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burger 21

Burger 21 is a fast casual chain of restaurants that creates and sells upscale burgers. This is one of the most iconic items on the American menu and is currently under an image revamp. Burger 21’s slogan is “beyond the better burger” and this is exactly what they provide.

Their entire menu range is made from high quality, fresh ingredients; with only certified Angus beef used in the products.  Within their menu you’ll find something to suit everyone; from the youngest to the oldest member of the family. Whether you’re in the mood for something spicy, or something rich, or even if you’d just like something somewhat healthy, they have a dish to suit you.


Beef Burgers

Burger 101$5.99
Cheesy Burger$6.49
The Bacon Cheesy$6.99
The Shroom$7.29
Black and Bleu$7.99
BBQ Bacon Burger 54$7.99
The Philly Cheese$7.49
Cinco Burger$7.29
The OMG!$10.99
Tex Mex Haystack$7.99

Chicken Tenders

Chicken Tender Basket$6.49
Chicken Tender Sandwich$5.29
BuffaloChickenTend Basket$7.29

Slider 3 Pack

The Cheesy3 Pc.$7.49
Bacon Cheesy3 Pc.$7.99
Black and Bleu3 Pc.$8.49

Kids Menu

Kids Chicken Tenders2 Pc.$5.49
Kiddie Sundae$1.99
Kids Fountain Beverage$1.29
Kids Milk$1.29
Kids Chocolate Milk$1.29
Kids Apple Juice$1.29
Kids Burger$5.49
Kids Cheesy Burger$5.49
Kids Turkey Burger$5.49
Kids Grilled Cheese2 Pc.$5.49
Kids Hot Dog$5.49
Kids Salad$5.49
Kids Vanilla Shake$2.59
Kids Chocolate Shake$2.59
Kids Strawberry Shake$2.59
Kids Grilled Tenders$5.49

Gourmet Dogs

101 Dog$4.49
Chili Cheese Dog$5.29
Great Dane$5.29

Non Beef Burgers

Monterey Chicken$7.49
Mediterranean Chicken$6.99
Spicy Thai Shrimp 45$8.49
The Ahi Tuna$10.49
Black Bean Burger$7.49
The Greek$6.99
Chicken Parmesan$6.99
Buffalo Chicken$6.99
The Skinny$6.49
The Cobb$6.99

Fries Etc.

French FriesRegular$2.59
French FriesLarge$2.99
French Fries Basket1 lb.$5.49
Sweet Potato FriesRegular$3.29
Sweet Potato FriesLarge$3.79
Sweet Potato Fries Basket1 lb.$6.49
Half And Half Basket1 lb.$6.49
Cheese Ale Fries Basket1 lb.$6.79
Cheese Ale Side$1.69
Turkey Chili Cup$3.49
Turkey Chili Bowl$4.99

Fresh Salads

The Chopped Cobb$7.99
Sonoma Valley Salad$6.49
House Side Salad$2.99
Super Burger Bowl 2 Tenders$8.49
Black And Bleu Chopped$7.99
Super Burger Bowl Beef$8.49
Super Burger Bowl Chicken$8.49
Super Burger Bowl Black Bean$8.49
Super Burger Bowl Cinco$8.49
Super Burger Bowl Shrimp$10.49
Super Burger Bowl Tuna$11.49
Super Burger Bowl Turkey$8.99
Super Burger Bowl Veggie$8.99
Super Burger Bowl Cheesy SU$9.09
Super Burger Bowl BnB SU$10.59
Super Burger Bowl TexMex SU$10.59
Super Burger Bowl Cinco SU$10.59
Super Burger Bowl Spicy Thai Shrimp SU$11.59
Super Burger Bowl Greek SU$9.49
Super Burger Bowl Bacon Cheesy SU$9.49
Super Burger Bowl BBQ Bacon SU$10.59
Super Burger Bowl OMG SU$13.59
Super Burger Bowl Ahi Tuna SU$13.19
Super Burger Bowl Chicken Parmisan SU$9.49
Super Burger Bowl Shroom SU$10.43
Super Burger Bowl Philly SU$10.09
Super Burger Bowl Black Bean Burger SU$10.59
Super Burger Bowl Buffalo Chicken SU$9.49
Super Burger Bowl Cobb SU$9.59
Super Burger Bowl Chicken Tender Sandwich SU$8.49
Super Burger Bowl Monterey Chicken SU$10.09
Super Burger Bowl Mediterranean SU$9.49
Super Burger Bowl Skinny SU$8.49

Shakes and Floats

Vanilla Bean MilkshakeSmall$3.49
Strawberry MilkshakeSmall$3.49
Chocolate MilkshakeSmall$3.49
Strawberry Short CakeSmall$4.49
Bananas FosterSmall$4.49
Chocolate Peanut ButterSmall$4.49
Chocolate Malted Milk BallSmall$4.49
Key Lime Pie MilkshakeSmall$4.49
Ybor Cty Double EspressoSmall$4.49
Cookies And CreamSmall$4.49
Creme BruleeSmall$4.49
Cookies And CreamRegular$4.99
Ybor Cty Double EspressoRegular$4.99
Key Lime Pie MilkshakeRegular$4.99
Chocolate Malted Milk BallRegular$4.99
Chocolate MilkshakeRegular$3.99
Chocolate Peanut ButterRegular$4.99
Bananas FosterRegular$4.99
Strawberry Short CakeRegular$4.99
Strawberry MilkshakeRegular$3.99
Vanilla Bean MilkshakeRegular$3.99
Creme BruleeRegular$4.99
Coca Cola Float$4.29
Cherry Float$4.29
Cream Soda Float$4.29
Orange Float$4.29
Root Beer Float$4.29


Chocolate Chunk Cookie$1.29
Double Chocolate Chip Cookie$1.29
Peanut Butter Cookie$1.29
Kiddie Sundae$1.99
Your Cookie Sundae$4.49


Fountain Drink$2.29
Bottled Water$1.99
Bottled Coca Cola$2.59
Bottled Cream Soda$2.59
Bottled Root Beer$2.59
LavAzza Coffee Regular$1.79
LavAzza Coffee Decaf$1.79
LavAzza Espresso$1.79
Bottled Cherry Soda$2.59
Bottled Orange Soda$2.59
Sparkling Water$1.99
Milk20 oz.$2.99

Party Platters

101 Sliders12 Pc.$22.95
Cheesy Sliders12 Pc.$22.95
Bacon Cheesy Sliders12 Pc.$27.95
Black and Bleu Sliders12 Pc.$27.95
Tenders Platter25 Pc.$29.95
Tenders Platter50 Pc.$56.95
Sonoma ValleyRegular$11.95
Sonoma ValleyLarge$22.95
Lemon Tea2 Liter$2.99
Assorted Cookies12 Pc.$11.95
Assorted Cookies24 Pc.$23.95
Rocky Road Cookies12 Pc.$11.95
Rocky Road Cookies24 Pc.$23.95
White Chocolate Cookies12 Pc.$11.95
White Chocolate Cookies24 Pc.$23.95
Chocolate Chip Cookies12 Pc.$11.95
Chocolate Chip Cookies24 Pc.$23.95


This chain was started back in 2010, and was the concept of the owners of The Melting Pot Restaurants Inc. Mark Johnston, who was an original founder of The Melting Pot, is co-founder, president and chief concept officer of Burger 21. The founders noticed a gap in the market for an upmarket burger chain and thus the idea for this company was born.

The concept behind the chain is simple: great ingredients, a simple menu, well-cooked products and warm, welcoming staff. Every item is made with only top quality ingredients from start to finish. Whilst the menu mainly encompasses burgers, they do have some other options, although due to their high focus on this they have absolutely perfected this item. They also offer a gluten free range as they always have their customers’ dietary needs in mind.

This chain has just started their sixth year of trading and after starting with an initial four units, they’ve grown. They opened their 21st store in January 2016 and now have locations across 8 states. They also have plans for another 20 restaurants in the not too distant future.

Something else that has made this chain particularly popular, particularly with the millennials and the younger generations, is their high presence on social media. Whether it be Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, the company are frequently running giveaways and competitions to pique customers’ interests. When you head down to any store, check out their social media pages before you go, you never know what you might win and who doesn’t love a free meal. 


The Burger 21 brand is a modern, convenient option for those who like to avoid typical fast-food establishments. The locations are decorated in similar styles with lots of shining stainless steel, clean, modern furnishings and a bold white and red décor. With this company you can eat in or take-away, and if you eat-in there are plenty of places to sit: tables and chairs, booths, breakfast bars, and some locations have outdoor seating.

When you arrive you’ll be welcomed in by smiling, professional staff and you’ll need to place your order at the counter. Once you’ve placed your order, take a seat, then when your order is ready, a staff member or ‘mover’, as the company likes them to be known, will bring your order over to you and ask whether you’d like any drink refills. You can finish off with a stop at their modern version of a soda fountain, they have a huge selection of hand-crafted shakes, sundaes and smoothies.

The menu encompasses a lot of options: 21 varieties of burgers, 10 beef and 10 non-beef, hot dogs, chicken items and salads. If you don’t want beef, your other options are: chicken, turkey, vegetarian, shrimp and tuna, plenty to choose from. The 21st variety is something special. On the 21st of every month the company features a monthly burger and hand-crafted shake that will only be available for one month. February’s delight is the Spicy Cow Burger: 100% Angus beef burger, on top of tomato, arugula, and jalapeño slices, add on some Pepperjack cheese, friend jalapeños and hot sauce and it’s definitely a winner. Although if you don’t feel like being this adventurous, then their cheesy bacon is another extremely popular choice.

This brand is reinventing the way the nation looks at the burger. Their chef-inspired range of products are all nutritious, tasty and full of flavor. Look out for your nearest Burger 21 today, with locations all over the nation it won’t be long until you spot one, and pop in to try one of their upscale burgers, you will never look at a burger in the same way again.


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