51 Foods That Start With B

Did someone say delicious food that starts with the letter B? Well if you didn’t you’re certainly thinking of some right now. Bananas, bacon, berries, and burgers probably consume your mind now.

While those are good food options, there are so many more that you can explore and enjoy. Be prepared to add some of these options to your refrigerator, because they are mouth-wateringly delicious.

From French desserts to Ukrainian soups, there are more than enough dishes to dig into. Without further ado, here are the 51 foods that begin with B.


51 Foods That Start With B

Ba Bao Fan

Ba Bao Fan or Eight Treasure Rice as it’s called in China is a rice pudding dessert served with a choice of either nuts, fruits, or seeds. Eight (a lucky number in China) of those treasures are needed for the dish making it a treat for any occasion.

Baba Ganoush

What’s Baba Ganoush? Baba Ganoush is a cooked eggplant dish made with flavorings like tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, and so on. It’s similar to hummus but baba ganoush has a smoky smell that dares you to try it.


Originating from ancient Jewish communities, babka is a cake or sweet bread made from yeast. Prepared in a pan and filled with cinnamon, fruit, cheese, or chocolate, this traditional bread can make any meal tastier.


Baccala is codfish that has been cured or persevered in salt with an intense flavor and flake-like texture. Baccala is often enjoyed during Lent and the Italian Feast of the Seven Fishes and a side of vegetables.


You can say bay-gel or bag-el but either way, this breakfast food is made from yeasted wheat dough and embellished with cream cheese or butter for eating to your heart’s desire. What’s even better is you can have seeds or salt on top with different bread varieties to liven your morning meal.


As the most stereotypical French food out there, baguettes are long and white bread with a crispy crust. With enough flour, water, yeast, and salt, you can make your baguette for any sandwich or side to your meal.


If you’re looking for a delicious pastry that fights cancer and is low in calories then look no further. Baklava is filled with many health benefits and oil, nuts, cinnamon, honey, and sugar.

Balsamic Chicken

Italian chicken. Now that I caught your attention, balsamic chicken is an Italian glaze made with the right seasonings and oils. With balsamic vinegar and oregano seasoning, this easy to make dish is hard to resist.


Balut or Balot is a fertilized duck egg that can be eaten boiled or raw and with chili, seasonings, or fruit juices. It’s popular in Asia for its protein, calorie, and calcium intake and is believed to be restorative for pregnant women.


One of the most popular berry foods, yes bananas are berries, bananas are a fruit that can be peeled and consumed in different ways. Whether you put it in a smoothie, fry it, bananas come with potassium and the ability to help with depression, vision problems, and cancer.

Banh Mi

From the streets of Saigon, Banh Mi is a French and Vietnamese sandwich that can be bought in Saigon and even the United States of America. It’s made from baguettes, sour pickled daikon, spicy cilantro, and varying choices of meats with varying names.


Depriving of the adansonia genus, the baobab is an African tree that has parts for culinary uses. The leaves, pulp, seeds, powder, and fruit themselves are filled with vitamins, minerals, weight loss supplements, and citrus flavor.


This is a bun or dumpling with meat or vegetable filling and leavened dough steamed to perfection. Biting into this juicy and soft makes it a perfect snack with varying fillings depending on which Asian country it’s prepared in.


Depriving of the Passiflora plants in the islands, barbadine is an exotic fruit with a pleasant smell and is used to make drinks.

Barbadine grows to about a foot and has juices useful for soups, punches, and stroke and prevention.


Originating from the Himalayas and Pakistan, basmati is nutty rice with a distinct smell. For these reasons and the fact the rice comes in brown and white, Basmati is a popular choice in Southeast Asia.


Not the instrument, but the bass fish is a popular fish full of protein and vitamins. Preventing cancer, weight gain, and treating diabetes, bass serves as a healthy fish even when it’s poached.


Barbeque or BBQ is a cooking method to sear, grill, and smoke meat to a hot and. If BBQ chicken or burgers aren’t your things can even get barbecue chips to taste the hot flavor.


Beans, the magical food that comes in nearly every color in the rainbow for every meal of the day. Coffee beans, lima beans, baked beans, and even peanuts can be prepared for any meal providing the right amount of protein.

Bechamel Sauce

Bechamel sauce is a creamy white sauce made with milk, flour, and butter used as the base of other sauces or by itself. Bechamel sauce can be put in macaroni, lasagna, and other sauces in any way you want.


Meat from cattle or beef is a rich source of protein in the form of steak, ribs, roasts, or ground beef. Cooked in almost every way, beef is red meat that is a rich source of vitamins, minerals, fats, and more for your dinner diets.


Short for beetroot, beets are highly nutritious vegetables that one can boil, steam, peel, and even juice. Beets keep your blood pressure stable, improve athleticism, and support brain health.


Going by many names like bilimbi or belimbing wuluh, belimbing is a fruit from Indonesia and Malaysia with an acidic and sour flavor. The leaves are useful for treating skin irritations and have also been useful for removing stains too.

Bell Pepper

Coming in every color of the rainbow (plus white) peppers are fruits (more specifically berries) to be sliced, stuffed, or diced to top any meal. They’re naturally stuffed with carbs, vitamins, and iron to prevent anemia and preserve eye health.


As a Korean rice or noodle bowl, bibimbap lying under the sauce, egg, meat, and vegetables with seasoning fermentation, or sautee. The bibimbap sauce is added to insert a sweet and addictive flavor.


Biryani is a mixed rice dish from India made with meats, spices, and vegetables. There are too many types of biryani to try with different flavorful spices and meats to make your meal pop.


As a perfect side for meals or as a snack depending on where you are or what you prefer, biscuits are there for you. Biscuits can either be soft dinner rolls or hard crackers like snacks in the UK. Either way, you can’t not try it.

Black-Eyed Pea/Beans

Black-eyed peas (or beans) are beans originating from Africa serving as a side or with other dishes. Spreading around the world, foods complementing black-eyed peas include tomatoes, pork, rice, tuna, or salads.

Black Licorice

The counterpart of red licorice, black licorice that often gets a bad rap for being bitter flavor but has positive effects. It can help with sore throats, digestion, and asthma which makes this treat sweet in its own way.

Black Sapote

Native to Central America and Colombia, black sapote is a ripe fruit that tastes like chocolate pudding. It can blend to make ice cream, sorbet or can be used as a spread for a healthy vitamins C rich chocolate replacement.


Blinis are Russian and Ukrainian mini pancakes and are quick and easy to make. You can put fish, creme fraiche, fruit, honey, or chicken if you want to make this appetizer more fun.


As another pancake-like dish, blintz is are cigar-shaped treats full of cheese or fruit like crepes. Blintzes are cuisines made for Hanukkah as a special side piece for a speaker occasion.

Blue Crab

Chesapeake blue crabs are tender and sweet crabs that are harvested often for culinary uses. Even its scientific name Callinectes sapidus means “savory delicious swimmer” making it scientifically delicious.

Blue Eye Trevalla/Cod

Blue eye trevalla/cod is a ubiquitous fish in Australian waters with a moist and delicate flavor. The delicate white flesh is filled with omega-3 supplements and can handle any kind of preparation.


Coming in the shape of mozzarella cheese balls bocconcini is an Italian delicacy from cow or buffalo milk. With a sweet and buttery taste, it compliments any meal it goes on top of making it the perfect Italian cheese.

Bok Choy

A type of Chinese cabbage, Bok Choy that can be eaten raw or cooked. This vegetable is a rich source of vitamin K and can be served with meats or tofu for a complete meal.


Bologna is a sausage from the Italian city of Bologna and can be made with seasonings. Bologna comes in many varieties from chicken, beef, and even vegetarian forms for your eating pleasure.


Borscht is a soup that is popular in Ukraine with a red coloring from beetroots. Different stocks and meats can blend with the soup and sour cream, herbs, or mustard as a garnish.


A popular German sausage, bratwurst comes from pork or veal and sprinkle with seeds, ginger, or nutmeg. This sausage can be a side, the main dish, or put into any meal you want with high carbs.


Pretty self-explanatory, breadsticks are sticks of bread as sides or appetizers to complete your meal. This fluffy and airy piece is often warm and can have any seasonings to add more flavors.


Brie is a cheese named after a region in France with a ripe and soft texture and can have fruits or nuts as toppings. The French serve this before dessert and during gatherings for a fabulous treat.


Brioche, the French bread which accompanies chocolate or fruits at times.

Brioche not only has high amounts of egg and butter but also contains an airy texture and a rich flavor for enjoyment.


Cut from the meat of beef or veal, brisket is a baked, boiled, or roasted accompanying spice rubs or marinade. Popular around the world, brisket can be made with vegetables or noodles with varying regional recipes.


Broccoli is a stalk-like green vegetable that is beloved by health-heads who want to be healthy and hated by children who dread vegetables. Love it or hate it, broccoli is a powerhouse of vitamin promoting heart, dental, bone, skin, and fetal health.


If you love soft chocolate, then you’ll love brownies and you’ll love them even more with chocolate chips or cream inside. Despite being full of calories, it is a popular dessert choice due to how full of fudgy goodness has.


Did someone say Italian garlic bread? Well, this list did and bruschetta uses a  brustolina grill with garnishes including tomatoes, garlic, and cheese. It can be an appetizer, a snack, or the next thing on your grocery list.

Brussels Sprouts

All the way from Belgium, brussel sprouts are a vegetable coming from the same family from broccoli, cabbage, and collard greens. High in nutrients and fiber, brussel sprouts can roast for the enhancement of flavor.


As a nutritious grain, buckwheat is not a wheat, but a plant cultivated for its seeds and its grain. Bucks can then be made into many dishes like noodles, groats, and even dog food.

Buddha’s Hand

The strange structure of this fruit from South Asia, Buddha’s hand with no pulp or juice but an intense smell. In fact, it is put in fragrances because of the smell along with alcohol, candy, or salads.

Buffalo Wings

Not actually buffalo, but buffalo wings are an All-American from Buffalo New York with enough hot sauce to compliment any gluttonous meal. Buffalo wings go well with blue cheese, ranch, and pizza or you can always opt to get buffalo sauce. Try buffalo sauce with pizza and thank me later.


Wrapping up in a flour tortilla, burritos are Mexican wraps full of ingredients like cheese, meat, rice tomatoes, sauce, and more. Usually coming hot or warm, burritos also come in bowls and breakfast form that can also contain anything you want.


Saving the smoothest for last, butter is made from milk and cream spread across the bread and put in baked goods. It might also be satisfying to hear that butter isn’t as unhealthy as one might think as it can reduce inflammation and can treat Crohn’s disease.

Wrap Up

Now that you’ve gone through the list which has probably expanded your vocabulary by now. Out of the 51 foods listed, there has to be at least one option to give a try.

From the foods you know and possibly enjoy like breadsticks and burritos to unique dishes like ba bao fan to blini, there’s much to explore beyond this list. There are many more dishes starting with the letter B to try, 51 barely does it justice.

One would truly miss out if they don’t give one of these dishes a bit of consideration. The only thing you have to lose is your comfort zone so why not give one of these foods a bite.

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