Osaka Menu Prices

Osaka serves delicious popular Japanese fare and fusion foods. What makes them standout is their curated selection of fine Japanese sake, along with different wines and craft beers.

People love eating here for the food, drinks, service and atmosphere. The impressive food preparation skills make for a truly entertaining dinner show.

Maki Special
Lunch Served From 10:30am-4:00pm. Served With Miso Soup Or Salad. Tobiko Or Brown Rice $1 Extra
Any 2 Rollsdinner rolls only$8.95
Any 3 Rollsdine in or take out only. dinner rolls only$10.99 - $13.95
Beef Negimaki$6.75
Agedashi Tofu$5.50
Crispy Calamari$9.00
Mushroom Teriyaki$5.25
Garlic Broccoli$5.25
Rock Shrimp$8.95
Beef Short Ribs$10.99
Shrimp & Vegetable Tempura$9.00
Shrimp Tempura$9.00
Chicken & Vegetable Tempura$8.50
Vegetable Tempura$7.50
Avocado Sashimi$6.50
Zaru Soba$6.99
Cold Sesame Noodle$6.99
Tuna Tartar$9.00
Salmon Tartarw/ citrus jalapeno sauce$9.00
Tuna Tariaki$12.00
Soup And Salads
Miso Soupwith bean curd, seaweed and scallion.$1.80
Shumai Soup$4.75
Dumpling Soup$4.95
Salad Kanicrabmeat and julienne cucumber mixed with japonnaise and flying fish roe.$5.75
House Salad$6.25
Chuka Saladmixed pickled seaweed with sesame$4.95
Avocado Salad$6.25
Seared Tuna Salad$8.99
Lobster Avocado Salad$10.99
Seafood Saladshrimp, octopus, kani, with chef's special spicy sauce$5.75
Salmon Skin Salad$6.95
Kanisucrabmeat with ponzu sauce$5.75
Yaki Or Noodle Soups
Noodle Soups Please Choice Of Udon, Soba Or Ramen
Chicken Or Vegetable$9.00
Shrimpchicken or veggie tempura$12.00
House Ramenchicken, shrimp, tofu, vegetable,fish cake, crab meat$11.00
Osaka Ramenchoice of chicken, beef, vegetable or pork. soup broth: choice of regular, miso, curry or spicy.$11.00
Osaka Sushi & Sashimi Platter
Dinner. Served With Miso Soup Or House Salad
46. A Yellowtail Scallion Roll, Tuna Roll, California Roll$12.95
Spicy Tunasalmon avocado, eel cucumber roll$13.95
Spicy Tunaspicy yellowtail and spicy salmon roll$13.95
Sushi Regular7pcs assorted sushi and 1 tuna roll$17.50
Sushi Deluxe9pcs assorted sushi and 1 tuna roll$19.50
Sashimi Regular14 pcs assorted sashimi$18.95
Sashimi Deluxe16 pcs assorted sashimi$22.50
Salmon Box6 pcs sushi, 1 salmon avocado roll$16.99
Chirashi Sushi16 pcs assorted sashimi over rice$18.95
Tri Color Sushi Or Sashimi3 pcs tuna, 3 pcs salmon, 3 yellowtail, 1 salmon avocado roll$19.50
Sushi For Two10 pcs assorted sushi, 3 rolls, 1 tuna love roll (8 pcs)$43.95
Sushi And Sashimi For Two8 pcs assorted sushi,8 pcs assorted sashimi, 3 rolls (maki)$48.95
Sushi And Sashimi For One4 pcs assorted sushi,6 pcs assorted sashimi, 2 rolls (maki)$22.50
Unagi Doneel over rice$15.95
Sushi And Sashimi
One Piece Per Order
White Tuna$3.00
Spicy Tuna$3.00
Smoked Salmon$3.00
Masagosmelt roe$2.25
Striped Bass$2.50
Smoked Eel$3.50
Eel Avocado$4.00
Sweet Shrimp$3.50
Sea Urchin$4.00
Salmon Caviar$3.50
Wasabi Caviar$2.25
Surf Clam$2.25
King Crab$4.95
Any Extra Sauce$1.00
Eel Sauce$2.00
Bento Box
Dinner. Served With Miso Soup, Salad, Shumai, California Roll And White Rice
Teriyakisalmon, beef, chicken, chicken yakitori, tofu or vegetable$13.99
Katsuchicken or pork$13.99
Negimakichicken or beef$13.99
Tempurashrimp and veggie, chicken and veggie or vegetable$13.99
Gingerchicken or pork$13.99
Yakiniku* beef or chicken$13.99
Currybeef or chicken$13.99
Shrimp Teriyaki$14.99
Rock Shrimpfried shrimp with spicy sauce$14.99
Black Cod Fish$15.50
Hawaiian BBQchoice of chicken, beef short rib$14.95
Hawaiian BBQ Mixcombination of chicken, beef short rib$14.95
Teriyakisalmon, chicken, chicken yakitori, tofu or vegetable$8.95
Teriyakibeef , shrimp$9.25
Katsuchicken or pork$8.95
Gingerchicken or pork$8.95
Yakiniku*beef or chicken$8.95
Currybeef or chicken$8.95
Tempurashrimp and veggie, chicken and veggie or vegetable$9.25
Rock Shrimpfried shrimp with spicy sauce$9.25
Black Cod Fish$13.00
Hawaiian BBQchoice of chicken, beef short rib$9.99
Hawaiian BBQ Mixcombination of chicken, beef short rib$9.99
Sushi And Hand Roll
Any 2 Rolls Forsoup and salad served with lunch. only rolls with dinner$8.75
R1. Salmon Roll$4.50
R1. Tuna Roll$4.50
R2. California Roll$3.75
R3. Salmon Avocado Roll$5.50
R4. Philadelphia Rollsmoked salmon, cream cheese$5.50
R5. Boston Rollshrimp, lettuce, cucumber & mayo$5.00
R6. Eel Avocado Roll$6.00
R7. Eel Cucumber Roll$5.50
R8. Spicy Tuna Roll$5.00
R9. Shitake Cucumber Rollmushroom, cucumber$4.95
R10. Oshinko Rollpickled radish$3.50
R11. Kampyo Rollsweet squash$3.50
R12. Tuna Avocado Roll$5.50
R13. Crunchy Spicy Salmon Roll$5.50
R14. Salmon Skin Roll$4.50
R15. Yellowtail Scallion Roll$6.25
R16. Yellowtail Jalapeno Roll$5.50
R17. Salmon Jalapeno Roll$6.50
R18. Vegetable Tempura Rollsweet potato, taro, pumpkin$5.50
R19. Vegetable Rollyamagobo, avocado, cucumber$5.50
R20. Cucumber Roll$3.50
R21. Avocado Roll$3.50
R22. A. Avocado Cucumber Roll$3.50
R22. B. Sweet Potato Tempura Roll$5.50
R22. C. Peanut Avocado Roll$3.95
R22. D. Inari Roll$4.95
R22. E. Carrot & Cucumber Roll$4.95
R22. F. White Tuna Cucumber Roll$4.95
R22. G. Mini Shrimp Tempura Roll$6.50
Lunch Special Platter
Lunch. Mon-Fri From 10:30am-4:00pm. Served With Miso Soup Or Salad
Sushi Regular5pcs assorted sushi and 1 california roll$11.95
Sushi Deluxe6pcs assorted sushi and 1 spicy tuna roll$12.50
Sashimi Regular9 pcs assorted sashimi$12.00
Sashimi Deluxe12 pcs assorted sashimi$13.50
Salmon Box4 pcs sushi, 1 salmon avocado roll$12.50
Chirashi Sushi9 pcs assorted sashimi over rice$12.50
Tri Color Sushi Or Sashimi2 pcs tuna, 2 pcs salmon, 2 yellowtail$19.50
Sushi And Sashimi Lunch4 pcs assorted sushi,4 pcs assorted sashimi, california rolls$14.95
Unagi Doneel over rice$11.95
Lunch. Lunch Time: Mon-Fri: 10:30am-4:00pm. Served With Miso Soup, Salad, Vegetable And Hibachi Noodle Or Hibachi Rice.
H1. Hibachi Mixed Vegetable$10.00
H2. Hibachi Chickenchicken breast$10.00
H3. Hibachi Steak$11.00
H4. Short Rib$11.00
H5. Hibachi Salmon$11.00
H6. Hibachi Black Cod Fish$13.00
H7. Hibachi Chilean Sea Bass$22.99
H8. Hibachi Shrimp$11.00
H1. Hibachi Mixed Vegetableno shrimp appetizer$12.75
H2. Hibachi Chickenchicken breast$14.50
H3. Hibachi Steak$16.99
H4. Hibachi Beef Short Rib$16.99
H5. Hibachi Salmon$17.50
H6. Hibachi Scallop$22.99
H7. Hibachi Black Cod Fish$22.99
H8. Hibachi Chilean Sea Bass$22.99
H9. Hibachi Shrimp$16.99
H10. Hibachi Filet Mignon$21.99
H11. Steak & Chicken$19.99
H12. Shrimp & Chicken$19.99
H13. Steak & Shrimp$19.99
H14. Steak & Salmon$19.99
H15. Filet Mignon & Lobster$25.99
H16. Surf & Turf Deluxelobster, filet mignon & shrimp$29.99
H17. Smoked Salmon Fried Rice$10.00
H18. Hibachi House Fried Riceshrimp, chicken, beef, egg and vegetable$9.50
H19. Hibachi Lo Meinchoice of chicken, beef or shrimp$9.50
H20. Hibachi Side Fried Rice$2.99
H21. Hibachi Fried Ricechoice of chicken, beef or vegetable$6.99
Party Specials
Take Out Or Delivery
P1 Platter12 rolls and 1 edamame: 3 california rolls, 2 eel cucumber rolls,3 boston rolls, 1 spicy tuna roll, 1 crunchy spicy salmon roll, 1 salmon avocado roll, 1 alaskan roll$49.99
P2 Platter24 rolls and 3 edamame: 5 california rolls, 5 eel cucumber rolls,5 boston rolls,2 shrimp cucumber rolls, 2 spicy tuna roll, 2 crunchy spicy salmon rolls, 3 salmon avocado roll, 1 alaskan roll$99.99
P3 Platterhibachi vegetable noodle$29.99
P4 Platterhibachi vegetable rice$29.99
P5 Plattergeneral tso's chicken$49.99
P6 Platterchicken broccoli$39.99
Party A3 california rolls, 2 tuna avocado rolls, 2 alaskan rolls, 2 eel cucumber rolls, 2 avocado cucumber rolls$35.99
Party Brainbow roll, tuna roll, 22pcs assorted sushi$55.95
Party Cyellowtail scallion roll, california roll, tuna avocado roll, salmon avocado roll, 30pcs assorted sashimi, 1 edamame$65.95
Taste Of Asian Cuisine
Lunch / Dinner. Bento Box: Served With Veggie Spring Roll, White Rice, Miso Soup, California Roll
Chickenwith broccoli$12.95 - $10.25
Chickenwith cashew nuts$10.25 - $12.95
Chickenwith mushroom$10.25 - $12.95
Chickenwith string bean$10.25 - $12.95
Chickenwith eggplant$10.25 - $12.95
Sesame Chicken$10.25 - $12.95
Sweet And Sour Chicken$10.25 - $12.95
Chickenwith asparagus$10.25 - $12.95
Steamed Tofu And Mixed Vegetable$10.25 - $12.95
Chickenwith black bean sauce$12.95 - $10.25
Chickenwith hot pepper sauce$12.95 - $10.25
Chickenwith garlic sauce$12.95 - $10.25
Chickenwith mixed vegetables$12.95 - $10.25
General Tso's Chicken$14.95 - $10.99
Diced Chicken And Shrimp Combo$14.95 - $10.99
Beef Broccoli$14.95 - $10.99
Pepper Steak$10.99 - $14.95
Beefwith string bean$14.95 - $10.99
Beefwith oyster sauce$14.95 - $10.99
Beefwith ginger and scallions$14.95 - $10.99
Shrimpwith hot pepper sauce$14.95 - $10.99
Kung Po Shrimp$14.95 - $10.99
Shrimpwith cashew nuts$14.95 - $10.99
Curry Shrimp In Curry Sauce$14.95 - $10.99
Shrimpwith black bean sauce$14.95 - $10.99
Shrimp Broccoli$10.99 - $14.95
Shrimpwith string beans$10.99 - $14.95
Shrimpwith asparagus$10.99 - $14.95
Chef's Special Roll One
21. Fantastic Rollfresh salmon, tuna, yellowtail, cucumber, avocado and masago inside, roll up with special seaweed and chef's special sauce.$12.00
22. Hawaii Rainbow Rollchilean sea bass, tempura, scallion inside, topped with four color tobiko.$11.00
23. Best Of Best Rollspicy salmon, avocado, cucumber inside, topped with tuna and eel$13.00
24. Green Dragon Rolleel, cucumber inside, topped with avocado, tobiko & special sauce$14.00
25. Black Dragon Rollsnow crabmeat, avocado, cucumber, topped with eel.$14.00
26. Naruto Rollchoice of tuna, salmon, yellowtail, eel with avocado, tobiko, crabmeat wrapped in thin sliced cucumber.$12.00
27. Dynamite Rollspicy yellowtail, avocado inside topped with spicy kani crunchy.$11.25
28. Spicy Boy Rollspicy yellowtail, avocado inside topped with spicy scallop, crunchy.$13.00
29. Spicy Girl Rollspicy salmon, spicy yellowtail and avocado inside topped with spicy tuna and tempura flakes.$11.00
30. Alaska King Crab Rollalaska king crab, asparagus, cream cheese inside topped with eel and avocado, tobiko, crunchy, honey wasabi sauce and eel sauce.$15.00
31. Tuna Lover Rollspicy tuna and avocado, topped with crunchy spicy tuna$11.00
32. Spicy Lover Rollblack pepper tuna, avocado inside topped with spicy salmon, special honey wasabi sauce and spicy mayo sauce.$11.00
33. Mango Deluxemango, spicy salmon, tobiko & crunchy, topped with eel & sweet shrimp.$13.00
34. Sex On The Beachlobster salad, inside topped with tuna, sweet shrimp, avocado and chef's special sauce.$13.00
35. Valentine Rollcrabmeat, avocado, cucumber, topped with spicy tuna.$11.00
36. Angel Rollblackened tuna, tobiko, asparagus, radish sprouts, topped with yellowtail, salmon, eel salmon roe, scallion, crunchy tempura and chef's special sauce.$16.00
37. New York Rollspicy tuna, crunchy inside, topped with eel , fresh salmon, sliced avocado and flying fish roe.$13.00
38. Fuzzy Yellowtail Rollyellowtail, cucumber, scallion topped w/ spicy yellowtail & crunchy.$14.00
39. Dancing Eelbbq eel, shitake, cucumber inside, topped with eel.$14.00
40. Lobster Fantastic Rollsmoked salmon, eel, cream cheese, soba and mango inside, topped with lobster salad and house special sauce$13.00
41. Fashion Rollspicy lobster, yellowtail jalapeno topped with tobiko, fresh scallion and avocado.$14.00
42. Volcanospicy crunchy scallop and avocado inside, topped with sweet shrimp, tobiko and avocado.$13.00
43. Fancy Rollsea urchin, eel inside, topped with tuna, salmon, avocado & tobiko.$13.00
44. Wasabi Rollspicy tuna, crunchy inside, wasabi tobiko, black tobiko on top.$11.25
45. Red Phoenixshrimp tempura inside, crunchy spicy tuna on top$12.00
46. Shrimp Tempura Rollshrimp, cucumber, mayo & masago with rice on the outside$6.50
47. Spicy Crunchy Scallop Rollmaki$10.00
48. Rainbow Rollcrabmeat, avocado, cucumber inside, top w/salmon and yellowtail, white fish$12.00
Hot Entrees
Served With Miso Soup Or Salad And White Rice. * Spicy
Tofu & Shrimp Teriyaki$12.75
Salmon Teriyaki$15.95
Beef Negimaki$14.95
Beef Teriyaki$14.95
Chicken Teriyaki$14.50
Salmon Teriyaki$18.75
Shrimp And Vegetable Tempura$18.75
Black Cod Teriyaki$19.99
Filet Mignon Teriyaki$21.00


Osaka Japanese Cuisine was first established in 2007. Their first location and also the place of their current headquarters is in Collierville, Tennessee. It is a privately owned company, and the principal owner is Dinh Q. Le.

They currently have 4 different locations in Tennessee. There’s one in Collierville, in Memphis and in Cordova. They also have another location in Mississippi.


The restaurant does not take reservations. Seating is on a first-come, first-serve basis. As for the overall ambience, it’s one that’s casual yet refined. It’s a great spot for dining out with family or even for gatherings with friends.

The food is impeccable. Their seafood is fresh and well-seasoned. Every item on the menu is prepared well and cooked to perfection. The servings are enough to satisfy any cravings one may have for Japanese food.

Their specialties include hibachi (grilled food) and sushi. The rolls are also very popular items on the menu, too. The bestsellers are the Osaka roll and the spicy crawfish roll.

Wait times are generally short. On busier days and during lunch/dinner rush, service time may be a little longer. Phone orders for pick-up are accepted.

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