CAVA Menu Prices

Food that fills and fulfills is what this restaurant offers. The menu is mostly Mediterranean and Greek flavors savored in a modern casual dining setup.

People who savor their food as much as they savor life will find satisfaction at Cava’s. This is also for those who want food from farms with environmentally-sustainable practices.

Salad Mezze
Greek Village SaladTomato, cucumber, onion, capers, dodonis feta tossed in olive oil$7.95
Rocket SaladBaby arugula with feta shaved kefalograviera cheese, lemon vinaigrette$8.95
White Bean SaladTender cannelloni beans marinated with olive oil, garlic, basil and lemon splash$5.95
AvgolemonoEgg lemon soup with orzo and pulled chicken$5.95
Chicken SouvlakiGrilled skewers of marinated chicken breast with fresh oregano, olive oil & lemon juice & wrapped in pita with tomatoes and onions served with fries$8.95
Sausage PitaVillage sausage made at cava, cooked over charcoal and wrapped in pita served with fries$8.95
Pork SouvlakiGrilled skewers of marinated pork with fresh oregano, olive oil & lemon juice & wrapped in pita with tomatoes and onions served with fries$8.95
Dips Mezze
Cucumber & Yogurt Dip or TzatzikiImported yogurt with cucumber, garlic and olive oil$5.95
Crazy FetaJalapeno infused feta mousse$5.95
Eggplant & Red Pepper DipRoasted eggplant, roasted red peppers, garlic, herbs & olive oil$5.95
TaramosalataA puree of salmon roe, olive oil, garlic and lemon juice$5.95
HummusPuree of chickpeas with tahini, olive oil and lemon juice$5.95
DipsHummus, tarama, eggplant dip, tzatziki$18.00
Dips And Grape LeavesHummus, grape leaves, tzatziki, eggplant dip$20.00
Cold ComboCombination of dips with feta, grape leaves and village salad$30.00
Cheese Mezze
Feta & HoneyImported feta drizzled with clover honey and fresh mint$6.95
Feta & OlivesGreek feta with olive oil served with greek olives$6.95
HaloumiImported cypriot cheese served hot$5.95
SaganakiPan fried kefalograviera cheese flambeed with 151$7.95
Cheese Inspired Mezze
Cheese Pie Or TiropitaFeta, goat cheese and herbs wrapped and baked in phyllo dough$5.95
OrzoCheese infused orzo served in a cinnamon tomato sauce$6.95
Greek FriesHand cut, crisped in olive oil, tossed with 3 greek cheeses$5.95
Baked Feta And TomatoFeta, red onions, roma tomatoes and baked in a casserole$6.95
Cava FrittataTraditional greek omelet with potatoes, feta, basil and tomatoes$8.95
Tomato Feta StackVine ripe tomatoes, imported feta, basil and honey balsamic vinegar$10.95
Greek BologneseFetuccini, stewed veal and baked with a trio greek cheeses & cinnamon$9.95
Vegetable Mezze
SpanakopitaFresh spinach, onion and feta wrapped and baked in phyllo dough$5.95
Zucchini FrittersShredded zucchini, feta, herbs crisped in olive oil over tzatziki$5.95
Grape Leaves or DolmadesStuffed grape leaves with rice and herbs.$4.95
Zucchini and SquashSautéed spring vegetables with red onions and garlic$6.95
White Bean RagoutTender cannelloni beans sauteed with tomatoes, onions, basil$6.95
Grilled Mezze
Pork or Chicken Souvlaki2 Grilled skewers of marinated pork or chicken breast with fresh oregano$7.95
Spicy Greek SausageVillage sausage made at cava, cooked over charcoal$5.95
Grilled MeatballsSeasoned ground beef with dill, lemon, garlic, oregano and grilled over charcoal$5.95
Mini Souvlaki SandwichServed at dinner only, large sandwiches during lunch, 3 baby pitas stuffed with grilled pork, tomatoes, onions$6.95
Baby Lamb ChopsGrilled baby lamb chops with lemon and oregano with olive oil crisped fries$13.95
Lollipop Filet & Shrimp9 oz. Filet center cut served in 3 pieces topped with baked shrimp lollipop style$22.95
Meats Mezze
Braised MeatballsBeef meatballs topped with a red wine tomato stew$5.95
Kastoria Style BeefBraised tender beef, baked with feta and kefalograviera$8.95
braised Beef or KokinistoTender braised beef in tomato, herbs & cinnamon over greek fries$7.95
Stewed Lamb or Lamb KapamaStewed lamb shoulder in a tomato, cinnamon sauce with orzo$8.95
Pork FricasseMedallions of tender pork, greek pancetta, rosemary, in a light mushroom sauce$12.95
Cava CarpaccioTender slices of seared filet mignon, served cold and topped with a white bean salad$9.95
Seafood Mezze
Grilled Whole FishFresh daily whole fish grilled to perfection
Grilled OctopusTender baby octopus marinated and grilled to perfection$8.95
Fried KalamariOlive oil crisped kalamari served with lemon wedges$6.95
Baked ShrimpGiant shrimp with tomatoes, herbs, garlic and feta baked in a casserole$10.65
Shrimp SouvlakiJumbo shrimp skewered and grilled$9.95
Opa Opa ShrimpSauteed jumbo shrimp with fresh dill, cream, tomatoes and ouzo for the opa opa$9.95
Cava Crab Cakes3 Jumbo lump crab cakes$10.95
Stuffed ShrimpShrimp stuffed with jumbo lump crab meat and baked$12.95
Scallops RisottoPan seared giant scallops with saffron risotto$14.95
Mussels RisottoMussels cooked in a saffron risotto with mushrooms$7.95
Mussels KolonakiPlump prince edward island mussels with saffron caper butter sauce$7.95
Mini Shrimp SouvlakiFresh shrimp marinated & grilled in baby pitas, with tzatziki, onions and tomatoes$10.95
Mezze Platters
Grilled Meats PlatterLamb chops, spicy sausage, pork souvlaki, chicken souvlaki and grilled meatballs all on one platter$40.00
Mediterranean Seafood MezzeCrab cakes, mussels kolonaki, shrimp kebab, kalamari, stuff shrimp all served seperately$42.00


This chain was founded by 3 friends, Ted Xenohristos, Ike Grigoropoulos, and Dimitri Moshovitis. The CEO, Brett Schulman, joined in 2009. The first one opened in Rockville, Maryland in the year 2006.

By 2017, the chain has grown to 24 locations in Los Angeles and the East Coast. Another 18 locations are set to open.


The chain has rebranded into a fast-casual dining concept. It uses data science, with strategic sensors in the restaurant to adjust to preferences, such as lower music volume when restaurant gets too loud.

The restaurant serves traditional Mediterranean with a modern twist to cater to American palate. Everything is fresh, sourced from partner farms to ensure better quality.

The Cava salad is a popular menu item. The falafel, hummus-and-pitta, and the spicy lamb meatballs are favorites as well.

The restaurant has a limited-service format where staff line up assembly-style to prepare orders. Customers can choose to sit at the tables to eat or have orders to-go.

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