The Hat Menu Prices

The Hat serves American cuisine at this establishment, most notably their famous pastrami. They are known for their retro vibe and popular, cheap menu.

People who just need to grab a quick bite to eat for lunch, dinner, or a snack will love it here. The prices can’t be beat, and the vibe is cool and takes you back in time.

Pastrami Dip
Roast BeefAu jus or gravy$7.99
Bar-B-Que Beef$7.99
Steak Sandwich$7.99
Grilled Cheese$3.09
Hot Dog$2.49
Chili Dog$3.89
Chili Tamale$4.59
Double Cheeseburger$5.19
Pastrami Burger$7.99
Double Chiliburger$5.39
Junior Burger$2.49
Turkey Burger$4.69
Cold Sandwiches
Add avocado $0.99, extra swiss or american $0.69, cheddar $1.29. Choice of: french roll, rye, wheat or sourdough bread
Chicken Salad$5.59
Turkey & Ham$5.69
Cold Beef$7.99
Ham & Cheese$5.59
Ham & Swiss$5.59
Ham & American$5.59
Side Orders
Fries$2.69 - $3.49
Chili FriesAdd tomato & pickle $5.49$5.29
Wet Fries with Gravy$4.39
Onion Rings$3.99
Potato Salad$1.79
Bar-B-Que Sauce$0.99
Soft Drinks$2.09 - $2.49
Iced Tea - Fresh Brewed$2.09 - $2.49
Orange Bang$2.19 - $2.59
Pink Lemon Ole$2.19 - $2.59
Pina Colada Bang$2.19 - $2.59


They first location, founded by a group of chefs was opened in 1951 in southern California. The first location was by the historical Garfield Theatre which help it establish its popularity.

There are currently 11 different locations in the state of California. They have received a multitude of awards for their Stromboli sandwiches over the years.


They still have their classic, retro vibe that will take you back to the fifties. They still use the same retro neon sign, chefs at, and booth seating at all of their locations. They offer indoor seating.

They have all of the greasy flavorful classic an America cuisine restaurant would typically have. They are famous for their Stromboli dipping sauce.

Their menu features the recommend Stromboli and dipping sauce, hotdogs, burgers, French fries, chili fries, onion rings, and more.

Part of their reputation is based on having really friendly service and staff. They definitely seem to live up to this reputation. There typically is not a wait.

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