51 Foods That Start With Y

The thought of yogurt or yeast cake crosses your mind whenever you think of foods that start with letter Y. If you do your homework, you will realize that there are over 51 foods that begin with letter Y.

From the lighter and juicy yak jerky to the East coast snack, Yodels, these different varieties of foods are every foodie’s paradise.

Does your desire involve learning more about the different food varieties? Look no further. From common foods like yams to indigenous foods like Youtiao, here are 51 foods that begin with letter Y.


51 Foods That Begin With Letter Y

Some foods and drinks start with the letter Y. Some are common like yam and yolk. Other foods may sound new like Yodels or the Yali pear fruit. We will expound on the various foods that start with Y.


If you own a chicken, then, this might be old news to you. Whenever you gobble down a boiled egg, you will come across a yellowish part. It’s the yolk. It adds color and nutritional value to food. It also acts as a thickening agent.


The food culture in Japan is diverse. Yakitori is a dish of styled and grilled skewered chicken. The dish goes well alongside ginkgo nuts, chicken livers, or vegetables. You can add ginger, sake, and honey. It’s then marinated using Teriyaki sauce.

Yellowfin Tuna

The aquatic species are in the tropical and sub-tropical regions of the Pacific Ocean. The strong flavor that stings your nose comes from its pale pink flesh. It weighs 400 pounds. The tuna is served raw but can be rarely seared.


The Caribbean produces a large number of plants that produce spices such as cloves. Yautia is grown for its corns, leaves, and petioles. The taste flavors the dishes. Yautia can also act as a thickening agent in stew, sauces, and chowder.


The medium evergreen tree looks a lot like an orange tree due to its thin yellow and orange fruits. The cooking process is like yams and is used as an alternative.


The delicious snack is popular on the East coast of the United States of America. The frosted-filled cream cakes are in the film industry, television industry, and comics.

Yam Gizdodo

If you find yams sweet, then, you will appreciate this amazing Nigerian cuisine. The fried yam cooks with fried plantain, chicken gizzard, pepper stew, and spicy tomato. The addition of yams in the dish makes the meal complete.

Yak Jerky

Dark red meat is lighter than beef. It is nutritious in omega 3 oils which make it a healthy meal. It makes the meat juicy. Yak Jerky has low saturated fats, cholesterol, and triglycerides.


The root tuber is popular in South America, Asia, and Africa. It has a brown exterior. Its fleshy part has different colors depending on the maturity. The vegetable contains nutrients that have incredible health benefits to its consumers.


You may have come across this edible substance in your daily bread. The tiny fungal organisms use food for different purposes. You may need yeast to bake. Beer and wine require yeast in the fermentation process.


Most Australian fishermen have had a taste of the crustacean creature. It resides in billabongs, creeks, or rivers. The small crayfish is blue, black, or brown. Yabby is about 4-8 inches long. The fish is boiled and served alone or with condiments.

Yali Pear Fruit

Northeast China can bear witness to the fruit’s crispy juicy texture.  The spice and anise complement the fine sweet-tart flavor. Its fleshy parts are juicy coupled with a pleasant aroma.


It is impossible not to get yogurt from fast foods, diners, or retail stores. The thick dairy product undergoes milk fermentation using bacteria. The product must remain at a low temperature of 1100 C for a while.

Yardlong Beans

The legume looks like green beans. The beans are immature pods that are edible. The green pods can be used in preparing different dishes depending on preferences.


The ancient city of Greece is not only known for its mythologies but also its exquisite food. Yiros contains lamb, pork or chicken, tomato, red onions, lettuce, and garlic sauce. It’s all wrapped up in Pita bread.


Among the many citrus fruits found in Japan, the Yuzu makes a mean flavored dish. Despite its wrinkled skin, the yellow-green fruit looks a lot like a grapefruit. The fruit tastes sharp, tart, and acidic.

Yam Beans

The name might mislead you to think it’s leguminous. Yam beans look like sweet potatoes except for their larger and starchier attributes. The interior is chewy, delicious, and soft while the outside is very rough, bark-like, and hard to peel.


The root tuber vegetable is from South America where its petals, fruits, and roots are eaten. You can also refer to it as cassava. Its starchiness makes the vegetable a thickening agent for soup and stew.


The North American food has a long, tapered-shaped root with a bulbous tip. Yuatia has an earthy flavor which complements its nutty flavor.


Wine is a luxurious commodity that gets sweeter by aging. Chateau d’Yquem is a quality growth wine that has complex flavors. It’s characterized by sweet and acidic notes.

Yellow Mombin

The fruit is common in many West Indies. You can eat out of hand or stewed with sugar. Once the juice is extracted from the fruit, it can be used in jelly, ice cream, and cool beverages.

Yellow Tea

Tea has, in many years, been a breakfast drink at home and in fast foods. Yellow tea earns a spot due to its smooth texture and a pleasant aroma. The after taste offered is fruity and distinct. Yellow tea has health benefits.


The root tuber is popular in the Andes with colors ranging between red, orange, pink, purple, or yellow. The pleasant taste of Yacon makes it easier to consume raw. The tuberous root is cooked in several recipes.


When you cross-breed a dewberry, raspberry, and blackberry, a youngberry is formed. The berry has a red color. The youngberry has the same uses as other berries.


The noodle dish is popular in the Japanese food culture. This particular dish has a salty, sweet, and sour sauce. Yakisoba is often served alongside beef, chicken, or veggies.

Yellow Zucchini Soup

On a cold day, what you need is a healthy nutritious soup served with bread or salad.  Yellow Zucchini Soup is a great soup to try. It takes less time to prepare and more filing.

Yukon Gold Potato

Yukon gets its rich flavor from its golden flesh. The potatoes are versatile and flexible. They are useful in

mashing or in soups and chowders. They can also be used for sautéing and roasting too.

Yakhni Pulao

Indian cuisine combines two recipes to form a complete dish and a full meal. Yakhni is the meat encase with aromatic spices. It’s boiled with ingredients in a bouquet garni and cooked alongside some spices and rice.


The dish has a Spanish version and a Filipino version. The Spanish dessert contains egg yolks, sugar, and powdered sugar coating. Filipino dessert uses milk instead of water. It’s also served pain without sugar coating.

Yew Berries

This has to be the trickiest fruit to ever exist. Its flesh is safe and sweet while its seed is deadly poisonous when you swallow it. You might feel thirsty after consuming the yew berries.

Yorkshire Pudding

The English side dish is well recognized. Its ingredients are flour, milk, eggs’ batter cooked with beef drippings. The meal becomes complete when the pudding is alongside sausages or mash.


The African dish is most popular in Nigeria. The dish contains plain boiled yam coated in flour, egg, ginger, salt, and garlic. The Nigerian cuisine goes well with tomato stew, ketchup, egg sauce, and Monica sauce.


The Chinese breakfast is a true definition of a heavy breakfast. It goes well with soy milk, scallion, porridge, pancake, Shao bing, or steamed sticky rice. Youtiao is useful in many recipes.

Yellow Chiles

Most peppers are always hot and bitter. This is likely the case for Guero chiles which are sweet with a bold flavor. The crunchiness and aromatic spices present flavors in many recipes.

Yellow Passion Fruit

The fruit is easy to spot due to its egg-like shape and thick yellow skin which has lime-green spots. Its taste combines the sweet, acidic, and tropical taste to provide a remarkable taste. Yellow passion can be raw or cooked.

Yellow Wax Beans

The leguminous plant shares feature with green beans except for the color. They also have the same uses. These beans are crisp, watery, and firm with flavors that are nutty and mellow grassy sweet.

Yellow Moong Dal

The Indian moong beans are an Indian local dish. It’s skinned and split for purpose of making them flat, yellow, and fast to cook. The dish is easy to digest. The cuisine is in many Indian recipes.


The dish requires lemons and onions to prepare marinated fish or poultry dishes. It’s prepared with olive or peanut oil, green seedless olive, and herbs.

Yogurt Cheese

As the name depicts, these are two foods combined to make a complete dish. The pair comes out with spreadable cream cheese or a firm and thick cheese. You can make the cheese thicker to use it in more recipes.


A cow’s milk can make many dairy products. Yarg is a semi-hard cheese that comes from cow’s milk. You should wrap nettle leaves around yarg to allow them to mature. The nettle leaves may form a moldy but delicious rind.

Yellow Beet

The golden beet is an underground edible root that grows broad, green leaves. Their popularity comes from their mild flavor and bright color. The red beet lacks the smooth texture and sweet taste exhibited by the yellow beet.

Yellow Finn Potatoes

The yellow flesh and creamy texture of the Yellow Finns make them versatile. They also have a buttery flavor and sweet taste that surpasses that of the Yukon Gold potato. The potatoes are for making salads, gnocchi, mashed potatoes, and gratins.

Yogurt-Marinated Chicken

Yogurt adds a wonderful taste and makes the chicken tender and juicy. It marinates flavors of the chicken. Mediterranean spices are also added to make the chicken flavourful.

Yellow Plum

The yellow plum is smaller than the regular red plum. It is small, round and yellow plum originating from South America. The fleshy part of the plum is yellow. The flesh produces a sweet and juicy taste.

Yellow Watermelon

Unlike its red counterpart, the yellow watermelon has yellow flesh. The fruit is a result of the natural mutation of its species. It originates from Africa. Yellow watermelon has a sweet, honey-like flavor.

Yeast Cake

Yeast cake is wet yeast sold in block or cake form. It’s perishable and active. This type of baker’s yeast is only available in limited stores. You should crumble over dry ingredients or dissolve the yeast cake in the liquid used in the recipe.

Yellow-Fruit Nightshade

It is a prickly herb that has been in Ayurveda and folklore medicine since time immemorial. The fruit has many health benefits such as curing respiratory ailments, treating skin problems among many others.


It is also referred to as yumberry. It is grown in Asia, in particular, China. The small berry has a deep but bright red color. It has a diameter that ranges between 0.6- 1 inch long. It can be used as a natural dye. Yangmei is available fresh, soaked, dried, fermented, or canned.


Yokan is a Japanese dessert that is like Turkish delight. It’s made up of red bean paste or adzuki bean jam, sugar, and agar-agar. It is thick and jellied. Yokan is also made from white bean paste.


The yellowtail is a large game fish weighing up to 100 pounds found in the Southern ocean. It can grow over 70 inches long. Its flavor and texture resemble that of tuna and maybe prepared similar to tuna. It has a distinctive yellowfin and tail and a large silver body.

Yankee Pot Roast

Vegetarians need no introduction to the dish. It contains vegetables added while cooking. The round cut (pot roast) is brown and braise in a covered pot with a little liquid.

Wrap Up

The different types of food found world-wide are essential in the survival of humankind. It is highly recommended that you consume highly nutritious food. Always strive to eat a balanced diet for healthy growth.

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