31 Fruits That Start With B

Looking for fruit that starts with the letter B? We’ve put together this list of unique and delicious fruits.

Everyone knows about Bananas, they are often used in smoothies or mixed into cereal. They are a great source of potassium. But do you know many other fruits that start with the letter B?

Whether you’re looking for something readily available at your local supermarket or something a little more exotic, we’ve got you covered. Check out this list of fruits that start with B and see if you can find a new favorite!



On my trip to Costa Rica, I discovered the Babaco fruit (also known as a “camu camu”) and loved it. In some countries, Babaco is called a “tree pineapple.” This fruit looks very similar to a pineapple, but its taste is more sour than sweet.

One of the most interesting things about the babaco is that it is a type of “loco” fruit. This means to get the fruit to taste great, you must eat it off the plant—not from a box.


Also called “Batu,” the batuan is a type of fruit found in the Philippines. Although the Batuan tastes very similar to a lychee, this fruit is shaped differently and has a tough skin. The Batuan closely resembles the durian fruit in size, shape, and color.

It is used to make a type of wine, and is also used to make jam and jelly. This fruit has deep red flesh, a white covering, and brown seeds.


Known as the “bird’s eye apple,” bilimbi is a small citrus fruit also found in Southeast Asia. Similar to a lychee, the bilimbi has a sweet, juicy flesh and its shape is like a pomelo.

The bilimbi is used to make preserves, jellies, and wine. It is found only in northern Thailand, Burma, and the Philippines. We can’t forget the fruit’s name is “bird’s eye” because of the appearance of the seeds. The bilimbi is usually grown near other trees to help prevent it from rotting.

Black Sapote

A true tropical delight, the black sapote is a beautifully sculptured fruit. The black sapote is usually spherical with a dark green skin, although some varieties are more deeply colored than others.

The flesh of the black sapote looks like it has a jelly consistency and is extremely sweet, often likened to that of a mango. This fruit has soft seeds that add an extra crunch to your dessert.


Blueberries are small fruits that grow on shrubs. The blueberry has deep-pink skin and is covered in glands and tiny hairs.

The fruit is excellent for baking and eating as a snack and it makes a wonderful addition to smoothies, muffins, pancakes, or yogurt. Blueberries can be frozen for future use or made into a dessert sauce by cooking them into syrup. Although blueberries are usually enjoyed fresh, they can also be dried thoroughly in the oven at a low temperature to preserve them for later use.

Brazil Nut

I found the term “Brazil nut” confusing. In my mind, the only thing I thought about was Brazil and nuts. Because of this, I called it a “brazil bean.” When I went to Brazil and saw what was called a “Brazil nut,” I realized that it was not related to a bean at all!

The Brazil nut is a fruit from the cashew family. It has beautiful purple skin that is covered in kernels. Inside this fruit is another kernel that looks like a cashew nut. The most important part of the Brazil nut is not its taste or looks, but its health benefits.


The breadfruit is the world’s largest tree-grown fruit. It looks like a tan, round fruit with thick, green skin. You may have seen this fruit in Disney’s movie “Tarzan.” The yellowish or light-pink flesh inside of this fruit is starchy and can be eaten raw or cooked. Breadfruit tastes a little like potato with a unique flavor you will love!

Today, breadfruit is used to make many dishes and desserts including soups, tarts, pies, fritters, pancakes, waffles and ice cream. You can also add it to cereal or eat it as an ingredient in stir-fry dishes or mashed potatoes.

Bacuri Fruit

The bacuri fruit is part of the acai family of fruits. The fruit itself looks like a reddish-purple berry with white flesh inside. The bacuri fruit has a sweet, citrusy flavor and is a bit tangier than the acai.

You can eat the fruit whole or make juice out of it. Some people use the seeds to make a type of flour you can use to bake bread and cakes. The bacuri fruit grows in Southern Brazil, Paraguay, and Northern Argentina.


The biriba fruit is also known as a “miracle fruit.” It originates in Central Africa and is also grown in Brazil and the Caribbean. You can find this fruit in many different colors including orange, yellow, red and purple.

The birsiba is a berry that grows on a tree native to Mozambique, Madagascar, Angola, Tanzania, Ghana and Puerto Rico. The flavor of the birsiba consists of both sweet and sour ingredients which make it an excellent addition to your diet for several reasons.

Beach Plum

Also called the “Pomelo,” the beach plum is a citrus fruit native to South Africa. The fruit is usually red or orange and has a thin, hard skin.

Although you may not have heard of it before, I bet you’ve tried it because there are few things more refreshing than a slice of fresh pomelo on a hot summer day for breakfast! The pomelo is also used in salads, desserts and is sometimes juiced instead of lemon.

Black Cherry

The black cherry is a small tree fruit that is native to Asia, America and Northern Europe. It has an average size, dark purple skin and fleshy, bright red seeds.

The black cherry tastes sweet with notes of citrus and has a texture similar to the plum. You can find the black cherry in fresh or frozen forms at your local grocery store. They are excellent in pies, preserves, sauces, jams, desserts and dessert sauces.

Brazilian Guava

The Brazilian guava is a small fruit that is usually red in color. The fruit has many tiny seeds and a soft pit similar to the cherry. You may know this fruit as an “attalea” or a “tree tomato.”

Brazilian guava is used to make juice, jam, jelly, marmalade, ice cream and sherbet. You can also use it in desserts or add it to smoothies. If you purchase frozen Brazilian guava you will want to remove the plastic wrap because the fruit will freeze better without it.

Brush Cherry

The brush cherry has a large, greenish-yellow skin with a small red area in the middle. The fruit has a sweet, tart and acidic flavor and is usually eaten fresh from the tree. When you pick this fruit, you want to make sure not to put it in your pocket or leave it lying on the ground for too long because it will rot.

You can use the brush cherry in pies, salads, sauces or add them to any kind of dessert. You can also make juice from it.


The blackberry is a small fruit that is green or brown in color. The fruit grows on a bush that looks like a small tree. Blackberries are sweet and tart, but can be bitter when over picked.

You might have heard about the benefits of blackberries for your health. Eating blackberries has been shown to lower blood pressure and fight cancer, but remember to eat them in moderation as they are high in sugar.


The Beech nut is also called a chestnut. The fruit has light brown skin and a bitter, slightly sweet flavor. The beech nut is usually eaten fresh, but can be cooked into soups and stews.

It is found in Slovakia and Hungary, but can be found in other parts of Central Europe.

Its flavor is considered to be one of the best of the European chestnuts. I use them a lot for baking, but you can use these too, in all kinds of cereals and cookies.

Black Mulberry


The black mulberry is a small fruit that looks like a blackberry with a white or yellowish flesh. The fruit is dark purple when ripe.

The black mulberry is not the same as the tomato, but rather it is related to varieties of the fig which contains no seeds. In ancient Rome, they were served with roasts and stews, or dried and ground into powder. You can use them in pies, jams and stewed fruits. You can also make juice out of this fruit in season or freeze them to preserve them throughout the winter months.

Blood Orange

The blood orange is a small citrus fruit in the same family as lemons and oranges. The fruit looks like a miniature orange and has a light pink skin that is dark when it’s ripe.

You can use the juice from the blood orange in smoothies or make jam and jelly from it, you can also add them to salads or desserts! My favorite thing to do with blood oranges is peel them and eat them like an orange.


The Boysenberry is a blue-black fruit that can reach up to 10 inches long and has flesh that ranges from a light yellow to a deep purple.

The Boysenberry was introduced by the Boy Scouts in 1972, as part of a Camping Essentials Kit. The berries are tart, with a rich flavor – slightly tangy with sweet tones due to its high sugar content. It has a dark purple skin and is a very good source of dietary fiber. You can use them in all kinds of recipes, from jams and jellies, to pies, cakes and bread. The boysenberry is also great to make juice out of, it makes an excellent frozen juice drink for the summer time.


The Bael fruit, also known as the ‘Bilva’ (Aegle marmelos), is an ancient species of fruit tree native to India. This fruit has been spreading throughout Southeast Asia and is used in several types of cuisine from India to Thailand.

The Bael is a round green fruit that can grow as large as six inches long and contains a single seed about 2 inches wide. The flesh is bright yellow, with a mild flavor and crunchy texture much like water chestnuts. Its juice is high in nutrient and has a pleasant bitter taste. You can use the seed inside some desserts to add a crunchy texture to your food. Bael is also used in Ayurvedic Medicine.


The Bearberry is a small, dark red berry in the same family as the cranberry, blueberry and bilberry. The Bearberry tree is a small evergreen that grows in Europe, western and southern North America. The Bearberry tastes sour and has a fructose content.

You can make juice, jam or jelly out of them. They are also used in cooking for pies, cakes, and drinks. You can even cook them into a sauce or use the berries as the main ingredient in salads.

Betel Nut

The Betel Nut is a hard shell fruit that grows on a palm tree. The fruit comes from Southeast Asia, Japan and the Pacific Islands. There are two types of betel nuts: the green ones, which are considered raw and the red-brown ones, which are considered to be roasted.

You can get a mild euphoric feeling when you eat the betel nut because it contains an alkaloid called Areca Catechol (also known as catechol). I use it a lot in Asian inspired dishes, and I use it to add a crunchy texture.


The Bilberry is a small, dark blue to black fruit that you can use in smoothies, juices or desserts. The skin of the berry is very dark green, almost black and its flesh is usually a deep red color – it tastes slightly sweet with a sour zing.

I love using the fresh fruit in pies and jams but you can also use them to flavor baked goods like muffins and breads. It adds a crunchy texture that’s really nice too!

Black Raspberry

The Black Raspberry is a small, dark purple fruit that has white flesh and a tart taste. The black raspberry can be used in all kinds of dishes. Use them in pies and jams or to flavor your desserts

Use it in salads and blend it for drinks or smoothies. You can also add them to your oatmeal, cereal or yogurt to give it an extra boost of flavor.


Blueberries are round juicy berries with a sweet, sour taste that grows on bushes which are usually one to three feet high with leaves that grow opposite of each other. Blueberries used to grow wild throughout North America but now they’re cultivated commercially in the northern U.S., Canada, Europe, New Zealand and China.

It is used in making jams, cordials, and syrups and you can use it to flavor your favorite desserts like pies, cakes and tarts. Use them in smoothies or juice to add a sweet flavor. You can also use them in breads or rolls as a glaze for meats.


The black currant is a small plant that grows on a shrub. The berries are dark blue when they are ripe. The berries look like they have a purple skin, but the flesh underneath is purple and tastes sweet with a sour taste.

You can make drinks, desserts or puddings with the black currant. Use it in all kinds of sauces, like jams, jellies and pies. You can add it to your oatmeal or pancakes to give it an extra boost of flavor.


The bramble is a shrub that has black fruit on it and grows in the mountains of the northern hemisphere, especially in Asia and Europe. The berries are small, 1.5 to 2 centimeters each, round and orange-red when ripe.

Bramble berries goes from tangy to sweet as you chew them. They taste like a cross between blackberries and currants with a hint of chocolate. You can use them in making pies, jams or jellies or you can make a syrup out of them sweeten with honey.


The banana is the largest fruit in this list. It is the national flower of Venezuela and is also popular in Africa and South America. This fruit can be used to make all kinds of juices, jams, jellies, pies, puddings and smoothies.

It can be added to all kinds of dishes like oatmeal or cereal for breakfast or whole grain breads for lunch or dinner. You can also use it in salads and desserts to add sweetness to your food.


The strawberry-shaped fruit known as the Barbadine is grown in Central America and South America. It has a thin, berry that grows on a shrub. The Barbadine looks like a strawberry but it is yellowish-green with white flesh and sweet taste that has an aftertaste of pineapple.

You can use the Barbadine to make juices, pies, jellies and jams – they are great to add sweetness to your food. They also have antibacterial properties.

Barbados Cherry

The Barbados cherry is a small, edible fruit that looks like a cherry but tastes like a peach. It’s also called the orange sweetheart because of its curvy shape which resembles an hourglass.

You can use it in desserts, pies and drinks but they are great for garnishing foods as well. The Barbados cherry is used in Mediterranean, Indian and Middle Eastern dishes.


The barberry is a small fruit that grows on a bush. The berries have a sour taste and are usually red or pale yellow in color. You can use the barberries to make pies, jams and jellies but they taste best when they’re cooked into sauces, soups and stews – the sauce can be used over rice dishes as well.

It is also used in Eastern European and Middle Eastern cooking, especially in dishes like the Polish Barszcz. You can also use them to make syrup, so you can sweeten your favorite baked goods like breads and muffins.

Blood Lime

A blood lime is a fruit that looks like a lime but has a much stronger taste. It is sometimes called the dessert lime, and it resembles an ugli fruit. The citrus-flavored fruit has a thick, smooth skin with bright red flesh underneath.

You can use the blood limes as you would use regular limes – add them to your salads and beverages or use them to make desserts such as pies, candies and drinks.


This was our comprehensive list for Fruits That Start With B. Have you tried any from this list? Let me know in the comments section.

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