51 Foods That Start With O

With hundreds of thousands of foods out there, there are always plenty of new tastes to experience. So how about giving some foods that start with O a try?

And oh, my goodness are there some good ones. Whip up some omelets for breakfast, olives for a snack, onigiri for lunch, and succulent oysters for dinner. There are tons of foods starting with O, both well-known and obscure.

By the end of this list, you will find all sorts of new treats or old favorites, such as orzo, Okroshka, olive all’ascolana, and more. Here are 51 foods that start with O. Let’s get tasting!


51 Foods That Start With O

There are all kinds of foods beginning with the letter O. Many of them are probably familiar to you, but there are also many that you have likely never heard of. From all different places and origins, there is sure to be something to catch the attention of your pallet.


Olives are a small fruit that comes in a variety of tastes and flavors. There are Kalamata olives, black olives, pimiento olives, stuffed olives, and more. Olives are typically on the tart side, though there are also mild or bitter tasting ones. Most importantly, from olives comes olive oil, an extremely common ingredient and cooking tool.


A popular breakfast dish in many countries, omelets are surely well-known. A typical omelet will be made from beaten eggs that are fried to a nice golden yellow and folded around cheese and whatever other add-ons you want; veggies, bacon, ham, mushrooms, you name it, someone’s probably tried it.


Omurice is a dish that originated in Japan and is a variation of the omelet. Popularized through anime, video games, and other pop culture outlets, this rice omelet has been rising to fame for some time now. The dish is made from a thin outer layer of egg stuffed with rice and whatever other ingredients you want, then topped with ketchup.


Oysters is a term that loosely refers to any saltwater mollusk. Popularly known for being an aphrodisiac, this briny seafood also has many health benefits due to high amounts of vitamins and nutrients.


Octopus is another well-known seafood that is a part of cuisine from many countries, including Italy, France, Korea, Greece, and Japan, to name a handful. Served and prepared in a variety of ways, almost the entire creature is edible. Some even eat octopus raw and alive.


Oatmeal is a staple breakfast food and an excellent source of early morning protein. Made from hulled oats, oatmeal is quick and easy to make. It is also known for improving your digestive health and encouraging weight-loss.


Oats are a type of grain known for being extremely healthy. Typically eaten as oatmeal, oats are also used to make oat milk and in a handful of other recipes, including desserts.


Oatcakes are typically a type of flatbread made with oatmeal as the primary ingredient. Originating from Scotland, they are similar to a biscuit or a cracker, and are great for munching during any time of day.


Scientifically speaking, okra is a nutritious fruit with tons of health benefits and vitamins. In the culinary world, however, it is considered and prepared as a vegetable. There are many recipes that include okra and several ways to prepare it, with common choices being sauteed with garlic or served in a salad.


A sandwich cookie that originates from America, this popular wafer snack is a must-have. With a chocolatey outside and a creamy inside, Oreos go perfectly with a glass of milk. They even come in a variety of flavors now, including mint, peanut butter, and even birthday cake.


A popular citrus fruit, oranges are eaten everywhere. Sweet and yet also somewhat tart, they are enjoyed all by themselves, juiced, in preservatives, or used as ingredients in a variety of dishes (think orange chicken).


Onigiri (o-nigiri) is a popular and traditional Japanese dish eaten during lunch or as a snack on a long day or during travel. These rice balls are made with short-grain, sticky rice and stuffed with all sorts of ingredients, typically fish or pickled plum. They are typically shaped into a triangle, though some are more creative and made into other designs, like a panda or cat.


Onions are one of the most popular and common ingredients in dishes across the globe. Providing a boost in flavor, they are typically cooked and used in meat and vegetable dishes, on top of burgers, or added to salads raw.


Okonomiyaki is a type of Japanese pancake. Typically, the dish is made from a wheat-flour batter and cabbage, though ingredients vary significantly by region and personal preference. Popularized during WWII, the dish was intended to be made from whatever was readily available and easy to make.


Often mistaken for rice due to shape and size, orzo is actually a type of pasta. Typically eaten in broth or soups, orzo is becoming more common in pasta salads, as a side dish, or even as an ingredient in a main dish, just like rice.


As one might expect, oxtail is literally the tail of cattle. Often considered undesirable, oxtail is rich and tender if cooked properly. Typically used in stew, there are many ways to prepare and serve oxtail, including as a main course.

Onion Rings

A delectable appetizer or side, onion rings are popular in many parts of the world. Dipped in batter and deep fried, this crisp dish is known for a satisfying crunch and the sweet taste of onion.


This citrus fruit is a cross between a grapefruit and an orange. Believed to originate in Puerto Rico, the orangelo has the tartness of a citrus fruit but is slightly sweeter than the more bitter grapefruit.


Oroblanco is another hybrid citrus fruit, a cross between white grapefruit and the Chines pomelo fruit. They taste similar to grapefruit, but minus the bitterness and add some extra sweetness.


Obleas are thin, wafers that are somewhere between a dessert and a snack. Popular in Spain and parts of Latin America, these wafers have a layer of sweet caramel between them creating a sandwich-like snack that is topped with a variety of goodies.

Oxford Blue

Oxford Blue is a type of blue cheese that was first produced at Oxford Cheese Company in England. It sets itself apart from other types by being full-fate and semi-hard. As one might expect from a blue cheese, Oxford Blue is creamy and sharp.

Onion bhaji

Onion bhaji is an Indian dish similar in concept to a fritter. The dish is made by dipping onion in a spicy batter and then deep-frying them until deliciously crispy.

Onion kulcha

Another dish that uses onion as a primary ingredient and originates from India, onion kulcha is a type of onion bread similar to naan. Unlike naan, the bread is leavened with baking powder and soda, formed in an oval-like tear drop, and then cooked.


Ollie is a type of French soup consisting of various vegetables and meats. Typically a farmhouse soup, it is typically made with common or easy to access ingredients, such as bacon, sausage, and/or beans.


Oyakodan is a type of Japanese donburi, or rice bowl. The dish is made by cooking chicken, egg, onion, and sauce in a pan, then serving it over a bowl of steamed rice. Simple to make, this popular lunch dish is considered a Japanese comfort food.


Obusuma is a type of African flour porridge known by a different name in almost any region, which should attest to the popularity of the dish. The dish is similar to Western cornmeal in taste and texture.


Olan is a type of pumpkin curry dish popular in South India. Made with white pumpkin, cowpeas, and coconut milk, this dish is very different from a typical curry and is light with subtle flavor.

Osmanthus Cake

Osmanthus cake is a traditional Chinese pastry. Made with rice flour or chestnut powder, water chestnuts, and osmanthus flower, this dish is sweet in taste and smell. The aromatic flower pairs wonderfully with the fresh taste of water chestnuts.


Oshiruko (also shiruko) is a traditional Japanese sweet red bean soup. Served hot with sweet mochi rice cakes, this dish is said to warm the entire body, making it a popular choice during cold seasons.

Ou tenga maas

Ou tenga maas is an Indian dish traditional to Assamese cuisine. It is a type of fish curry made with elephant apple/yam. Light in consistency and tangy in flavor, ou tenga maas earned itself the nickname of Tangy Fish Curry.


Ogi is a Nigerian cereal pudding typically made from maize or millet. Traditionally made over a period of three days to allow the cereal to ferment, the process has been simplified over the years. The dish is quite like British custard, though a bit tangier.

Oeufs en Meurette

A traditional Burgundian dish, Oefus en Meurette is a poached egg dish. It relies heavily on a rich red wine sauce, which makes the dish bright in color and adds a tart flavor to the eggs.


Oondees (also spelled undees) is a type of Indian breakfast dish. Spherical in shape, the dish is made with semolina or rice and sweetened with sugar and/or coconut.


Ohitashi is a Japanese blanched greens dish typically served with a small amount of broth. It uses a common cooking technique where the vegetables are steeped in dashi (a type of broth) after blanching to add flavor without taking away from the natural taste. It can be done with a number of leafy greens, though spinach is the most common.


Okroshka is a type of Russian soup that stands out from the crowd by being served cold. Great for any hot day, this soup is a delicious combination of vegetables, potatoes, eggs, and meat.


Obbatu is an Indian flat bread that is sweet to the taste. Made with Jaggery and dal, it is typically eaten as a dessert on festive or special occasions. The dish can be made in several different flavors, giving a nice variety.


Ochazuke (also chazuke) is a Japanese dish known for its simplicity and light but savory flavor. Literally translating to “submerged in green tea,” this quick meal is made by pouring green tea and dashi broth over rice topped with scallions, salmon, or a number of other popular choices.


Olallieberry is a specific type of blackberry grown on a specific farm. It is made by crossing a Loganberry with a Youngberry and is mostly considered a blackberry, though has some characteristics and flavoring of a red raspberry.

Olive all’ascolana

Olive all’ascolana is a delectable stuffed olive dish originating from Italy, specifically Marche. Typically made with Ascolane olives, the stuffing is made with many ingredient variations, though common choices are veal, beef, pork, chicken, onion, carrot, and celery.


Oritang is a spicy Korean duck soup popularly eaten when sick. Recipes vary from region to region, as does the level of spiciness, but the cooking method remains the same: slowly simmered duck served with the veggies of your choosing in a warm, clear soup.

Orgu Peyniri

Orgu Peyniri is a Turkish cheese resembling mozzarella that is made by boiling curds in salted water, stretching them, and then braiding them together. Often eaten at breakfast, there are many varieties of spices used with this classic string-style cheese.

Opera Cake

A traditional French cake, opera cake is made by layering almond sponge cake that has been soaked in coffee syrup with a ganache coffee buttercream between each one. To top it off is nice chocolate glaze.


Orantique, also known simply as tangor, is a natural tangor (tangy orange). Tangors are citrus hybrids made from a cross of the tangy mandarin orange and the sweeter standard orange. Sweet, tangy, and juicy, orantique is everything you could want from a citrus fruit.


Ossobuco has become a midwestern classic, though it originated in northern Italy. It is a veal dish that is braised in white wine with vegetables, typically onions, celery, and carrots. There are many regional variations, with some even using a tomato paste.


Also known as Japanese Clear Soup or Japanese Onion Soup, Osumashi is the soup that you get served at American Hibachi restaurants. Clear in color, this soup is simple to make. Simply simmer vegetables in a meat broth, remove the veggies, and then add scallions and mushrooms as a garnish.


Commonly referred to as owo soup, Owofibo is a creamy yellow soup from Nigeria. Primarily a festive dish, or served at special occaisions such as marriage, owofibo is an oil soup made with palm oil, beef, smoked fish, cray fish, potash, and starch and/or boiled yam.


Yes, ostrich is edible, and many enjoy it. Ostrich meat is like beef in taste and texture and has similar versatility in that it can be eaten ground, as a steak, or as a sausage. Ostrich eggs are also eaten.

Oregon Grapes

Despite their name, Oregon grapes are not actually a type of grape, but a type of berry. Tart like other berries, Oregon grapes are rich in vitamins and are used to help digestive health. The root is even used to make medicines.

Oil Down

Oil Down is a traditional Caribbean dish and the national dish of Grenada. It is a stew made of cod, herring, or salted pork that has been simmered with coconut milk and spices, such as taro leaves. The name comes from the cooking process, in which the ingredients are cooked until all the coconut milk has been absorbed, giving a strong coconutty flavor.

Ovos moles de aveiro

Ovos moles de aveiro is a popular Portuguese pastry dish made primarily from egg yolks. With a paper-thin outer shell, this pastry is stuffed full of a creamy mix of yolk and sugar for a melt-in-your-mouth dessert.

Wrap Up

Now that our list is complete, I hope at least one of the entries made your mouth water and encouraged you to try something new or reach out for an old comfort food. Grab some Japanese treats, like omurice or okonomiyaki, or give some Carribbean Oil Down a shot. Regardless, there’s bound to be one O food that makes you go “Oh My Gosh!”

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