51 Foods That Start With S

Want something new to snack on that happens to begin with the letter S? There are many foods out there beginning with the letter S to be known.

From breakfast, lunch, dinner, and desserts, there are dishes around the world for your eating pleasure. Each has its unique styles and tastes that offer a variety of benefits to different people.

Whether you’re a foodie or looking for a new dish, you’ll wish you’d known about these foods sooner. Take a trip around the world as we explore 51 foods that start with S.


51 Foods That Start with the Letter S


Starting light, Sabayon (also called Zabaione) is a light sauce from Italy prepared as a dessert or a drink. Sabayon is either an alcoholic beverage with spirits inside of it, a breakfast, or a dessert-like custard with a sweet taste.


This bitter-tasting seasoning is considered one of the most expensive in the world due to its multiple uses. Not only is it a seasoning, but it can be used in fragrances, dyes, medicine, and helps treat many disorders.


Native to the Mediterranean, this subshrub is used as a herb inside or on top of foods around the world. Outside of the kitchen, it is used for essential oils, spiritual rituals to ward off evil spirits, and medical uses to improve memory and mind functions.


Consisting of at least tomatoes and lettuce, salads can be whatever you want them to be. It’s the ultimate food since you can put whatever you want in it be it eggs, bacon, pasta, or anything. The possibilities are endless.


Cooked as food all around the world, salmon is one of the most common fish foods. With multiple varieties of salmon recipes, you can ward off the chances of cardiac arrest and heart disease by eating it.


If you like various sauces then salsa is the condiment for you. Spanish for sauce, it can be served at room temperature to dip your chips in or put inside any meal.


Laying between two pieces of bread are condiments and meats making a sandwich. Like salads, however, sandwiches can be whatever you want. The real question is, are hot dogs sandwiches?


Packed together tightly like, well, sardines are small oily fish that are from Sardina in the Mediterranean. Sardines have health benefits like most other fish preventing heart disease and cancers with their nutrients.


Sausages are chunks of meat made from pork or sometimes poultry and beef. Sausage is made differently around the world and can be fermented with different spices.


Scallops are clams or bivalve mollusks that can be served dry without additives or wet with additives. It also has a sweet and buttery taste like its seafood counterparts and is just as expensive too.


The German food schnitzel may sound familiar to the ears, but you have to taste it yourself to truly familiarize yourself with it. Schnitzel is popular in Austria and has spread from continent to continent under different names.


This baked good is a light and sweet treat from Scotland, not France despite common beliefs. Most tend to add a special glaze on top such as cinnamon or orange but others add sugar for that extra kick.


Hailing from Romania, scovardă is a stuffed pastry like empanadas since it has stuffing like cheese inside the dough. To make this pastry, all you need to do is fire up the frying pan, get your fillings, and have some fun.


Sesame is an oily seed and has been domesticated for human use for years.

The seeds that are too big or not mature are used for sesame seed oil. The oil is mainly used for seasoning and preparing Asian dishes adding onto the possibilities.


From Romania, Sfințișori is a baked good covered in honey and walnuts. Sugar and cinnamon is only part of what makes sfințișori so special as it’s baked on March 9th to commemorate the Forty Martyrs of Sebaste in Romania.


Made with salt, dough, honey, and icing sugar, sfogliatelle can be made by the dozens in an hour. With an easy to make treat topped with sugar or icing, sfogliatelle may be a mouthful to say, but it’s easier to eat.


In the same family and sharing a resemblance to onions, shallots are plant-based vegetables with many uses. Shallots can be used as a healthy condiment carrying many vitamins, minerals, and carbohydrates inside.

Shepherd’s Pie

Originating from England, shepherd’s pie is a meat-filled pie with mashed potatoes on the bottom. Whether you prefer lamb, beef, or even chicken, a full meal of mashed potatoes and vegetables can come in the form of a pie.


One of the most well-known foods of the Novruz holiday in Azerbaijan is Shekerbura. With sugar nuts and handmade patterns, this Middle Eastern delicacy can make any occasion special.


Shellfish aren’t fish, but rather aquatic invertebrates including octopi, lobsters, and shrimp. If you can eat it, then shellfish can improve zinc status and help with weight loss.


Behind the semi-hard shell is shrimp, a shellfish with many cooking potentials. You can barbecue, boil, or fry it and add it to your meal or drink.

Shor gogal

Yet another Azerbaijani pastry is Shor gogal, two words with one flavor. Although it’s not really sweet like most pastries, it has a mix of flavors thanks to the spiced fillings within.


As a traditional Scottish biscuit, shortbread comes in multiple variations around the world as a baked good. You can put it in the oven or microwave and coat it with chocolate or any sweet coating to top it off.


These cinnamon smothered sugar cookies are common treats in the United States and are perfect for the holidays. If you love the infectiously sweet smell, you can get snickerdoodle scented shampoos and candles too.

Snow Peas

As an edible pea pod, snow peas are full of carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins for your dietary needs. They’re often eaten along with your meal and can have any spices or juices added for taste.


Japanese buckwheat noodles, or soba as it’s called, have a brittle texture and the same thickness as spaghetti. What’s even more unique about soba is that it can be made by hand with flour and water, being handmade for years.


As a French dish, soufflés are baked egg-based food that uses different flavors. Anything from chocolate, fruits, or vegetables can be used to flavor the base. On top of soffulés are dessert sauces to give the initial flavor when you bite into it.


A well known liquid food served warm, the soup contains meat and/or vegetables of all kinds. Containing almost any food, soups can also have fruits or even be for dessert if made properly.

Sourdough Bread

Sourdough is a slow-fermented type of bread descending from ancient Switzerland. What makes sourdough bread useful is that it doesn’t require yeast to rise but it can leaven the dough. Sourdough comes in different shapes with complex flavors and styles.


As a species of legume soybeans are beans from Asia with multiple uses. These include soy sauce, soy milk, tofu, and vegan meat alternatives.


Quite possibly the most common form of pasta, spaghetti is actually traditionally Hebrew but got introduced to Sicily in the 12th century. Since then it has spread around the world with different cultures adding different spices and herbs.


Native to Asia is spinach, a leafy green plant that can be preserved for consumption. It might not mature you strong like Popeye but the nutritional value is a great way to prevent illnesses like cancer.


Associated with the American holiday Thanksgiving, squash is a fruit that comes in about 26 types. Taking many shapes and sizes, squash has an intimate bond with Native American history as it is depicted in art, remedies, and festivals.


Contrary to popular belief, squids actually have 2 arms and 8 tentacles come in various sizes. Squid aka calamari has been a rich source of zinc and magnesium around the world.

Star Fruit

Somewhat shaped like a star, star fruit finds its home in Asia and the Caribbean as a juicy treat. Star fruits are eaten raw, cooked, or made into something else for consumption, but it’s best to avoid it if you have kidney problems as substances can make it worse.


Made from any meat or grazing animal, streak is a grilled or fried meat at varying temperatures. Steak also carries a cultural significance in Indigenous cultures and Argentina along with protein benefits.


Containing enough liquid to hold the cooking ingredients, stews are a thicker variety of soups. Although there are multiple kinds of stews, they generally have meat inside with vegetables or anything else for a filling dinner.


If you want a sweet juicy berry with bright red color and a popular scent. Have it frozen, with cream, in a smoothie, or any other form because strawberries are there to please.


Not technically a food in the traditional sense, but stir-fry is a Chinese cooking technique made in wok pans. Stir-fry dishes can be anything from vegetables, meat, or a mixture of anything else.


Occasionally called bone broth, stock is referred to like that since bones are the most commonly used ingredients. Like soup, it is an edible liquid used for cooking the meats and vegetables inside of it.


Another sweet and layered treat, ştrudel (or just strudel) is a light treat from Austria filled with goodness. The fillings can include flavors of cream like cherry and cinnamon or meat occasionally.


If you’re looking for fried dough balls for dessert then look no further than Stuffoli. Deep-fried to perfection, they’re similar to doughnuts holes but are usually saved for the most wonderful time of the year.


Inside of green grapes is white grape varieties known as sultanas. Interestingly enough, raisins are made from sultanas through processes that change their appearance. Sultanas absorb other flavors around it in the best way possible as it’s rarely eaten alone.

Sun cake

Sun Cake or Tai yang bing, is a pancake dessert from Taiwan popular amongst the Taiwanese and tourists. Sweeter than honey and coming in small shapes, this sweet treat will want you begging for more.

Sun-Dried Tomatoes

Sun-dried tomatoes are tomatoes that lose their ripeness and juiciness for the use of other dishes. The chewy and dryish texture makes for a great topper for meals and can be dried at home.


A traditional Japanese dish, sushi is fish surrounded by rice, vegetables, juices, and other ingredients. Sushi comes in multiple forms and types serving multiple benefits such as protein and mineral despite the risks.


From Eastern Europe, sushki is a bread dessert resembling doughnuts with a bit more crunch. Found in Russian stores, these are often served with tea as a cookie tasting treat to eat.

Sweet Potato

As a sweet plant that resides in the ground, sweet potatoes can be cut up, sliced, and added to any dish. You can make it into fries, put it in soup, and cut it up and make it anything you’d like.

Swiss Cheese

Swiss cheeses come in varying degrees of hardness but can be cooked into a gooey and soft form.  There are varieties of swiss cheese including semi-hard, semi-soft, soft, and blue cheese with the use of cow milk.


Syrniki is an Eastern European cheese pancake fried to sweet and savory perfection. They are prepared the same way traditional pancakes are, having the freedom to add fruits and syrup to finish it off.


Szechuan is a spicy sauce due to the garlic, chili peppers, and Sichuan pepper from the Sichuan province and is said to give a tingling feeling in the mouth. Over 20 techniques can be used to prepare Szechuan like steaming and braising giving you multiple variations to one meal.

Wrap Up

These savory foods may serve as a special surprise to your taste buds. There are over 51 foods that aren’t even included but are worth giving a try.

From Sa to Sz, there has to be at least one meal on your dish wishlist that’s worth your time and money. There are a diverse array of foods here so giving a suggestion would be futile.

In order to know which dish is yours for the day or night, you’d have to see which one fits your needs and desires at the moment. I won’t use alliteration but will insist that you try at least one dish on here in the near future.

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