17 Best Christmas Pie Recipes

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When it comes to holiday pies, it seems every family has a favorite to make every year.  Having a special Christmas pie can easily be a tradition.

Of course, there are so many wonderful holiday pies out there, it seems wrong to limit yourself to just one.  There’s a whole world of festive flavors to try.

This year, challenge yourself to try a new Christmas pie recipe.  Not sure what to try?  Here’s a list of seventeen of the best Christmas pie recipes.


17 Best Christmas Pie Recipes

1. Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin pie may seem synonymous with Thanksgiving, but it’s a popular Christmas treat as well.  The distinctive pumpkin flavor is full of holiday spirit.

For an extra special holiday twist on the classic pumpkin pie, Two Peas and Their Pod have a recipe for salted caramel pumpkin pie that is sure to be a holiday hit.


2. Sweet Potato Pie

Quite similar to the pumpkin pie is the sweet potato pie, although the sweet potato pie is known for its lighter flavor and texture, as well as different spices.

Sweet potato pie is even better when topped with marshmallows.  Bon Appetit has a recipe for sweet potato pie with marshmallow meringue that is sure to satisfy your marshmallow cravings.


3. Shoofly Pie

A Pennsylvania Dutch treat, shoofly pie is a molasses-based dry type of pie.  It has a satisfying texture and just the right amount of sweetness.

Fans of shoofly pie debate over whether it should have a wet bottom or dry bottom, but this recipe by Scotch and Scones falls pleasantly in the middle.

4. Pecan Pie

If you’re a fan of pies that are both nutty and sweet, you’re sure to love pecan pie.  The unique texture of the pecan filling is sure to satisfy.

For a pecan pie deliciously sweetened with maple syrup and honey, check out this recipe by Barefoot Contessa.  It’s simple and easy to follow for beginners.


5. Hazelnut Mocha Cream Pie

Coffee lovers know how well hazelnut and coffee go together, and the same is true when chocolate is added in, making hazelnut mocha cream pie a treat from Heaven.

There are lots of variations on this pie, but Wood and Spoon has a great Nutella-based recipe for a decadent pie with a delicious topping.

6. Maple Buttermilk Pie

If you just can’t get enough maple, you’re sure to love maple buttermilk pie.  It’s everything you love about maple in the form of a creamy pie.

For an added twist, try this recipe by The Vintage Mixer, which includes a delicious meringue.  This recipe is so surprisingly easy, it can easily become a holiday classic.

7. Coconut Cream Pie

For those who like somewhat tropical flavors, coconut cream pie is sure to delight.  The creamy coconut filling is light and refreshing, and wonderfully sweet.

Barbara Bakes has an irresistible recipe for coconut cream pie in a shortbread crumb crust.  Even though she refers to it as a great summer dessert, it’s perfect for the holidays too.


8. Banana Cream Pie

Another delightful cream pie is banana cream pie.  Banana is such a versatile fruit; it has such a distinctive flavor that can be easily recognized in any dish.

For a classic, nostalgic recipe, Valerie’s Kitchen has just what you need.  This recipe will remind you of the banana cream pie you had as a child.


9. Spiced Cherry Pie

Something about the flavor of spiced cherry pie is just so festive.  Maybe it’s the cinnamon and nutmeg, but regardless, spiced cherry pie is a fantastic holiday treat.

Pies and Prejudice has a delightfully flavorful recipe for spiced cherry pie.  They made this pie for a wedding,  so there is a wedding theme to it, but you can easily leave that part out.

10. Cranberry and Blueberry Pie

If you’re a berry fan, you’ll definitely love cranberry and blueberry pie.  It’s fruity and spicy – in a cinnamon and nutmeg sort of way – and perfect for the holidays.

This recipe by Completely Delicious is simple and easy to follow.  It’s straightforward and comes out perfect, making it a great recipe to keep as a tradition.

11. Butterscotch Apple Pie

The phrase “as American as apple pie” shows how much Americans love their apple pie.  The sweet and sour apple taste is irresistible, and even better when you add butterscotch.

If you’ve never heard of butterscotch apple pie, this recipe by Cloudy Kitchen will walk you through it.  It uses butterscotch pudding to add the butterscotch flavor.


12. Eggnog Pie

Nothing screams “holidays” like eggnog, which is why some people decide to turn it into a festive pie.  It’s the beloved flavor of eggnog, in pie form.

This recipe by Inside BruCrew Life will walk you through making a delightful eggnog cream pie, as well as eggnog whipped cream.  It’s easy and perfect for the holidays.


13. Gingerbread Cream Pie

Another festive  cream pie, the holiday classic gingerbread flavor has been made into a pie.  If you like the taste of gingerbread cookies but not the texture, this pie is for you.

Lauren’s Latest has a very simple recipe for gingerbread cream pie.  It uses a pudding as a base for the filling, and plenty of seasonal spices.

14. Butterscotch Pie

If you’re a butterscotch lover, have we got a pie for you!  A butterscotch pie is exactly what it sounds like: a pie filled with butterscotch deliciousness.

For a recipe for butterscotch pie with meringue, check out this recipe by Spicy Southern Kitchen.  The meringue topping is a nice contrast with the rich butterscotch.


15. Chocolate Cream Pie

For chocolate lovers, chocolate cream pie is the best of the best in terms of pies.  A pie filled purely with chocolate cream to delight you with every bite.

If you’re a real chocolate lover and want an especially decadent chocolate cream pie, try this recipe by The Domestic Rebel.  Once you try it, there’s no going back.

16. Peppermint Pie

The minty, refreshing taste of peppermint made into a pie, called a peppermint pie or a candy cane pie, is remarkably tasty and sure to get everyone in the holiday spirit.

If you’ve never heard of a peppermint pie before, this recipe by Princess Pinky Pie girl will teach you.  It uses an Oreo crust to add some chocolate flavor.


17. Peppermint Brownie Pie

The addictive tastes of chocolate and peppermint come together perfectly in a peppermint brownie pie, which give you that chocolate mint flavor that so many people love.

There are a few ways to go about doing this, but this recipe by Just a Pinch creatively uses mint flavored chocolate chips, while also offering a substitution in case you can’t find any.


Wrap Up

With so many types of Christmas pies, it’s going to be hard to choose just one.  Fortunately, any one of these pies will be sure to delight you.

Better yet, try more than one!  Baking a different pie for every occasion will give you the chance to try new things, mix it up, and find your new favorite flavor.

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