19 Desserts That Start With N

There are a lot of delicious desserts out there, and it can be hard to choose just one. But we’ve got good news: We put together this list of sweet treats that start with the letter N!

From Nutella to napoleons, We’ve got something for everyone. So, what are you waiting for? Start browsing this list of desserts that start with N and find the perfect treat!”


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These tiny chocolate chips are a traditional candy for the Christmas season. They are commonly associated with French candy, but clever Americans have been making them for years.Made from hard nonpareils, these pieces of chocolate make homemade fudge look really good! They can be used in any recipe where chocolate chips are called for. There are many variations being created; you can try these flavors to create your own favorite recipe.


Nougat is a flavored, sugar-based candy popular around the holiday season. It can be made with pistachios or almonds and has a firm but chewy consistency. Nougat is often used in candy bars or as a filling for other delectable treats.These are my favorite kinds of treats. I’ve always loved sugar-based candies, and nougat is a delicious type of candy. It is a ready at hand dessert when you need a sweet fix.

Nanaimo bar

The Nanaimo bar is a traditional Canadian dessert or snack, which is also popular in the United States. It’s a chocolate base topped with a layer of vanilla custard and then covered in a layer of chocolate.This dense, sweet treat originated in Nanaimo, British Columbia, and started as an occasional homemade snack in the years following WWII. The recipe has now been altered and “improved” many times by various people over the years, making it quite popular!

Nocciolini di Canzo

Nocciolini di Canzo are sweet cookies from Italy. They’re soft and chewy, and filled with chocolate. A good Italian cookie is hard to find, but these cookies makes a delicious treat!They are kids favorite. They are simple to make, and if you have a sweet tooth, you’ll find yourself looking for reasons to eat them.

Neenish tart

The Neenish tart is a Scottish dessert with a filling of cream and fruit. It is similar to the more famous Black Bun, but with a few important exceptions. They are traditionally made in two parts. The bottom half of the tart contains rolled oats and spices, while the top half is covered in a layer of jam and then cream or custard.It’s good for breakfast, lunch or dinner (yes even breakfast). This dessert gets rave reviews from those who have tried it.

Norman Tart

The Norman Tart is a short crust pastry based dessert, which contains apple and resemble much to apple tart. It is filled with apple, apple jam and freshly chopped almonds.The Norman tart is a delicious selection for desserts. It is easy to make and can be used as snack or part of the main meal. It is traditionally served at a luncheon in the afternoon or evening. It is sometimes served with ice cream,


Nonnevot is a unique pastry originating from Limburg . It is a fried dough, filled with a mixture of ground almonds, sugar and eggs. The dough for the Nonnevot is first kneaded, rolled, and folded into the right shape with love and care. It is then rolled up and sliced glass, preferably with a knife. The slices are then filled and fried in sauage or oil, so that the dough will become crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.The Nonnevot is a very special dessert. In fact it is considered as one of the most beautiful sweet pastries in the whole world. They have a crispy outer layer that is crunchy, but soft on the inside.


Noghl are sugar coated almonds from Italy. They are hard, crunchy, and very sweet.There’s no reason to go all the way to Italy for these tasty treats. You can get Noghl in most grocery stores and online as well! They are very good and quite addicting, but then I’m prone to addiction. I like almost anything that is sweet or crunchy!

Nesselrode Pudding

Nesselrode Pudding is a real treat!It’s a classic dessert from Germany. It’s very rich, but it is delicious and it could be considered on of the most desirable treats for German holidays. It is made out of a sweet and creamy vanilla pudding, with roasted hazelnuts.The Nesselrode Pudding is a delicacy. It consists of vanilla custard, caramelized sugar and roasted hazelnuts, which are blended together to create the dessert.

Napoleon Cake

This rich cake made with thin flappy puff pastries is a super delight. The pastry is first layered with whipped cream and then followed by a thin layer of crème pâtissière or pastry cream. The layers are then garnished with sliced almonds and topped with chocolate shavings or curls.This cake is ideal for celebrations and special occasions. It looks stunning, well presented on a cake stand; the flaky golden layers rising over each other.

Nectarine-Blueberry Cake

This is a perfect cake for late summer. It’s super rich, but it is light, moist and full of fruity-flavor. The cake contains fresh nectarines and blueberries. This is a moist and delicious cake that’s easy to make!It’s a good choice if you want something warm and sweet when the days get shorter and colder.


Naankhatai is a traditional Asian cookies, which is made with a mixture of wheat flour, sugar, cardamom and saffron. It is traditionally made during festivals and special occasions. The cookies are filled with either chopped apricots or nuts.Naankhatai is a sweet treat. You can make Naankhatai at home and use it as a sweet snack during the week or as a dessert on holidays.

Nun’s puffs

These are dessert pastries from Mexico. They are made from corn flour and filled with sweetened cheese. Nun’s Puffs are popular across the whole of Mexico, and are often associated with the state of Guanajuato.Although it is a sweet dish the flavor is quite strong, but not unpleasant. There are many ways to serve them, either as dessert or as an accompaniment for coffee or any drink. You can make them at home without much effort once you get hold of the recipe .

Neapolitan Ice Cream

This is a very rich confection of ice cream, chocolate and corn-flour that’s been coated in cocoa and rolled in crushed nuts. It’s been a long-standing fad for the Italian-Americans.This is one of the best dessert that you can have. You can have it at any occasion or even as a snack during coffee breaks. I think it is really delicious.

New-York Cheesecake

This is one of the best cheesecakes ever, and it’s been a favorite amongst millions of people over the years. It has a creamy consistency and rich flavour that is not found in any other desserts.This unique flavour makes it incredibly appetizing! To be honest, I really like New York Cheesecake and there is nothing better than to have some on top of a cup of coffee.

Nut Bread

This is a delicious bread made out of nuts, sugar, butter and a number of other ingredients. This dessert was very popular in medieval Europe. The nut bread was served at weddings and feasts as a sign of wealth, love and prosperity. This bread is one of my favorite sweet treats. I suggest you bake it as soon as you can.


Nougatine is a famous French candy, which is made from almonds. It’s a very luxurious sweet that was greatly popular during the 16th and 17th centuries in Paris. The candy sold very well, as it was a status symbol for the people of that era.This special dessert has a lot of almond pieces in it and it leaves a rich sweet taste in your mouth when you try it. The candy is usually made in shapes such as squares, bars or fingers.Its a perfect sweet treat to try!

Nectarnie Upside-Down Cake

This is a recipe for a cake that’s made from egg whites and sugar, which is then baked upside down. The cake has been called “Nectarnie” after the Greek poetess Néka, who wrote about her love of this dessert in one of her poems.The upside-down cake is very rich and soft. It can be either served as a dessert or as an appetizer before the main course. You can be sure that you will definitely enjoy it if you are a sweet tooth!


Natillas is a sweet Spanish dessert. It’s a traditional recipe that’s been around for many years. The dessert is made of cooked cream, eggs and sugar and is served cold. Natilla will be the perfect ending to any meal!Natilla is usually served with a sprinkling of cinnamon powder and it could also be served with some fresh fruit or nuts on top of it.

This was our comprehensive list for Desserts That Start With N. Have you tried any from this list? Let me know in the comments section.

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