TCBY Menu Prices


TCBY is a popular chain that offers frozen yogurt and other related products. Their name now stands for “The Country’s Best Yogurt.” It is a place to go for a snack, dessert, or maybe even lunch or breakfast. They have revamped their image and created a chic place to hang out while enjoying your food.

TCBY became a part of Mrs. Fields Famous Brands in 2000. With Mrs. Fields, they have continued to grow and now there are over 360 stores nationwide. Their headquarters can be found in Salt Lake City, UT. They continue to innovate and make strives to be different.


Soft Serve Yogurt & Toppings

Soft Serve Cup/ConeKiddie$1.79
Soft Serve Cup/ConeSmall$2.99
Soft Serve Cup/ConeRegular$3.49
Soft Serve Cup/ConeLarge$3.89
Kids Topping$0.49
Regular Topping$0.89
Fruit Topping$0.89
Each Additional Topping$0.49

Hand Scooped Yogurt

Hand Scooped Yogurt Cup/ConeKiddie$1.79
Hand Scooped Yogurt Cup/ConeSmall$2.99
Hand Scooped Yogurt Cup/ConeRegular$3.49
Hand Scooped Yogurt Cup/ConeLarge$3.89

Waffle Cones

Waffle Cone OnlySmall$0.79
Waffle Cone (With Soft Serve)Kiddie$2.59
Waffle Cone (With Soft Serve)Small$3.29
Waffle Cone (With Soft Serve)Regular$3.79
Waffle Cone (With Hand Scooped)Kiddie$2.59
Waffle Cone (With Hand Scooped)Small$3.29
Waffle Cone (With Hand Scooped)Regular$3.79
Dipped Waffle Cone (With Soft Serve)Small$4.29
Dipped Waffle Cone (With Soft Serve)Regular$4.79
Dipped Waffle Cone (With Hand Scooped)Small$4.29
Dipped Waffle Cone (With Hand Scooped)Regular$4.79

Beriyo Smoothies

Beriyo SmoothieSmall$4.09
Beriyo SmoothieLarge$4.99

Specialty Items

Sundae (Soft Serve)$4.59
Sundae (Hand Scooped)$4.59
Cappuccino Chiller®Small$4.19
Cappuccino Chiller®Regular$4.69
Cappuccino Chiller®Large$5.09
Shakes & MaltsSmall$4.19
Shakes & MaltsRegular$4.69
Shakes & MaltsLarge$5.09
Sorbet FizzSmall$3.59
Sorbet FizzRegular$4.09
Sorbet FizzLarge$4.49
Banana Split (Soft Serve)$4.89
Banana Split (Hand Scooped)$4.89
Frappe Chiller®Small$4.19
Frappe Chiller®Regular$4.69

Take Home

Hand ScoopedPint$4.59
Hand ScoopedQuart$6.49
Deep Dish Pie (Single Pie)$20.99
Round Crunch CakeSmall$17.99
Round Layer CakeMedium$23.99
Round Crunch CakeMedium$23.99


The first shop was opened by Frank D. Hickingbotham in Little Rock, Arkansas, in 1981. His son, Herren, was the store manager. His brother-in-law Walt Winters ran the second store that opened, and his youngest son, Todd, took over the third. They were able to pull in $1.8 million in their first full year, which they more-than-doubled in the second. A few years later, they had over $50 million.

Initially the store was called This Can’t Be Yogurt, but due to a law suit they were forced to change the name. They were sued by a competitor – I Can’t Believe It’s Yogurt, Inc. Luckily the change to “The Country’s Best Yogurt” let them keep the initials. Along with a cash settlement, they purchased three of the competitor’s businesses in Texas.

The company went public in May of 1984. With the influx of capital, they were able to buy Arthur’s Foods, who had been their supplier. Their corporate office staff doubled. From there, they were able to expand on the west coast. “All of the pleasure, none of the guilt” became their slogan in 1986 and Mickey Rooney was the spokesperson saying it.

The next few decades brought more growth. After becoming associated with Mrs. Fields Famous Brands, they began to really carve out their spot among their competitors. They have remodeled their stores, logo and brand. They continue to improve their products to be the leader in tasty, nutritional frozen yogurt.


When the stores were updated, they scrapped the old model of scoop and serve. Now when you walk in, you get to help yourself to the soft-served frozen yogurt. Any combination can be made. They have delicious flavors such as Cake Batter, Chocolate Peppermint Bark, Cotton Candy Freeze, Golden Vanilla, among others. Then you proceed to the toppings bar that carries a selection of the fruits and candies you expect – nuts, bananas, cherries, sprinkles or marshmallows. They also carry some not-so-common ones such as gummy bears, mangos, and blackberries that taste great on your treats.

If you prefer hand scooped, you can still choose from a variety of flavors, including Psychedelic Sorbet, Rainbow Cream, and Peanut Butter Delight. If you’d like something a little different, you can get a parfait or a milkshake. They also offer cappuccino and frappe chillers. Their cakes and pies are also delicious.

There is something for everyone. The Super FroYo is a selection of nutritious flavors, which contain more fiber, protein, calcium, vitamin D, 7 types of live and active cultures while still being low in fat with less than 120 calories per serving. They offer Vegan and GMO Free options, as well as Gluten Free and Dairy Free. They even have Greek yogurt.

TCBY’s new look and style provides a nice place to hang out and grab a snack. The selection is amazing and customers love the ability to make their own creations. They are constantly evolving to create a higher standard of healthy, great tasting frozen yogurt.


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