of Cooks is a great example of how to perfectly prepare grilled peppers.


6. Green Beans

A classic side dish suitable for any meal, green beans are healthy, crunchy, and delicious, and a great addition to a meal of Hamburger Helper.

Green beans are quick and easy to cook, and there are endless options at the grocery store for you to choose from.  A Southern Soul has an especially delightful method of making green beans in a skillet.

7. Potato Slices

It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t like potato slices, which is what makes them such a great side dish.  Their simple yet delicious flavor goes well with anything.

Potato slices are also great because they are so easy to cook.  Elephantastic Vegan has an especially simple recipe for them that you could prepare in your sleep.

8. Roasted Carrots

Add some more orange to your meal by serving up some roasted carrots.  They have a unique, almost sweet flavor, and a crunchy texture that’s sure to please everyone.

There are lots of ways to make roasted carrots with all kinds of flavors.  This recipe from Café Delites for honey garlic butter roasted carrots is distinctive and addictive.


9. Broccoli

Some crunchy, delicious broccoli can elevate any meal, and hamburger helper is no different.  No matter how you cook it – steamed, roasted, baked – broccoli is the perfect heathy side.

Broccoli is another veggie that’s easy to make, and has plenty of delightful variations.  Try this garlic parmesan roasted broccoli recipe by Crunchy Creamy Sweet for something unforgettable.


10. Peas

Another classic veggie side is some delicious peas.  Peas tend to have a somewhat sweet flavor, especially if you go with sweet peas, which will complement the savory taste of Hamburger Helper.

Any grocery store is bound to have a huge selection of peas – canned, frozen, or otherwise.  Favorite Family Recipes has a unique take on how to prepare frozen peas.

11. Roasted Zucchini

One last veggie recommendation here is some delightful roasted zucchini.  The sweet flavor and crunchy texture will contrast with the Hamburger Helper, and it’s something healthy to go with your meal.

You can find so many recipes for roasted zucchini online,  but The Modern Proper has a wonderful recipe for roasted zucchini with parmesan that’s quick and easy.


12. French Bread

Moving away from the veggie train, some delicious French bread makes an excellent side dish for any meal.  The light flavor makes it a perfect complement for something as savory as Hamburger Helper.

You can find French made at most grocery stores or bakeries, but if you’re up for a slight challenge, you could make some yourself!  Lil’ Luna has an easy recipe that anyone can make.


13. Dinner Rolls

Another classic bread side is some light and fluffy fresh dinner rolls.  They’re flavor is subtle and somewhat sweet, made even more so when topped with honey butter.

You can buy dinner rolls, but they’re best when fresh.  Mom on Timeout has a recipe that’s easy to follow and takes less than half an hour.


14. Crescent Rolls

Related to dinner rolls are crescent rolls, which seem to combine the best of rolls with the best of biscuits.  They have a nice, flaky outside with a soft, doughy inside.

Just like with dinner rolls, you can find premade dough at the store , but making them yourself is even better.  Try this simple recipe from Baking a Moment!


15. Cheese & Crackers

For something a little more simple, you could try serving up some cheese and crackers.  This is good if you want something cheap, quick, and easy, yet still delicious.

All you have to do is get some crackers and top them with your cheese of choice.  For an extra twist, add an extra topping, such as bacon bits or nuts.  Julie Blanner has a recipe with even more ideas!


16. Fried Apples

If you’re in the mood for a sweeter side, you can fry up some apples for an addictively sweet fruity side dish.  Use green apples to give this a sour twist.

Fried apples are traditionally served with cinnamon and sugar.  Dinner Then Dessert has a quick and easy recipe for this classic Southern dish.  If you’re having this as dessert, try serving with a scoop of vanilla ice cream!


17. Peach Cobbler

Another dessert-type of side dish for Hamburger Helper is peach cobbler.  Sweet, juicy peaches with a deliciously flakey crust are bound to be a perfect end to your meal.

Although you might be able to find peach cobbler at your local bakery or grocery store, it’s even better when you make it yourself!  Preppy Kitchen has a great recipe that is easy to follow.


Wrap Up

Although Hamburger Helper is usually delicious and filling enough to have on its own, the meal can be taken to the next level by adding any of these side dishes.

Choosing a veggie side dish can add a healthy twist to your meal, but any of these side dishes are a great choice.  Try experimenting to add your own twist, and make a meal that’s all your own.

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