Krystal Menu Prices


Krystal’s is an American Fast Food burger chain from Tennessee. The company is named after their signature burger, the Krystal. It is a cheap and clean food chain. Centered mostly in the American south, this franchise has survived since 1932, and was able to flourish, even during the depression. The franchise is head quartered in Atlanta Georgia.

The restaurant has an interesting menu, with a variety of food options for families of all types. There are burgers, softs drinks, wings, and even some ice cream milkshakes. The stores tend to be very tidy and clean. Another plus is that restaurants offer free Wi-Fi. In addition, there is even a hall of fame for well-known customers of the company.



Original Scrambler - Combo$4.49
Low Carb Scrambler - Combo$3.99
Sausage Gravy Scrambler - Combo$4.69
3 Egg Breakfast - Plate$4.99
Sausage Gravy Biscuit - Plate$3.49
2 Sunrisers - Combo$3.99
Breakfast Toast Sandwich - Combo$3.99
Breakfast Biscuit - Combo$3.99
Chik Biscuit - Combo$3.99

Krystal Combos

Combo Includes Medium Side & Drink
4 Original Krystals - Combo$5.69
3 Double Krystals - Combo$6.29
3 Triple Krystals - Combo$6.99
5 Cheese Krystals - Combo$7.39
3 Bacon & Cheese Krystals - Combo$6.29
3 Loaded Krystals - Combo$6.29

Value Packs

Combo Includes 2 Medium Sides & 2 Medium Drinks
12 Krystal Sackful - Combo$13.49
Krystal Burger - Only12 Pc.$8.99
Cheese Krystal Burger - Only12 Pc.$10.99
Krystal Burger - Only24 Pc.$16.99
Cheese Krystal Burger - Only24 Pc.$19.99
Krystal Burger - Only48 Pc.$31.99
Wings12 Pc.$8.99
Wings24 Pc.$16.99
Wings48 Pc.$31.99

Chik' & Pup' Combos

Combo Includes Medium Side & Drink
3 Chiks - Combo$5.99
3 Pups - Combo (Choose Any 3)$5.99
Corn Pup$1.39
Wings - Combo6 Pc.$6.99

Kid's Meals

Meal Includes Side, Drink & Desert Treat
Krystal Burger - Meal$3.49
Krystal Chik - Meal$3.49
Pup - Meal$3.49


French FriesSmall$1.59
French FriesMedium$1.99
French FriesLarge$2.19
Chili Cheese Fries$2.89
Chili BowlLarge (12 oz.)$2.39
Hashbrown Kryspers$0.99


Apple Turnover$0.99


Soft DrinkSmall$1.59
Soft DrinkMedium$1.79
Soft DrinkLarge$1.99
Iced TeaSmall$1.59
Iced TeaMedium$1.79
Iced TeaLarge$1.99
Tea1/2 Gallon$2.49
Signature Coffee16 oz.$1.39
Orange Juice$1.59
Bottled Water$1.59
Arctic Blast$2.19
Milkshake (Chocolate, Vanilla, or Strawberry)$3.29


Krystal’s is one of the oldest fast food restaurants in America. Its history has deep roots in Depression Era America. The companies’ two founders, Rody Davenport and J. Glen Sharill felt that people would still come to them for food, despite the terrible economic climate at the time. They knew they would succeed if the store that was clean, that the staff were incredibly hospitable, and that they offered the lowest possible price for a meal. They made their signature burger, the Krystal, which was an onion flavored burger smaller than most others at the time.

Their first restaurant was located in Chattonnooga, Tennessee, in 1932. Despite the fact there was a depression going on, the company sustained itself. More than sustained even, it was bustling with business. The restaurant was usually packed, and several orders had to be ‘to go’. Krystal soon expanded rapidly. However, they face stiff competition with another Burger rival, White Castle.

An agreement was made between Krystal’s and White Castle made an agreement. They agreed to never compete head-to-head, and instead created a Mason-Dixon Line of burger restaurants.  White Castle in the northeast and Midwest and our Krystal’s in Alabama, Georgia, and most of the south. To this day both chains have an intense rivalry.

The franchise eventually grew. Drive through only restaurants were made throughout the 1950’s and 1960’s. The franchise experienced legal troubles from 1994-1997, from several lawsuits and lackluster profits. The restaurant was bought by Port Royals holdings and has focused on improving the company’s holdings in the South East of America. 


One thing that Krystal’s has emphasized since its conception in 1932 is its cleanliness and hygiene. Staff members spend considerable time making sure their restaurants are presentable and pretty. Because of this, the restaurants look very clean. Good service is empathized equally, and staff tend to be gracious and kind.

The ambiance is very simple. Dining furniture is made up of simple tables, soft chairs and metal floors. While very clean, the actual restaurant is all about efficiently ordering food. It’s still nice to eat inside the restaurant. The waiting time is very short, but it peeks around lunch time. There are only locations centered in the US South East.

The food of Krystal is incredibly cheap. One Krystal is less than $1.00, and a few other types of meals are about as cheap. There is a lot of variety in Krystal’s menu. The store still has several recommended menu items. There are some interesting breakfast items, such as the Chik Biscuit for $4.00. Or other breakfast items like the 2 Sunrisers combo also for $4.00.

There are kid’s items available for those families with Children. The price of all kids’ meal are under $4.00. Other interesting meal options offered are 12 Krystal Stickful for $14.00, and the 12 piece wing combo for $9.00. One treat offered is the apple turn over for $1.00. Overall, the franchise has several options to choose from. Some of them being very cheap.


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