Matchbox Menu Prices

They serve thin crust, oven baked pizza cuisine. They are known for their cool vibe and tasty pizza. They are also known for their trendy name and interior ambiance.

People enjoy eating here for the delicious thin crust pizza and cool ambiance. The building is shaped like a matchbox and they burn oak fires.

Mini Burgershand-pattied certified angus beef , toasted brioche, pickles, onion straws, gouda, mozzarella or gorgonzola.$10.00 - $23.00
Ginormous MeatballAngus Beef, veal pork, pepperoni sauce , wood-fired bread, pecorino romano.$14.00
Wood-Oven MusselsNueske bacon , tomatoes , gorgonzola , garlic bread , white wine herb broth.$14.00
Crab Avocado TowerCrab meat, mango salsa, avocado relish, basil oil, crostini.$17.00
Tuna TartareFresh tuna, crispy malanga chips, honey-garlic sauce, wasabi oil.$14.00
Mini Trio2 pan-seared scallops, 2 mini crab cakes, 2 bun-less mini burgers topped with gorgonzola and sautéed mushrooms.$21.00
Shrimp GritsTillamook cheddar grits, andouille butter sauce.$12.00
Cream of Crab SoupCrab, sherry, gruyere.$6.00
Cream of Crab SoupCrab, sherry, gruyere.$9.00
Mozzi Carrozziitalian bread, mozzarella, roma tomatoes, fresh basil, lightly fried, zesty tomato sauce.$10.00
Grilled chicken $7.00 grilled salmon, shrimp, scallops $8.00 ribeye steak, ahi tuna $10.00
Simple SaladMixed greens ,tomatoes ,red onions ,dried cherries ,pecorino romano ,parmesan crisp ,balsamic vinaigrette$7.00
Simple Saladmixed greens ,tomatoes ,red onions ,dried cherries ,pecorino romano ,parmesan crisp ,balsamic vinaigrette$10.00
Panzanella SaladArugula ,frisee ,house-made cornbread croutons ,cucumbers ,red onions ,seasonal tomatoes ,red wine vinaigrette.$12.00
Apple Pear SaladMixed greens ,candied pecans ,gorgonzola ,honey-balsamic vinaigrette.$12.00
Wedge SaladArtisan romaine ,nueske bacon ,red onions ,tomatoes ,red wine vinaigrette ,gorgonzola dressing$10.00
Ahi Tuna SaladRomaine ,spring mix ,red onions ,carrots ,red peppers ,peanuts ,wonton strips ,soba noodles ,daikon sprouts ,sesame seeds ,ginger-soy vinaigrette.$18.00
Ty’s Chopped SaladRomaine ,radicchio ,chickpeas ,soppressata ,fennel salami ,roasted red peppers ,tomatoes ,pepperoncini ,aged provolone ,oregano vinaigrette.$10.00
Ty’s Chopped SaladRomaine ,radicchio ,chickpeas ,soppressata ,fennel salami ,roasted red peppers ,tomatoes ,pepperoncini ,aged provolone ,oregano vinaigrette.$15.00
Seared Sea ScallopsTrumpet mushrooms ,spinach ,creamed corn.$12.00
Spicy Cajun TunaAsparagus risotto ,ginger soy butter ,wasabi aioli.$26.00
Porcini Rubbed RibeyeHouse-cut ribeye ,potato croutons ,mini wedge salad$31.00
Italian Sausage RigatoniZesty tomato sauce ,romano ,peas ,garlic bread.$17.00
Pan Seared SalmonCarrots ,zucchini ,yellow squash ,citrus butter.$22.00
Coconut Crusted HalibutCilantro rice ,mango lime puree.$26.00
Bistro BurgerCertified angus beef ,gorgonzola ,cremini mushrooms ,applewood smoked bacon ,beer-battered onion rings.$15.00
Crabcake SandwichCrab meat ,tangy roasted red pepper remoulade ,toasted brioche roll ,house-cut fries.$18.00
MB Chicken SandwichCrispy fried or grilled ,toasted brioche roll ,house-made buttermilk dressing ,house-cut fries.$12.00
Wood-Fired Lamb SandwichCharred scallion yogurt ,crispy artichokes ,feta ,chickpea fries ,grilled naan.$16.00
Black Bean Banh MiHouse-made black bean veggie patty ,cucumbers ,pickled daikon carrot ,cilantro ,sriracha ,toasted baguette ,soba noodle salad.$12.00
Capitol Hill ClubToasted brioche bread ,turkey ,avocados ,applewood smoked bacon ,arugula ,tomatoes ,dijon aioli ,house-made potato chips.$12.00
Brick ChickenWood-oven-roasted chicken ,fingerling potatoes ,asparagus ,tomato bruschetta.$19.00
The Bloody Mary BurgerCertified angus beef ,fried egg ,bloody mary mayo ,cheddar ,gouda ,applewood smoked bacon ,mixed greens ,mustard vinaigrette.$15.00
The Original Pizza
Matchbox MeatPepperoni ,spicy italian sausage ,crispy bacon ,zesty tomato sauce ,mozzarella.$15.00 - $23.00
Sausage OnionRoasted red peppers ,zesty tomato sauce ,mozzarella.$15.00 - $23.00
Fire SmokeFire-roasted red peppers ,spanish onions ,chipotle pepper tomato sauce ,garlic purée ,smoked gouda ,fresh basil.$14.00 - $22.00
Q SpecialHerb-roasted chicken ,portabella mushrooms ,roasted red peppers ,zesty tomato sauce ,mozzarella.$15.00 - $23.00
PepperoniDouble pepperoni ,zesty tomato sauce ,mozzarella.$14.00 - $22.00
Spicy MeatballHouse-made spicy meatballs ,crispy bacon ,crushed red pepper ,fresh garlic purée ,zesty tomato sauce ,mozzarella.$15.00 - $23.00
Prosciutto WhiteKalamata olives ,fresh garlic purée ,ricotta ,mozzarella ,extra virgin olive oil.$14.00 - $22.00
Chicken PestoHerb-roasted chicken ,house-made pesto sauce ,mozzarella.$14.00 - $22.00
Chef's Picks
Mark’s Pepperoni Banana PeppersDouble pepperoni ,zesty tomato sauce ,mozzarella.$15.00 - $23.00
Oven-Dried Tomato Fresh MozzarellaZesty tomato sauce ,fresh basil ,sea salt.$14.00 - $22.00
Prosciutto Black Mission FigRoasted garlic ,mozzarella ,gorgonzola ,black pepper honey ,arugula.$15.00 - $23.00
VeggieRoasted garlic ,pesto ,oven-dried tomatoes ,artichokes ,pecorino romano ,mozzarella.$13.00 - $21.00
Coppa Italian Ham ArugulaPesto ,mozzarella.$15.00 - $23.00
Spicy Soppressata Salami Wild MushroomFresh herbs ,zesty tomato sauce ,mozzarella.$14.00 - $22.00
Italian SalamiDeli pepperoni ,fennel salami ,arugula ,mortadella ,mozzarella ,marinated tomatoes ,zesty tomato sauce.$15.00 - $23.00
Create Your OwnTopping on small $ 2.00,large $3.00.$12.00 - $18.00
Lox and FlatbreadCream cheese ,capers ,red onion ,oven-roasted eggs.$13.00
Cast Iron Baked Cinnamon RollsHome-made cream cheese icing.$6.00
Bloody Mary BurgerFried egg ,bloody mary mayo ,cheddar ,gouda ,mixed greens ,mustard vinaigrette.$15.00
Veggie FrittataCremini mushrooms ,roasted red peppers ,goat cheese ,brunch potatoes ,baby spinach ,basil pesto.$13.00
Banana Bread French ToastRaspberries ,rum-infused maple syrup.$13.00
Fresh Fruit WaffleWarm berry sauce ,maple syrup.$11.00
Cast Iron Steak EggsBrunch potatoes ,fresh herbs ,grilled ciabatta with garlic butter.$15.00
Fruit GranolaHoney-orange greek yogurt ,home-made granola ,honey whipped cream.$6.00
Huevos RancherosBlack beans ,pico di gallo ,avocado relish ,chipotle sour cream ,green chili sauce.$13.00
Brunch PizzaOnion ,sausage ,smoked gouda ,scrambled eggs ,pico di gallo ,chipotle sour cream.$14.00
Brunch PizzaOnion ,sausage ,smoked gouda ,scrambled eggs ,pico di gallo ,chipotle sour cream$20.00
Crabcake BenedictChipotle hollandaise ,poached egg ,bacon ,brunch potatoes.$16.00
Mo’s Magic BrowniesMelt-in-your-mouth chocolate brownies ,chef’s choice of ice cream and garnish.$8.00
Pecan PieBourbon butter sauce ,vanilla gelato.$8.00
Chocolate Chip Bread PuddingBanana ,rum caramel ,fresh whipped cream.$8.00
Trio DessertMo’s magic brownie ,sorbet trio ,house-made doughnuts.$12.00
Coffee DoughnutsCinnamon doughnuts ,espresso kahlua creme.$8.00
Fresh Fruit PizzaRaspberries ,blackberries ,strawberries ,mascarpone icing ,fresh mint ,balsamic reduction.$8.00
Cheese Plateask about current selection ,local honeycomb ,poached stone fruit ,crostini.$8.00
Peanut Butter & Chocolate Ice Cream CakeOreo cookie crust ,peanut butter cups ,peanut brittle.$8.00


They opened their doors in 2003. Matchbox was founded by Ty Neal and his brother Mark, along with their partners Drew Kim and Perry Smith.

They received recognition in their first year as, “Best New Restaurant” by the Restaurant Association of Metropolitan Washington. They currently have 11 locations.


The ambiance is a cool, dim light setting that is more of an upscale dining experience. They have indoor table seating but do not over outdoor seating at many of their locations.

Their pizzas are made with all-natural ingredients and very thin crust, so the taste is focused on the toppings.

They serve a wide variety of oven-baked pizzas and a large selection of craft beers, hand crafted cocktails, and wine.

They typically do not have a wait time, apart from on the weekends but it is usually no more than 15 minutes. The staff has been reviewed positively.

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