16 Fruits That Start With T

Looking for fruit that starts with the letter T? We’ve put together this list of unique and delicious fruits.

Everyone knows about Tomatoes, they are often on sandwiches or salads. They can be great in sauces as well! But do you know many other fruits that start with the letter T?

Whether you’re looking for something readily available at your local supermarket or something a little more exotic, we’ve got you covered. Check out this list of fruits that start with T and see if you can find a new favorite!



Tomatoes have been grown for hundreds of years in almost every part of the United States and other parts of the world . Tomatoes are fruits which grow in clusters at the end of a stem, or vine. There are many varieties of tomatoes; some are smaller than others and some can be used for eating, others for cooking and others for various kinds of dishes.

They are delicious. I use them in my favorite soup and in a lot of my favorite recipes. My mom makes a great salsa that I just love. The red tomato is an amazing fruit. I simply use them in salads , as toppings to my pizza or simply use them to make gravies.


The tamarillo is an easy to grow fruit which grows on a stalk. This fruit is similar in shape and size to the tomato. When ripe, a tamarillo will be very yellow in color. The flesh of the tamarillo is slightly sticky and has a sweet, slightly milky taste. I like this fruit because it grows easily, so you can pick them right off the vine just when they get ripe.

Tamarillos can be used in different dishes or eaten as they are. They are also helpful and tasty when added to salads or other meals that do not require cooking. I use them as toppings for pizzas and sometimes I just eat them raw.


The tangelo is the result of cross pollination between the tangerine and the pomelo. One side of the fruit is usually yellow and the other side can be red or orange. Tangelos are easy to peel, have lots of juice, are small in size, have very few seeds and make delicious juice .

They are my favorite fruits to pick during summers because they are just so juicy, sweet and sour at the same time. I use them in fruit salads, as juices and other drinks. Together with oranges, they make a great dessert.

Tachibana Orange

Close-up of Fruits in Bowl

The Tachibana orange is easy to peel, has a thin layer of skin and has a sweet taste. They are very sour and acidic.

I use this fruit in salads and as juices. I love it because its acidity goes well with my usual spicy meal. It gives me a refreshing feeling as it makes way through my throat while eating.


A tamarind is a tropical fruit which has a brown skin and a sweet, sticky pulp. The pulp is surrounded by an inedible shell. The pulp is often used in soups and sauces, as well as many other dishes, due to its sweet taste.

When buying tamarinds, make sure the ones you are getting are not dried out or torn. It is used in southern India for making curry. I use it often in my favorite curry dishes. I tried lots of delicious tamarind gravies during my trip to South India.

Tart Cherry

It is found in North America and grows in many parts of the world, especially in South America. They are also called sour cherries, tarty cherries and tart-sweet cherries. They are small in size and their skin is bright red to purple. This is a hard little fruit with a very tart taste. Even though it’s not very big in size, it is filled with juice.

The fruit is sold fresh or frozen. People use it in desserts, in juices and other drinks. I like to make different juices with it.



It is the fruit of the amaryllis. An amaryllis is a large, white tuberous root, used as a vegetable and in making root beer. The Terap grows in Asia and is used in Thailand, Japan and China as a food. It was introduced to North Americans by the Asian communities of California.

I use this fruit to make juices at home or eat juice that I make for my kids with it. I like it because its freshness gives me a lot of energy .


The tangerine is a small, bittersweet fruit. It has a thin skin and it is easy to peel. It is usually orange in color and its skin can be either smooth or rough. I use it often in my juices, like I did with the other fruit. I love to have fresh tangerine juice .

I also love eating them as they are and often enjoy them as dessert after my main meal at home or when I’m out for dinner with friends .


A tayberry is a cross between the red raspberry and the blackberry. It is small in size, has a bright red color to it and has black seeds at its core. It is very sweet in taste and can be eaten raw or cooked in different ways.

I like eating them raw the most because they are so sweet I get addicted to their taste. they are easily available in the markets so I like to pick them up and serve them to my kids.

Tommy Atkins Mango

Tommy Atkins mango is a mango tree which originated from the Indian Sub-continent. It was first introduced to North Americans by the Asian Communities of California. They are easy to peel, have no seeds and are juicy.

I have grown a few of these trees in my backyard and they grow very fast so I usually pick them while they still have green leaves on them and cut them down so I can have fresh mango juice when I need it and they’ve grown a bit long but they still work just fine.

Topaz Apple

Topaz Apple are small and require only light pruning to get started. They are very pretty in color as they turn into a deep red or maroon color when ripe. When eaten, they have a delicate, sweet taste that makes you want to eat more of them and more often .

I like this fruit because it is very sweet . I like to eat fresh topaz apples with peanut butter or nutella and enjoy their taste at home or when I pick them up during my travels .

Totapuri Mango

yellow mango

Totapuri mango is a cross between the Indian gooseberry and the mango. A totapuri is an ornamental tree which was introduced to North America by Asian Communities to California.

I use it as a summer fruit because I can easily find this mango during the season. I like it because it is sweet and juicy at the same time . I tend to eat it in those times when we are having a get together or with some of my friends just because they are so delicious

Taylor’s Gold Pear

Fresh healthy pear on white surface

Taylor’s Gold pear is a small, juicy, yellow fruit that has a soft texture and sweet, tart taste. It grows on a tree that is very hardy and can also be grown in pots.

I use this fruit for making small pastries with them or perhaps just eating them with some of my other fruits or savory foods . I like to eat it raw because it tastes so good .

Texas Persimmon

Close-up Shot of a Fruit on White Surface

The Texas persimmon is a true native of North America. It has a thick, orange rind, with the skin becoming yellow when ripe. The Texas persimmon is the state fruit of Texas, so the name was given because of its association with the state.

I use it for making juices and for my kids’ desserts or adding it to different dishes . I like to eat them raw because they are sweet and juicy . They are very easy to cut down in size and one can either eat them as a snack or add them to one’s pudding .


A thimbleberry is a fruit that is usually red, but it can also be purple. It ends in three points and its skin doesn’t have any bumps on it. It has a thin, tough rind.

I like them because they are very sour and they are very sweet , Its taste is unusual and I like to eat them as they are . I prefer to eat them all year round because they don’t go off or lose flavor even after months when kept in a refrigerator .


Tangor is a bright red, soft fruit with edible skin that contains orange flesh. It is eaten raw or cooked and its flavor is described as similar to a combination of apricots and pine apples .

I use it for making juices at home which I enjoy very much. I also enjoy eating these fruits in my favorite curry dishes or just having them as they are .


This was our comprehensive list for Fruits That Start With T. Have you tried any from this list? Let me know in the comments section.

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