26 Fruits That Start With S

Looking for fruit that starts with the letter S? We’ve put together this list of unique and delicious fruits.

Everyone knows about Strawberries, they are a common topping to cakes or pies. They can be found in jellies, jams, and even wine! But do you know many other fruits that start with the letter S?

Whether you’re looking for something readily available at your local supermarket or something a little more exotic, we’ve got you covered. Check out this list of fruits that start with S and see if you can find a new favorite!



The salmonberry is a red, silver or yellow colored fruit with delicious-tasting flesh. You’re likely to find these in July and August. This fruit is often used to make jelly or jam. It’s best to pick the ones that are slightly firm and unbruised.

They are easily identifiable by their flesh color and their shape, which is similar to a cherry. The juice has a very distinct taste that just can’t be found in any other fruit. I use them in salads and sauces.



Salal is a Native American name for the spruce tree. It’s also known as Oregon grape and is a favorite of native Americans from Alaska, Washington and Oregon.

Salal fruit is usually eaten as a snack by the Salish, who also make wine from it. But you can also use it to flavor foods such as stew and salads, or mask strong smells on meat. Salal can be found in July, August and September. I ate them for the first time on a camping trip and was surprised by their flavor.

Star Fruit

The star fruit is a fleshy, bright-colored fruit with easily recognizable five points. It’s the size of a large grape and grows in tropical regions such as South America; Central America; and Southeast Asia, often near coastlines.

The seeds are edible, but some people don’t eat them because they can be tough. It’s hard to tell from their appearance alone whether they have seeds or not.So when cutting into them make sure you check carefully for seeds before you eat any part of it.

Its taste is a little bit acidic, but when eaten alone it tastes like nothing. When mixed with other fruits and vegetables, such as lime juice or coconut, it becomes a desirable food item.

I use them in salads and sauces. Its flavor is strong so a few slices go a long way. They’re juicy and taste great.


Salak is a Southeast Asian fruit that is usually greenish yellow or purplish black in color, but can be white or red. It’s similar to a cucumber, with a slight sweet taste. It’s made up of numerous seeds like cucumber and can also be juicy.

I love them because they are different from most fruits that I eat. I use them in salads and sauces.

Saigon Mango

Saigon mango is a large, round fruit with a smooth skin and an intensely sweet taste. It can be eaten raw or used in cooking. It’s generally found all year long.

I love them because they resemble the taste of other mango varieties, but are smaller, making them easier to handle. I use them in salads and sauces. I also like to make milkshake out of it.


The safou is a tree-borne fruit that is purple in color and can be found in East Africa. It’s kind of similar to a cherry or an apricot, but unlike those fruits it doesn’t have pits. I love them because they are sweeter than other fruits, and get their sweetness from the seeds.

I eat them with ice cream or in my coffee every time I make that drink without fail. A good way to tell if a fruit is ripe is by smelling it. If you smell no rotten smell, then it’s safe to eat.

Sweet Orange

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A sweet orange is a bright orange-colored fruit with an acidic taste. It contains a lot of juice, which can be eaten fresh with a spoon or processed to make orange juice. Sweet oranges are the most popular fruit in the United States, and they’re enjoyed year-round by people all over the United States.

They’re often used to make marmalade and garnishes as well as being eaten raw. Since they contain so much juice, many people freeze their

oranges to use later when creating desserts and drinks.

Sugar Apple

A sugar apple is a type of apple that is a cross between a muskmelon and an orange. Like muskmelons, they are used in drinks, both alcoholic and nonalcoholic. As with other melons, they contain a lot of juice, which can be used to make other recipes or freeze for later.

I like Sugar Apple because they are full of flavor, they taste good and they’re sweet and juicy. I use them to make juice, smoothies, salsa and guacamole. Sugar apples can be frozen, too. They are used in a lot of beverages, with teas and smoothies being my favorite. While buying sugar apples, make sure they are ripe.

Strawberry Guava

Strawberry guavas are a hybrid of a pear and a mango. They will contain the flavor of strawberries with the creaminess of ripe apricots or mangoes. These fruit are popular in Mexico because it’s hard to find other fruits that can match their texture, crunch and sweetness. They are often served as a dessert, or used in salads.

I like Strawberries guava because they taste very yummy, they have fresh juice which is one of my favorite things to eat especially on weekends you can also eat them plain.

Stinking Bishop Pear

The Stinking Bishop is a pear-shaped fruit with brownish-yellow skin and a white and green flesh. It’s small to medium sized fruit that contains tangy, sweet tasting flesh with a floral scent to it. The taste differs from one pear to the next. Some Stinking Bishops are mild, others are so sour that they can be used as a marinade for meat or fish to give them an acidic flavor.

I like Stinking Bishops because they have an exotic flowery smell, they have small seeds and their juice is very tasty. They taste like lemons with an acidic flavor at the same time.

Star Apple

Star Apples are a cross between a pear and an apricot. They are often used in cooking and as an ingredient in salads, desserts and pies, especially on holidays when they are served with whipped cream or ice cream.

I like Star Apples because they taste very good, they have little seeds and the taste of the apple cake that I made from these apples was delicious.


A seagrape is found in the Canary Islands of Africa and the West Indies. Their skin is usually green in color, but various forms of red and purple are also found. The flesh is often pale green or yellow, but can be white or pinkish-red/purple. It looks like a lime with thin, wavy skin.

This citrus fruit contains a lot of juice that can be used for cooking and for making beverages, such as juice cocktails or simple composed drinks. They have small seeds that contribute to their tanginess. I like Seagrapes because they have more flavor than an ordinary grapefruit and less acid than an ordinary lime.

Sour Satsumacherry

Satsumas are a type of mandarin, which is a small citrus fruit. They are green and contain a lot of juice with seeds. They can be eaten fresh or used in salads and drinks as well as being dried for later use.

Satsumas have a different taste than other mandarins because they aren’t quite as acidic and sour tasting. I like Satsumas because they taste good, they have orange juice and are easy to peel.

Strawberry Jamoona

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A Jamoona is an exotic, fruit that has an appearance similar to that of an apple or pear. It is found in the Arabian peninsula as well as in parts of Asia. In Arabic, the fruit is known as ajwa and in Urdu it’s called Ajwain .

It is used in Arabic cooking, such as baklava, because of its texture and fragrance. I like Jamoonas because they are full of flavor, their taste is different than any other fruit. They’re often used to make jams or alcoholic drinks like wine.

Shonan Gold

A Shonan Gold is a type of apple that was developed and cultivated in Japan. This apple has a thin skin and flesh that’s crisp and very sweet. It tastes more like an American apple than a Japanese apple.

I like Shonan Gold because they are pretty, their flesh is sweet, the juice does not contain seeds and it can be eaten raw or cooked.

Seville Orange

Seville Oranges are a citrus fruit that are usually orange in color. They have an acidic taste and lots of juice, which can be removed by squeezing the fruit or using crushing machines. Seville oranges are commonly found in the States, particularly during the winter and the holidays.

They’re often used to make marmalade, cakes and candies as well as being eaten raw because they taste good and have a strong flavor. I like Seville Oranges because they’re another citrus fruit full of flavor and contain a lot of juice for making juices for drinking or for cooking with.


Sapodillas have hard outer skin and whitish flesh with sweet, juicy center. They’re often used in desserts like pies or cakes because they have a great taste with the right amount of acidity.

I like Sapodilla because they’re easy to peel, taste very good and their flavor is really sweet. I eat Sapodilla plain sometimes or I use it to make juice or in desserts. The reason I like eating them plain is because they’re very juicy and you can feel the sweetness on your tongue when you eat them without anything else

Sunset Apple

Sunset Apples are a type of apple that are usually red in color and have a tangy flavor. They are used to make juice and thus can be an important fruit for cooking.

I like Sunset Apples because they taste very good and they have a nice color, it’s easy to peel them. They are my favorite fruit because of their taste and color.



Sunberry is one of the earliest known types of wild fruit. This red or yellow fruit is a cousin to the lingonberry. They are in season from July through September and are eaten fresh, often as dessert or used in pies.

I like Sunberries because they have a nice shape and smell, there’s also a lot of seeds that make them very yummy. I eat them for breakfast sometimes also for dinner with cream cheese or berries and jam on top.


The salal is a shrub of the heath family found along the Pacific coast. The fruit of this plant is small, red to orange-red (sometimes yellow) and crispy in texture. The fruit can be eaten fresh, used to make marmalade and as an ingredient in cakes.

I like Salal because they have a nice shape, taste very good and their color is delicious. they are used to make jam and they also taste great in cakes.

Sunset Mango

A Mango is a soft, oval-shaped fruit that grows on a tree. The flesh of the mango is yellow-orange and the blocky stone is pale green in color. Its aroma and flavor differs from region to region. Mango juice has lots of flavor and is used for cooking purposes.

I like Mangoes because they are delicious, have lots of seeds and their taste can be used to make juices or jams. They’re also good to eat with cereal in the morning.


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Strawberry is a sweet, edible fruit that grows on plants of the genus “Fragaria” and belongs to the rose family. The skin of the strawberry is dull red to white in color. The sweet flesh is yellow with a red spot if it has been damaged by frost. This fruit may also be called strawberry jam, but it contains no jam or jelly as its name might imply.

Strawberry is often picked before it ripens, since the fruit can be subject to rot and spoilage if not harvested in time. Strawberry makes a good addition to cakes, pies and pastries because it adds sweetness without too much sugar. I use them in cakes, sometimes I eat them alone or with a lot of powder sugar and milk. I like Strawberry because there’s many different kinds of them, they come in different sizes, shapes and colors. You can also make a lot of things with them like fruit salads or cereal.

Splendor Apple

Splendor apples are a type of apple that have a light yellow color with red stripes on the skin. They also have more pulp than other varieties of apples and they taste sweeter.

I like Splendor apples because they’re big, pretty and easy to peel. I eat them as snacks or alone sometimes and also with peanut butter or cheese on top.


Soncoya fruits are native to the West Indies, where they are usually eaten raw by children. This fruit has a rough exterior and a sweet center.

I like Soncoya because they’re easy to peel, the flesh is solid and the flavor is sweet. They are very good for eating or in salads or cakes. I make a cake with Soncoya. They are delicious.


Sarvisberries are a species of small tree in the rose family. The fruit is orange, round and of high quality. It is commonly eaten raw or used to make jams.

I like Sarvisberries because the taste is very sweet and very juicy. The color is also very beautiful, so I think that this fruit looks good too. It is used to make jam and I like it with cream cheese on top.


Santol is a tropical fruit that has a sweet smell and flavor. It is found in the Philippines, Southeast Asia and China.

I like Santol because the color is beautiful, it’s easy to peel, the taste is very sweet and it smells great. Santol can be eaten as a snack or as a dessert sometimes with ice cream. It is used to make jam and it’s good in juices and cakes too


This was our comprehensive list for Fruits That Start With S. Have you tried any from this list? Let me know in the comments section.

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