What to Serve With Taco Soup

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Taco soup is a rich, hearty, and delicious dish that is easy to prepare and packed with flavor, but it can be hard to know what to serve with such a strong dish.

Each of these side dishes works with taco soup for different reasons such as taste or texture, all of which will be explained in this article below.


17 Side Dishes to Serve With Taco Salad

Taco soup combines the rich and delicious flavors of tacos with the liquid base of soup, creating a unique dish with a variety of potential sides. The best side dishes for taco soup are either foods that pair well with tacos or foods that work with soup-like texture of the food, such as the following.

1. Mexican Rice

Mexican rice is one of the best side dishes for taco salad because it goes great with both tacos and soup on its own, so it makes a fantastic side for taco soup.

The best way to serve Mexican rice with taco soup is to mix the rice and soup together so that the rice soaks up the flavor of the soup and adds some flavor of its own.

2. Tortilla Chips and Dip

Another fantastic side dish for both tacos and soup is tortilla chips and dip, either salsa or guacamole depending on the type of contrast you want.

Salsa adds a bit of spice and texture to your chips, while guacamole is cooler and creamier in quality, so pick the side that best contrasts your taco soup recipe.

3. Salad

Salads are a common side dish for both tacos and soup because the cool, crisp texture of salads is a strong contrast to the hot and savory qualities of soup and salads.

When choosing dressings or vinaigrettes go with whatever best contrasts the flavors of the soup, like choosing a creamy vinaigrette for a spicier soup recipe.

4. Cornbread

What makes cornbread a great side dish for taco soup is its naturally sweet flavor and mildly crunchy texture, which contrast well with taco soup.

The best way to serve cornbread with taco soup is hot and topped with a bit of melted butter to enhance the cornbread’s flavor and make it softer.

5. Mexican Corn

Mexican corn is another classic Mexican side dish that adds some smooth, cheesy, buttery flavor to a meal, qualities which are a great contrast for taco soup.

Meals like Mexican corn which have creamy textures help to highlight spicier, richer foods like taco soup, making both dishes stand out more by contrast.

6. Biscuits or Rolls

Biscuits and rolls are often paired with soup because you can dip the biscuit into the soup to soak up the flavor of the meal.

When it comes to taco soup, go for dry and flavorless biscuits because these will soak up the most flavor without adding any unwanted flavors.

7. Breadbowls

While not necessarily a side, breadbowls make an excellent pairing for taco soup because they create a delicious, edible container that soaks up the tastes of the soup.

With breadbowls you can either scoop bread from inside the bowl with each bite or tear off bits of the bowl and dip them in the soup to get the flavor.

8. Crackers

Crackers are another common pairing for soups like tomato or chicken noodle because they can either be dipped or broken up and sprinkled into the soup.

Dipping crackers lets you enjoy the taste of the soup in a new form while crumbling crackers into the soup adds extra texture to the meal.

9. Breadsticks

Breadsticks are a great side dish for most meals because of how versatile they are, with different recipes creating different flavors to compliment different meals.

Dry or unseasoned breadsticks are best used for dipping while seasoned or cheesy breadsticks can be a side dish on their own, since taco soup goes well with these flavors.

10. Fruit Salad

What makes fruit salad a great side dish for taco soup is the contrast between cold, sweet fruit and the hot, savory flavor of taco soup.

When picking fruits for a fruit salad to go with taco soup, go with sweet and juicy selections like watermelon and grapes to help compliment the taste of the soup.

11. Quinoa Salad

Quinoa salad has a unique citrusy, zesty flavor that helps compliment richer and heartier taco soup recipes by providing a fresh taste to contrast the soup.

If you want to add to the texture of your quinoa salad you can add beans to the mix to provide a delicious base for your salad.

12. Frijoles de la Olla

This classic Mexican side dish is both an authentic pairing for tacos and a great choice for taco soup since they have a smooth and rich flavor.

The best way to serve frijoles de la olla is with a side of either tortillas or biscuits so that you can spread the beans on them.

13. Seven Layer Dip

Seven layer dip is a delicious, multi layered bean dip often served with tortilla chips at parties or as a side dish for Mexican meals.

What makes seven layer dip a great side dish for taco soup is the smooth, creamy flavor of the dip, which compliments the savory and spicy flavor of the soup wonderfully.

14. Refried Beans

Refried beans are another classic Mexican side dish that provide a smooth, creamy, and mild flavor to contrast richer and spicier dishes like taco soup.

Like with frijoles de la olla, you can serve refried beans with small tortillas, biscuits, or crackers to serve as a side dish spread alongside taco soup.

15. Stuffed Potato Skins

When stuffed with cream, onions, and bacon, fried potato skins make a great side dish for many meals due to their naturally rich flavor.

If you intend to make stuffed potato skins with taco soup, make sure that what you stuff your skins with is different from your soup ingredients, to make sure the meals have different flavors.

16. Grilled Vegetables

The rich, crispy flavor of grilled vegetables is more often than not a great compliment to Mexican food, and taco soup is no exception to this rule.

Vegetables like peppers, corn, and mushrooms provide a mix of textures and tastes that highlight the heartiness of taco soup, especially when properly grilled and seasoned.

17. Corn on the Cob

The warm, buttery taste of corn on the cob provides a simple but effective contrast for a rich meal like taco soup, making it an excellent side dish.

If you want to make your corn on the cob more flavorful you try grilling the corn on the cob or mixing seasonings into the butter.

Wrap Up

The unique flavors of taco soup are both rich and hearty, creating a distinct dish that is easy to prepare and being incredibly satisfying at the same time.

When it comes to side dishes, taco soup pairs will with foods that contrast with the strong flavors of the soup, like classic Mexican sides, grains, cooked vegetables, and dips.

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