Braum’s Menu Prices


Braum’s is a combination of three aspects: a fast-food restaurant, ice cream parlor and grocery store.  This means that when you go to Braum’s you can grab some dinner, indulge in desert and then do your shopping on the way out.

They are also particularly notable for their high level of vertical integration and are the only major dairy chain in the US to still milk its own cows. The company’s focus is on providing great quality, fresh products at an affordable price and this is something they achieve in every single division of the chain.



Country Fried Steak Breakfast$4.79
Big Country Breakfast with Gravy$3.99
Hot Cakes & Sausage$2.69
Breakfast Burrito$1.69
Grande Burrito$1.99
Biscuit & Gravy$1.99
Biscuits & Gravy2 Pc.$2.99
Biscuit & Sausage for Egg$1.49
Biscuit, Ham & Egg$2.09
Biscuit, Bacon, Egg & Cheese$2.39
Cinnamon Roll or Muffin$1.79
Fruit and Yogurt Swirl$2.59
Hash BrownsRegular$1.49
Hash BrownsLarge$1.69
Bagel Omelette$2.49
Bag of Breakfast Burritos (Limited Time)5 Pc.$5.99

Breakfast Combos

Includes Choice of Bagel, Biscuit or English Muffin & Small Coffee & Hash Browns
Sausage, Egg & Cheese Biscuit - Combo$3.99
Biscuit & Sausage Gravy - Combo$3.99
Biscuit & Sausage Gravy Double - Combo$4.99
Breakfast Burrito - Combo$3.69
Grande Burrito - Combo$3.99
English Muffin, Ham, Egg & Cheese - Combo$3.99
Bagel Omelette - Combo$4.29

Combo Meals

Includes Medium Fries & Medium Drink
Third Lb. Cheeseburger$3.49
Third Lb. Cheeseburger - Meal$5.49
Third Lb. Bacon Cheeseburger$4.49
Third Lb. Bacon Cheeseburger - Meal$6.49
Third Lb. Jalapeno Pepper Jack Cheeseburger$4.49
Third Lb. Jalapeno Pepper Jack Cheeseburger - Meal$6.49
Double Third Lb. Cheeseburger$4.99
Double Third Lb. Cheeseburger - Meal$7.59
Chicken Sandwich (Grilled or Crispy)$3.39
Chicken Sandwich (Grilled or Crispy) - Meal$5.79
Chicken Club Sandwich (Grilled or Crispy)$4.49
Chicken Sandwich (Grilled or Crispy) - Meal$6.49
Chicken Strips4 Pc.$2.99
Chicken Strips8 Pc.$4.39
Chicken Strips - Meal$5.59
Chili - Meal$4.49
Steak Sandwich$3.59
Steak Sandwich - Meal$5.99
Sixth Lb. Deluxe Hamburger$1.99
Sixth Lb. Deluxe Hamburger - Meal$3.99
Jr. Burger$0.99
Jr. Burger -Meal$3.49
Jr. Chicken Strips2 Pc.$1.59
Jr. Chicken Strips - Meal2 Pc.$3.69
BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger (Limited Time)$4.49
BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger - Meal (Limited Time)$6.49

Crinkle Cut French Fries

French FriesSmall$1.29
French FriesMedium$1.79
French FriesLarge$1.99


Chicken Strip Dinner$4.79


Garden Salad$3.49
Grilled Chicken Salad$4.99
Strawberry Poppy Seed Chicken Salad$4.99

Kid's Meal

Includes Kid's Fries, Kid's Drink & Toy
Kid's Meal$3.39


Soft DrinksJunior$0.99
Soft DrinksSmall$1.29
Soft DrinksMedium$1.59
Soft DrinksLarge$1.99
Milk O.J.Junior$0.99
Milk O.J.Small$1.29
Milk O.J.Medium$1.59
Milk O.J.Large$1.99
Coffee or Hot ChocolateSmall$1.29
Coffee or Hot ChocolateMedium$1.49
Coffee or Hot ChocolateLarge$1.69
Malts & ShakesSmall$1.99
Malts & ShakesMedium$2.69
Malts & ShakesLarge$3.89
Sherbet FreezesSmall$1.99
Sherbet FreezesMedium$2.69
Sherbet FreezesLarge$3.89
Old Fashioned Soda$2.79

Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt

Waffle or Cake Cone
Ice Cream or Frozen YogurtSingle Dip$1.39
Ice Cream or Frozen YogurtDouble Dip$1.99
Ice Cream or Frozen YogurtTriple Dip$2.99

Soft Frozen Yogurt Cone

Chocolate, Vanilla or TwistSmall$1.39
Chocolate, Vanilla or TwistLarge$1.99

Ice Cream & Sundaes

Jr. Cone Soft Serve Ice Cream$1.19
Jr. Cone Ice Cream$1.19
Fat Free Sundae$2.69
Hand Packed Ice CreamPint$2.99
Ice Cream Toppings$1.59
Single Dip Sundae$1.79
Double Dip Sundae$2.69
Fancy Sundae$2.99
Banana Split$3.79


In 1933 Henry H Braum purchased a butter processing business in Emporio, Kansas and his young son, Bill Braum, began to learn the family trade. By 1957, the business was booming and had it’s own distribution chain that sold their products “Peter Pan Ice Cream Stores.” This same year Bill and his wife Mary purchased the brand from his father and continued with expansion and solidifying the reputation of the company.

Ten years after purchasing the chain, Bill and Mary sold off the “Peter Pan” stores and in 1968 started their own chain: Braum’s. They were a huge success and opened an impressive 24 stores in the first year alone. The food philosophy at Braum’s is “if you want something done right…….do it yourself.” This is where their vertical integration comes in. The company deals with almost every aspect of production; from the cow to your cone.

The Braum family farm is located in Tuttle, Oklahoma and covers 10,000 acres. This is the main farm, however, they also own multiple other farms totaling 40,000 acres. On the family farm they have: their own dairy herd, a milking barn, a processing plant, a bakery as well as a fleet of trucks, and a vehicle maintenance facility. Furthermore, the majority of the feed is also home grown and due to their involvement in the process, they can guarantee that their dairy herd are not fed any growth hormones or antibiotics.

This dedication to quality control from start to finish has ensured that Braum’s continue to provide superior quality products. All of their stores are within a 300-mile radius from their family farm, this ensures that their products are continually fresh. With over 300 stores and almost 50 years of history; Braum’s continue to serve fully fresh, family farmed food for the whole family.


Whilst they were originally an ice-cream production and distribution chain, the company has grown to so much more. At every location you’ll find a grill, an old fashioned ice cream and soda fountain and a grocery store. Their stores are reminiscent of a 1950’s diner: smiling, happy service, old fashioned booth seating and simple, well-lit, muted décor.

Their grill style restaurant covers the traditional fast-food menu items you’d expect: hamburgers, chicken sandwiches, fried chicken, salads, chilis, fries, soft drinks and a breakfast range. The parlor also has a massive selection: ice cream cones or cups, frozen yoghurt cones or cups, splits, sundaes, floats, sherbet freezes, malts, shakes or one of their mixes, a combination of ice cream and frozen yoghurt. The grocery store is a combination of a bakery, grocery and dairy store, selling: breads, cakes, muffins, fresh fruit and vegetables plus a wide assortment of their home produced dairy products.

All of the items on the menu are highly recommended. If you can’t decide what to order, try one of their ‘4 cheese burgers’: 1/3 pound 100% beef patty, melted American cheese, Pepperjack, Provolone and Parmesan, lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles and special sauce. The portions at Braum’s are definitely on the generous size, but if you have room after this delicious, juicy, beast of a burger then finish it off with a hot caramel banana sundae. This entails 3 scoops of thick, creamy homemade vanilla ice cream, over 2 halves of bananas, hot caramel sauce, almonds, whipped cream and cherries.

Despite their commitment to quality, Braum’s have remained inexpensive. Their breakfast selection ranges from $1 to $5, their combo meals, which include a main dish, fries and a drink range from $3 to $7 and their frozen treat prices range from $1 to $4. So, if you’re looking for tasty, affordable food, rich, flavorful ice cream, or you need some shopping, look out for Braum’s as they’ll deliver on all of this.


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