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This drive thru coffee chain is a rare gem in the coffee industry. The founders are people focused and ensure that all their franchises remain true to this core belief. Their coffee is an enchanting blend of three specially selected beans, chosen to increase their customers’ enjoyment.

Dutch Bros’ amazing selection of specialty coffee drinks are absolutely delicious. Their stands and kiosks are designed for pure convenience, just drive up order your drinks, they’re freshly prepared in a flash and away you go. Although, you don’t need a car to come here, they also accept pedestrians. So, whether you’re walking, driving or cycling, stop by your next Dutch Bros for an unforgettable experience.


Dutch Classics

Hot or Iced
White Chocolate MochaSmall$3.00
White Chocolate MochaMedium$3.50
White Chocolate MochaLarge$4.50
Chai TeaSmall$3.00
Chai TeaMedium$3.50
Chai TeaLarge$4.50
Double TortureSmall$3.00
Double TortureMedium$3.50
Double TortureLarge$4.50
Extra Shot$0.50


Smoothie Flavors: Wildberry, Peach, Blueberry Pomegranate, Green Apple, Mango, and Strawberry
Dutch Freeze16 oz.$3.50
Dutch Freeze24 oz.$4.50
Dutch Freeze32 oz.$6.50
Dutch Frost16 oz.$3.50
Dutch Frost24 oz.$4.50
Dutch Frost32 oz.$6.50

Blue Rebel Energy Drink

Iced or Blended
Blue Rebel16 oz.$3.50
Blue Rebel24 oz.$4.50
Blue Rebel32 oz.$6.50

Infused Teas & Sodas

Dutch TeaSmall$1.75
Dutch TeaMedium$2.25
Dutch TeaLarge$3.00
Dutch SodaSmall$1.75
Dutch SodaMedium$2.25
Dutch SodaLarge$3.00

Private Reserve

Dutch CocoaSmall$2.00
Dutch CocoaMedium$2.50
Dutch CocoaLarge$3.00
Dutch Bros Cups (Single Serve)12 Pc.$10.00

Jr. Mafia

Mini Frost$2.25
Mini Smoothie$2.25


Muffin Tops$2.00
Granola Bars$2.00

Alternative Options

Add Almond, Soy or Coconut Milk$0.50


The chain started as an idea between Dane and Travis Boersma. The brothers were dairy farmers and decided to buy an espresso machine and a hundred pounds of coffee. They then experimented with different mixtures of coffee in an attempt to create the perfect blend. Once they thought they’d got it, they spent the next month giving out free samples to friends and family to gauge their opinions.

After their gracious family and friends’ assistance in taste testing, the duo opened their first location. It was 1992 and their pushcart stand was set up in downtown Grants Pass, Oregon. The brothers’ coffee was a huge hit and after the first stand was open, more stands and kiosks quickly began to appear all over the city.

Dutch Bros ‘ signature blend is a three bean roast that is made from the finest beans from El Salvador, Brazil and Columbia. From the field to the cup, every bean is treated with the utmost care, they’re hand-roasted, hand-blended and hand-ground. The chain believes that the secret to a good cup of coffee is quality beans, care and love; from start to finish.

Dutch Bros’ main focus is spreading good vibes; they place this before everything. From the farmers in the field, to the coffee-roasters, to the employees in their stores and finally to the customer, they want everyone involved to be happy. They were ranked the highest in customer satisfaction in 2012 and with over 200 stores across the US, they’re keeping people smiling all day. 


The company are almost exclusively drive-thrus, kiosks and stands although some locations do have some indoor seating are.  You will be able to spot them a mile off with their distinctive white windmill and electric blue décor. Although the queues can sometimes become quite long, the staff are extremely efficient and ensure the queue moves as quickly as possible.

Their signature beverage comes in a colossal variety of ways and each in a fantastic range of flavors. They have the options for hot or iced, with flavors such as: Annihilator, Caramelizer, Cocomo and White Chocolate Mocha.  They also have a choice of: blended ice drinks, fruit smoothies, infused teas and sodas and a few snacks.

When you arrive you’ll be greeted by a happy, polite member of staff who’ll take your order with a skip and a smile. Once you’ve received some of the friendliest customer service around, you’ll then receive your order and whatever it is, it’s sure to be outstanding. Try their 911, either iced or hot, it’s a concoction made with 6 espresso shots of their own blend, and an intense flavoring of Irish Cream, a sugar-kick and a coffee-kick all in one.

Their prices are reasonable and their drinks come in a range of sizes, for a small you’ll be paying around $3, a medium is around $3.50 and a large is around $4. Whether you’re in need of a quality drink or you just need cheering up, head to Dutch Bros, their coffee and their customer service are bound to put a smile on your face.


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