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Ben & Jerry's

This chain barley needs an introduction; they are the iconic creators of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream. The company has multiple locations around the world that focus on selling their renowned own brand ice cream. Ben & Jerry’s is a delight for people of all ages, from the youngest to the oldest generation.

Their signature dish, with it’s trademark chunks, is legendary the world over. They sell a variety of other dessert oriented items, designed to satisfy that sweet tooth: home baked cookies, sundaes and cakes. However, the main draw is their ice cream; they have an enormous array of flavors to satisfy every taste bud. Once you arrive here you really will feel like a kid in a candy store, no matter how old you may be.


Cups & Cones

Cup or ConeSmall$3.99
Cup or ConeLarge$4.99

Add Ons

Dipped Sugar Cone$0.59
Waffle Cone$0.99
Chocolate Dipped Waffle$1.49


Rainbow Sprinkles$0.29
Chocolate Jimmies$0.29
Hot Fudge/Caramel$0.59
Whipped Cream$0.29
Waffle Cone Pieces$0.29
Chocolate Syrup$0.29
Strawberry Sauce$0.29
Brownie Chunks$0.29
Cookie Chunks$0.29


Core Sundae$5.49
Hot Fudge Sundae$5.19
Brownie Special$5.99
Cookie Cookie Sundae$5.99
Banana Fudge Royal$6.19
Waffle Bowl Sundae$6.19
Banana Split$6.49
VerMonster Sundae$39.99

To Go

Hand PickedPint$5.49
Hand PickedQuart$9.49


Root Beer Float$5.29






This company was started by two friends named Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, in Burlington, Vermont back in 1978. The pair decided to open their own parlor after Cohen’s experience with his condition anosmia. Sufferers of this condition have a greatly lessened sense of taste and smell, meaning that they rely on the texture of their food; this is what led to the invention of the signature chunks.

It was in 1980 that the pair purchased an old factory to produce and distribute their product in pints. The entire brand was an enormous hit, Cohen and Greenfield shortly began franchising their business, with the first franchise being opened in Shelburne, Vermont, in 1981. To increase their business in 1986, Ben and Jerry started their ‘cowmobile’ campaign. The duo drove around the US giving out free scoops in a massive marketing drive.

What has stood out about Ben & Jerry’s is their continued commitment to social issues. In 1989 they were against the use of rBGH (recombinant bovine growth hormone) in their ice cream and spoke about this publicly. In 2005 they baked a world record breaking baked Alaska in protest against oil drilling in Alaska’s nature reserves. Even as recently as 2013, the company began a commitment to providing completely GMO free products.

The business was purchased by Unilever in 2000 and the original Ben and Jerry are no longer active in the day to day management of the company. However, Unilever have stayed true to the brands core values and they continue to provide delicious desserts, incredible ice creams and all of this with a social conscience.


Ben & Jerry’s is a total delight, for kids and adults alike. They have a vast variety of locations in over 30 countries all over the globe. Each of their locations is designed in pretty pastel colors, with the warm inviting atmosphere of a traditional 50’s parlor. The seating options at each location vary; some have booths while others have a range of classic diner style table and chairs, but each is designed with your enjoyment and comfort in mind.

The staff are friendly, efficient and accommodating. The menu primarily consists of their infamous own brand ice cream that comes in a variety of options: classic, cores, cookie cores, non-dairy, sorbet, frozen yoghurt and in 2012 they introduced their Greek frozen yoghurt range. Once you’ve decided what type you want, you’ll then be startled by their gargantuan selection of flavors: Chunky Monkey, Coffee Caramel Fudge, Karamel Sutra, Blondie Ambition, Blueberry Vanilla Graham, to name a mere few of the expansive range.

One of their most popular items is their banana split, you’ll get three scoops of your choice of flavor ice cream, caramel sauce and whipped cream all atop a split banana. It’s a wonderfully indulgent treat. The prices at this chain are also fairly competitive: a cup or cone will set you back around $3 to $5, depending on the size. All their generous sundaes are around the $5 mark.

Ben & Jerry’s are quickly becoming the world’s favorite ice cream distributor and for good reasons. Their ice cream is thick, creamy and deliciously unique; no one does it like Ben & Jerry. All their restaurants uphold this long standing reputation with fantastic desserts, good service and a family atmosphere.


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