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Who Has The Best Burgers?

So you want to get yourself a good burger—the absolute best! Turns out you have a couple of options from the nation’s best fast food joints. These establishments take their recipes very seriously and they’ve taken years to perfect them. Let’s take a look at some of the best.

1. Five Guys

Best known for its no-frills no-fuss demeanor, the popular east coast burger chain was named America’s Favorite Burger Chain two years in a row (2017 & 2018). The underdog toppled In-n-Out burger—not an easy feat. read more

Willy’s Menu Prices

Willy’s Mexicana Grill is a casual burrito bar where customers can load up custom made burritos, bowls, tacos, salads, and other dishes.

It’s a great place to grab lunch or dinner with colleagues, family, or friends. The high level of customization means everyone is able to create something they’re sure to enjoy.


Willy Bitter founded Willy’s in 1995. After traveling the world and discovering the wonders of truly authentic burritos, he was determined to bring that treasure back to his native Atlanta. read more

Thai Basil Menu Prices

Thai Basil serves up spicy, flavorful Thai fare for you to either enjoy in the restaurant or have delivered to your home or office.

Customers love Thai Basil’s convenience and wide assortment of menu options, ranging from traditional Thai cuisine to more exotic options.


Thai Basil in Collingswood, NJ got its start in 2009. Locals welcomed the opening, as there had been no other top-quality Thai options in the area.

Although there are several similarly named restaurants, the owners of this Thai Basil currently only operate the Collingswood, NJ location. read more

Mi Pueblo Menu Prices

Mi Pueblo feels like a little slice of Mexico has made its way to Maryland, complete with hand-crafted art and authentic Mexican cuisine.

It’s a consistent, fun lunch and dinner spot perfect for the family. Little touches like the roving guacamole cart make the Mi Pueblo experience one of a kind.


Mi Pueblo is a family-owned and operated business. Sergio and Maria Meza founded the business and continue to lead the way in expanding the chain to serve more customers.

In addition to the original Glen Burnie location, the Mezas opened a second location in nearby Severna Park, Maryland in 2013. read more

Houston’s Menu Prices

Houston’s is an upscale steakhouse with top-notch salad and sushi options painstakingly prepared for you to enjoy in a swanky, cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Class up your next business meeting, wow your date, or treat your family to a special meal out with lunch or dinner at Houston’s.


George Biel, Vic Branstetter, and Joe Ledbetter – all restaurateurs with Hillstone Restaurant Group – founded the first Houston’s in Nashville, Tennessee in 1977.

Since then the chain has expanded to fifteen locations stretching from California in the west to Georgia, Florida, and New Jersey in the East. read more

Gator’s Dockside Menu Prices

The food at Gator’s Dockside is classic Americana with a particularly Floridian flavor. Never heard of Floridian food before? How about fried alligator tail!

Aside from some exotic fixings, Gator’s Dockside offers up a fun, family-friendly environment where everyone can come together and watch sports while chowing down on some great food.


Gator’s is a family business. Brothers Paul and Tony Cipparone founded the chain with their friend John Foerst in May 1991. The first restaurant was in Jacksonville, Florida. read more

California Tortilla Menu Prices

Looking for great, fast-casual Mexican on the east coast? Look no further than the fresh, Baja-inspired burritos, bowls, and tacos of California Tortilla.

The restaurant offers fast, filling, and refreshing Mexican fare that will leave you feeling ready to take on the rest of your day.


Despite its name, California Tortilla got its start in Bethesda Maryland. Pam Felix and Alan Cohen set up the first location there in August 1995.

In 2014 and 2015, Washingtonian Magazine readers declared that California Tortilla’s 51 locations served the best Mexican food in the Washington D.C. area. read more

California Dreaming Menu Prices

California Dreaming is a sit-down restaurant specializing in salads, sandwiches, steaks, and seafood, providing a wide array of lunch and dinner options.

Diners looking to enjoy a healthy menu with an airy, relaxed California vibe will certainly be drawn to this innovative chain.


Centraarchy Restaurants owns and operates California Dreaming. The group opened their first location in Columbia, South Carolina in 1984, and now runs eight unique restaurant chains.

There are nine California Dreaming Restaurants located across the American Southeast, each situated in an especially scenic or historic location in their respective city. read more

Kung Fu Tea Menu Prices

Kung Fu is a martial art focused on patience and discipline. Kung Fu Tea is a tea bar dedicated to serving bubble tea, smoothies, and coffee with those same values.

Great tea takes craftsmanship, and craftsmanship takes dedication. The dedication of the crew at Kung Fu tea gets results that will keep you coming back for more.


The franchise got its start in New York in 2009 when four friends decided to bring their bubble tea business from Taiwan to the United States.

The chain currently has almost 200 U.S. locations with additional stores in Australia, Canada, and Vietnam, and is regarded as one of the first franchises to bring bubble tea to America. read more

Rally’s Menu Prices

Rally’s is a traditional American fast-food franchise specializing in burgers, seasoned fries, and shakes. They also sport a wide range of chicken wings and sandwiches.

Swing by with family and friends for great lunch and dinner options on the go. Rally’s is even open late if you need a midnight snack!


Rally’s begin in Tennessee in 1985 before merging with Checkers in 1999. The two companies have identical branding, with Checkers exclusively operating in the Northeast.

Rally’s has 297 locations serving the American South, West, and Midwest. All locations feature the signature double drive-thru format, maximizing the number of customers that can be served at once. read more