17 Best Side Dishes for Sandwiches

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There are few things more satisfying than a nice, big sandwich.  Hot sandwiches, cold sandwiches, you name it – they’re tasty and stuffed with the satisfying filling of your choice.

It is for this reason that some people may be tempted to eat sandwiches as a standalone meal, without a side.  Of course, doing so robs your sandwich of a wonderful potential complement.

If you’re not sure what kind of side to serve with your sandwiches, have no fear.  Here are some of the best side dishes to serve with sandwiches.


17 Best Side Dishes for Sandwiches

1. French Fries

The classic side dish to serve with burgers is French fries, although they make a great companion for many types of sandwiches because of their salty flavor and crunchy texture.

If you’re making them yourself, why not spice up your fries and make them extra special?  Swasthi’s Recipes has a recipe for fries with a truly flavorful seasoning you’re bound to love.


2. Veggie Fries

For fries with a healthy twist and somewhat sweet flavor, you could try veggie fries instead.  They’re everything you love about French fries, but made out of veggies!

There are lots of veggies to make fries out of, but carrots might just be the best.  For a great recipe for carrot fries, check out this one by Host the Toast.


3. Roasted Veggies

Another veggie-based side dish to have with your sandwich is roasted veggies.  This is such a versatile side that it is bound to harmonize with any sandwich.

You can roast any veggies you like for this side.  This recipe by Diethood includes a list of recommended vegetables, but points out that the recipe works with any that you have.

4. Tossed Salad

If you want something particularly light and healthy, a classic tossed salad will do the job.  Cool, crunchy lettuce is great both on a sandwich and as a sandwich side.

Salads are infinitely customizable – you can use your choice of ingredients.  That being said, this salad by The Kitchen Magpie is a perfect option for a quick, classy side.


5. Chips

Potato chips, sweet potato chips, veggie chips – all chips are known for being deliciously crispy and salty, and a perfect side dish for a sandwich.

Sweet potato chips have a particularly distinct flavor, making them a great choice for a chip side dish.  This recipe by Delicious Meets Healthy will walk you through making perfect sweet potato chips.


6. Pickles

While they make a great topping for sandwiches, pickles can also be great when eaten on the side.  A light, crunchy, zesty pickle brings out the best in any sandwich.

If you’re interested in making your own pickles, you should try it!  Cookie and Kate has an easy recipe for classic homemade dill pickles, including extra tips for sweeter pickles.


7. Baked Beans

If you’re having a barbeque-type sandwich, there are few better sides than some classic baked beans.  While they’re great with any sandwich, they’re perfect for pulled pork sandwiches.

While it’s easier to just buy canned baked beans, it’s so much better to make them yourself.  Whitney Bond has a recipe for baked beans that is perfect for barbeque.


8. Coleslaw

A classic side dish for sandwiches of all kinds is homemade coleslaw.  It’s light, cool, and refreshing, with a satisfyingly crunchy texture and delicious flavor.

Fortunately, coleslaw is simple to make.  This recipe by Cooking Classy is easy and takes only a few ingredients.  Note it calls for a pre-shredded coleslaw mix – you can buy one or prepare one yourself.

9. Chili

Few things will warm you up quite like chili.  The spicy, savory flavor makes a great pair for any sandwich, and it’s especially great with barbeque or as a counter to a colder meal.

It seems that everyone has their own chili recipe, but if you need one, you can try this one by The Wholesome Dish, which takes just half an hour to make.


10. Tomato Soup

The default side dish for grilled cheese sandwiches is paired with it for a reason.  Tomato soup is perfect for dipping, and can be used as a side for a wide variety of sandwiches.

It might be tempting to just buy some tomato soup, but homemade tomato soup is much more delicious.  Feasting at Home has a recipe that is sure to have you hooked at first taste.


11. Potato Soup

While we’re talking about soup, potato soup is one of the most satisfying.  It has a simple yet delicious taste that is bound to be perfect with whatever sandwich you’re serving.

For an extra special recipe, Sugar Spun Run has a recipe for potato soup that is loaded with toppings.  This flavorful recipe is bound to leave everyone satisfied.


12. Macaroni and Cheese

For many people, macaroni and cheese was a childhood favorite.  Soft, tender noodles soaked in a cheesy sauce make a great pair to any sandwich.

Even better than regular macaroni and cheese is baked macaroni and cheese.  The Chunky Chef has a rich recipe which even includes instructions for a five cheese variation.


13. Potato Salad

A dish that’s perfect for a summer-time meal, picnic, or barbeque is some old-fashioned potato salad.  It’s a cool, versatile dish that goes well with a wide variety of flavors.

There are many variations of potato salad, but Southern potato salad is an excellent choice to go with sandwiches.  Spend With Pennies has a great recipe for Southern potato salad.


14. Pea Salad

A close relative of potato salad is pea salad, which is also great for summer-time meal events.  This creamy dish is especially perfect to go with barbeque sandwiches.

This is another dish that has different variations, but pea salad with bacon is almost always better than without.  Foodie With Family has a great easy recipe for pea salad with bacon.


15. Fruit Salad

For a side dish that is both sweet and healthy, a fruit salad is light, refreshing, and addictive.  It goes well with most sandwiches and is great all year-round.

Anyone can make a simple fruit salad by cutting up veggies, but Cafe Delites has a recipe for fruit salad that includes a simple honey-based syrup for a special twist.


16. Applesauce

A dish that can be served as a side, snack, or dessert, applesauce is a classic because of its sweet yet slightly sour flavor and soft, smooth texture.

Applesauce recipes can vary depending on how you flavor it.  While some people prefer plain applesauce, Life’s Ambrosia has a flavorful recipe that will leave your taste buds singing.

17. Jell-O (Fruit Juice Gelatin)

A perfect dessert to go with sandwiches is some sweet fruit juice gelatin, usually called by the brand name Jell-O.  It has a unique, distinctive texture which makes it especially fun to eat.

While most of us are familiar with the box mix, you can make your own Jell-O from scratch!  Detox Insta has a recipe that is surprisingly simple, and only takes a few ingredients.


Wrap Up

Although it might seem easier to eat a sandwich on its own, adding a side dish can take your meal to a whole new level.

Any of these side dishes can make a perfect companion to any sandwich.  While you’re following recipes, don’t be afraid to experiment!  Adding your own twist can make it special.

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