La Fiesta Menu Prices

They make authentic Mexican cuisine. They are known for their fresh flavors and extensive traditional Mexican cuisine menu options.

People who want a classic Mexican restaurant environment will enjoy dining here. It provides a fun environment perfect for a family or friends gathering.

EmpanadasShredded chicken, black bean, corn and spinach & jack cheese empanadas served with guacamole$8.99
Fiesta SamplerAn array of quesadillas, flautas, tex-mex straws & empanadas served w/ guacamole, sour cream & queso$9.99
Mexican ShrimptiniA blend of shrimp, diced avocados, red onions, tomatoes & lime juice served in a large margarita glass w/ herb flour tortilla chips$9.99
CevicheAcapulco style blend of fish, onions, cucumber, tomatoes & jalapenos marinated w/ lime juice & served in a martini glass w/ crackers$9.99
Shrimp QuesadillasGrilled flour tortillas stuffed with shrimp, fresh spinach and mixed cheese w/ guacamole and sour cream$12.99
Fajita QuesadillasGrilled flour tortillas stuffed w/ fajita beef or fajita chicken & cheddar cheese served w/ guacamole & sour cream$10.99
Gijuana Style QuesadillasGrilled corn tortillas stuffed w/ shredded chicken, grilled pico de gallo & cheese, served w/ guacamole & sour cream$9.99
Ultimate Spicy NachosBeef & chicken fajita nachos w/ beans & layers of grilled jalapenos, onions & tomatoes, topped w/ melted cheddar$12.99
Nachos SupremeCrisp corn tortilla topped w/ fajita beef or fajita chicken, refried beans, melted cheddar cheese & diced tomatoes, jalapenos & sour cream.$10.99
Sopes5 Deep fried corn masa bowls filled w/ our carne guisada, chili verde, ground beef, shredded chicken, chili meat, beans, topped w/ melted cheese & served w/ guacamole & sour cream$9.99
Queso BlancoA mix of cheeses, poblano peppers & spinach served w/ herb flour tortilla chips$7.99
Queso SupremeTraditional queso & ground beef topped w/ pico de gallo$6.99
Traditional Queso$5.99
Guacamole Dip$5.99
Soup & Salads
Tortilla SoupOur own mexican style chicken soup. Simmer chicken, vegetables & spices served w/ tortilla crispers & sliced avocado$6.99
Taco SaladGrilled fajita beef or fajita chicken served in a deep fried tortilla bowl w/ spring mix salad, tomatoes, red onions, tortilla crispers & topped w/ mixed cheeses$8.99
Citrus SaladGrilled chicken or mesquite grilled shrimp, mandarin oranges, diced mango, tosted pine nuts, served on a bed of mixed greens$9.99
Southwest Shrimp SaladA bed of spring mix salad topped w/ grilled shrimp, black beans, corn, red onions, tortilla crispers & sliced avocados$9.99
Old Favorites - Sizzling Fajitas
Tender marinated strips of beef, chicken & shrimp w/ grilled onions & bell peppers served on a sizzling hot skillet. Served w/ beans, cheese, guacamole, pico de gallo & steaming hot flour tortillas, shrimp fajitas are served w/ grilled onions,
Single Beef or Chicken$12.99
Beef or Chicken For Two$22.99
Single Combo Beef & Chicken$12.99
Combo for Two Beef & Chicken$22.99
Single Shrimp$14.99
Shrimp For Two$28.99
Single Trio Fajitas$14.99
Trio Fajitas For Two$26.99
Chili Verde w/ PorkPork meat cooked in a sauce w/ spices, green chiles & onion served w/ beans, rice & flour or corn tortillas$10.99
Carne GuisadaMexican style stew meat w/ beans, rice & a choice of flour or corn tortillas$11.99
Tacos al Carbon2 Fajita beef or fajita chicken tacos w/ grilled onions on flour tortillas served w/ pirco de gallo, sour cream, beans & rice$10.99
Street TacosAuthentic mexican style tacos w/ choice of adobada or asada in 3 corn tortillas w/ cilantro & onions served w/ beans, rice & guacamole$10.99
Barbacoa Taco Dinner3 Barbacoa tacos on corn tortillas soft or grilled served w/ cilantro, pico, de gallo, beans, rice & salad$10.99
Barbacoa DinnerBarbacoa, beans, rice, cilantro & pico de gallo served w/ flour or corn tortillas$10.99
Our Deluxe DinnerChile relleno, enchilada meat, cheese, spinach or chicken tamale, taco, chalupa, beans & rice$12.99
Fiesta SpecialEnchilada meat, cheese, spinach or chicken, taco, tamele, beans & rice$9.99
Enchilada Plate3 Flat or rolled enchiladas meat, cheese, spinach or chicken & choice of red, green or sour cream sauce served w/ beans & rice for filling choices & choice of any sauce to above enchilada plate add $$9.99
Gorditas3 Deep fried corn pockets stuffed w/ chili verde, beans & salad served w/ beans, rice, guacamole$9.99
Flautas4 Beef or chicken flautas, guacamole & chili con queso served w/ beans & rice$10.99 - $13.99
Chile Rellenos1 Chile relleno topped w/ special sauce served w/ beans & rice for two chile rellenos add $2.00$9.99
American Favorites
Chicken Fried SteakDeep fried beef cutlet w/ cream gravy, french fries or poblano mashed potatoes & green chile corn$10.99
Chicken StripsGolden fried strips of chicken served w/ salad, cream gravy, french fries & texas toast$10.99
Tex-Mex TortaChoice of grilled ham, asada, adobada or barbacoa topped w/ jack chees, sliced avocados, red onions, tomatoes & lettuce on a grilled mexican flat bread served w/ french fries$8.99
Poblano BurgerHalf pound burger with bacon, grilled poblano peppers, jack cheese, lettuce, tomato, red onions and served on a jalapeno cheddar bun w/ french fries$8.99
Queso Fresco BurgerHalf pound burger stuffed with queso fresco, w/ lettuce, tomato, red onion, topped with sliced avocados and served on a jalapeno cheddar bun w/ french fries$8.99
Old Fashion CheeseburgerHalf pound burger w/ all the fixings & american cheese served w/ french fries$8.99
Featured Items
Carne AsadaGrilled fajita steak topped w/ onions & monterey jack cheese, served w/ grilled vegetables, beans, rice, guacamole & flour or corn tortillas$14.99
Ancho Chile Spice Rubbed SirlionTopped with grilled mushrooms served with poblao mashed potatoes, green chile corn and a dinner salad$12.99
Fiesta ChickenMarinated grilled breast of chicken served w/ grilled, vegetables, guacamole, pico de gallo, beans, rice & corn or flour tortillas$11.99
Crispy Poblano PepperFried breaded poblano pepper stuffed w/ ground beef or shredded chicken, jack cheese & topped w/ queso blanco, served w/ black beans & white confetti rice, for two poblano peppers add $2.00$10.99
Fried Stuffed Avocados2 Avocado halves breaded, deep fried & stuffed w/ ground beef or shredded chicken topped w/ queso blanco, served w/ black beans & white confetti rice$10.99
Steak RancheroTender 8 oz. ribeye steak grilled to taste served w/ beans, rice, guacamole, pico de gallo & steaming hot flour or corn tortillas. Add a bacon wrapped shrimp skewer for $5.99$14.99
Mexican Rice Bowl - Stir Fried w/ ChickenTender ribeye steak strips stir fried w/ corn, onions, tomatoes & squash or zucchini served on top of white confetti rice$10.99
Mexican Rice Bowl w/ ShrimpTender ribeye steak strips stir fried w/ corn, onions, tomatoes & squash or zucchini served on top of white confetti rice$14.99
Poblano Mushroom ChickenGrilled chicken breast topped with a poblano mushroom cream sauce served with poblano mashed potatoes, green chile corn and a dinner salad$11.99
Pasta Vera CruzVermicelli topped w/ our ranchera sauce & grilled shrimp, onions, squash, zucchini$12.99
Pasta Vera Cruz w/ Grilled Chicken$11.99
ChimichangaDeep fried burrito stuffed w/ meat & beans, topped w/ green sauce & monterey jack cheese. Served w/ beans & rice choice of meat carne guisada, chili verde, shredded chicken or ground beef$10.99
Flaca Skinny TacosFajita beef or fajita chicken topped w/ black beans & corn served on lettuce wraps w/ non fat sour cream & pico de gallo$9.99
Del Mar Seafood
Shrimp CocktailAcapulco style shrimp cocktail served with crackers$11.99
Tilapia CancunMesquite grilled tilapia fish filet w/ grilled onions, zucchini, yellow squash & corn served w/ charra beans, rice & flour or corn tortillas w/ baja fish sauce$12.99
Jalapeno Stuffed ShrimpApplewood smoked bacon wrapped shrimp stuffed with jalapeno and jack cheese, served with black beans & white confetti rice with corn or flour tortillas and avocado slices$14.99
Fish Tacos3 Grilled corn tortilla tacos of mesquite grilled tilapia fish, pico de gallo & cilantro served w/ charra beans, rice, fresh lettuce & tomatoes, w/ baja fish sauce$11.99
Ancho Chile Blackened TilapiaAncho chile blackened tilapia fillets toppe with baja fish sauce served with poblano mashed potatoes, green chilie corn and a dinner salad$12.99
Shrimp Stuffed PoblanoOne fire roasted poblano stuffed with grilled shrimp topped with a poblano mushroom cream sauce, served with poblano mashed potatoes, green chili corn and a dinner salad$12.99
Burrito GrandeChile verde & bean burrito topped with green sauce and jack cheese$8.99
Burrito SupremeCarne guisada & bean burrito topped with chili and cheddar cheese$9.99
Chicken or Beef Fajita Burrito$9.99
Shredded Chicken Burrito$7.99
Guisada & Bean Burrito$7.99
Guisada Burrito$8.99
Bean Burrito$5.99
Combination Plates
All combination plates are served w/ beans & rice any substitutions are extra
Chile Relleno w/ 1 Chalupa$10.99
Chile Relleno w/ 1 Enchilada$10.99
Chile Relleno w/2 Enchilada$11.99
Chile Relleno w/ 1 Enchilada, 1 Taco$11.99
Chile Relleno w/ 1 Enchilada, 1 Chalupa$11.99
3 Tamales$9.99
1 Enchilada, 1 Taco$9.99
2 Enchilada, 1 Taco$10.99
2 Enchilada, 2 Taco$11.99
3 Enchilada, 3 Taco$12.99
2 Tacos$8.99
3 Tacos$9.99
Chocolate Molten CakeServed w/ chocolate syrup & vanilla bean ice cream$5.99
Mini SopapillasMini sopapillas dusted in sugar, w/ chocolate, caramel & raspberry sauces$5.99
Dulce de LecheDulce de leche cheesecake with chocolate and caramel sauce$5.99
Cinnamon CheesecakeDeep fried cheesecake burritos topped w/ chocolate syrup, ice cream & whipped cream$5.99
Tres LechesTraditional mexican 3 milk cake$5.99
SopapillasOne golden brown served w/ honey, cinnamon sugar is available.$1.99
TeaSweet tea
Diet Coke
Dr. Pepper
Diet Dr. Pepper
Pink Lemonade
Orange Fanta
Bottled Water


They were founded in 2011 in New York State. They are currently privately held, and the owner information is not publicly available.

They currently have one location. They were recently voted #4 out of 118 restaurants in New York and received an honorable mention in 2014 in trip advisor.


They have a classic Mexican restaurant sort of ambiance. They have indoor seating and have tables, booth, and bar available.

Their menu ranges from classic dishes to more modern options. They use fresh, pure vegetable oil for their recipes to provide an authentic flavor.

They serve all the classic Mexican restaurant menu items including but not limited to rice, beans, chicken, burritos, quesadillas, enchiladas, and multiple different types of tacos.

They have received many positive reviews for the personal attention their service provides its customers with. They typically do not have a wait time but occasionally might on the weekends.

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