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elevation burger

Elevation Burger are an organic fast casual chain that is setting new standards in their industry. Their name represents what they are achieving with regards to the accepted standard of the traditional burger; they’re elevating it. Elevation Burger is fully focused on providing tasty, wholesome, sustainably-farmed food.

The brand use only organic, grass-fed beef, which is not only a more flavorsome, but also a healthier, alternative to lower quality, factory farmed beef. The company also apply their sustainable philosophy to all other aspects of their business, ensuring your fast food comes guilt free. The company are dedicated to creating an elevated experience all round, their slogan is “Above and Beyond Good” and this is something they consistently provide.



BBQ Burger$9.85
BBQ Chicken Melt$9.50
Chicken Sandwich$7.00
Double Veggie Burger #1$8.00
Double Veggie Burger #2$8.00
Elevation Burger$6.60
Grilled Cheese$3.50
Grilled Chicken Tenderloins$6.00
Half The Guilt Burger #1$7.20
Half The Guilt Burger #2$7.20
Kids Burger$4.20
Mixed Veggie Burger$8.00
Mushroom Swiss Burger$8.90
Sriracha Mayo Chicken Sandwich$7.75
The Original$8.10
Veggie Burger #1$4.80
Veggie Burger #2$4.80
Vertigo Burger$11.60


Fancy Fries$5.00
Fiery Fries$5.00
Fresh Fries$3.25

Ingredient - A la Carte

Meat Patty$2.40
Veggie #1 or #2 Patty$3.50
Bun or Wheat Bun$0.50
Texas Toast$0.50
Cheddar or Swiss CheeseSlice$0.75


Caesar Salad - Entree$6.50
Elevation Salad$6.50
Side Salad$3.25
Blue Cheese, Caesar, Country French, Ranch, Raspberry Vinaigrette or Spicy Balsamic Dressing$0.60


Fountain DrinkRegular$2.50
Fountain DrinkLarge$3.00
Honest Kids$2.00
Honest Tea$2.75
Main Root$2.75
Nantucket Nectar$2.75
Saratoga Natural$2.50
Saratoga Sparkling$2.50

Shakes & Malts

Ice Cream Scoop1 Scoop$2.75
Ice Cream Scoop2 Scoops$5.50
Root Beer Float1 Scoop$2.75
Root Beer Float2 Scoops$5.50
Shake or Seasonal Shake$5.30


This chain was founded by Hans Hess with the first location being opened in Falls Church, Virginia, in 2005. The concept behind the chain was a particularly unique one. They wanted sustainability to be the focus of their brand. From the way their locations are constructed and managed to the way their food is grown and prepared, sustainability is key.

Their signature patties are made from only grass-fed, organic, free-range, USDA certified beef, they were named the “First Organic Burger Joint” by Saveur Magazine. This means that their beef contains fewer calories, higher levels of Omega 3s as well as tastes substantially better than conventionally farmed beef.

Elevation Burger also try to use mainly sustainable processes and materials in their locations. They are kitted out with energy efficient equipment and make use of renewable materials such as bamboo. They generally try to obtain LEED certification, this Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification is not regularly sought by fast-casual chains due to the high regulations companies are required to meet to obtain it.

After the success of the first location, Hess began franchising in 2008 and proceeded to open franchises across the US. The company now boast an impressive 50 stores in various locations across the globe including: Mexico, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. They produce and maintain the same high standards and delicious products at every single one of their locations. 


Elevation Burger’s locations are all themed with the same crisp, clean, rustic look.  They are decorated with an array of blue shaded tiles, bamboo flooring, clean colors and wood paneling. It has a distinctly modern feel. The impeccably dressed staff are professional, efficient and friendly, they will make your visit a pleasure from start to finish.

The menu at Elevation Burger is a mixture of traditional fast food and organic goodness: burgers, sandwiches, shakes, malts, fries, salads and drinks. When it comes to their signature item you can have it in a variety of ways such as: Elevation, Kid’s, Vertigo or Half the Guilt, each and every one is a tender, juicy delight. If you decide on the Vertigo you can choose to have any number of patties, from 3 to 10, a pure beef feast.

They also have a range of chicken sandwiches for the non-beef lover. Plus, they have vegan and vegetarian options which are cooked completely separately from the meat options ensuring no cross-contamination. Their fries are infamous, they’re cooked in Bertolli olive oil in a process that was patented by the founder, they are crisp on the outside and yet still soft on the inside.

Their shakes and malts are a fantastic accompaniment, made with hand scooped ice cream and with flavors such as: banana, strawberry, mango, cheesecake, black cherry and chocolate syrup. Their prices are average for this kind of establishment with prices for a burger ranging from $4 to $12 depending on the size and flavor. Stop by your nearest Elevation Burger for an experience that is so absolutely elevated, you won’t want a burger from anywhere else ever again.


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