51 Foods That Start With I

Whenever you think of foods that start with I, the desire for an ice cream snack always kick in. If you thought the ice cream was delicious, you will be drooling over the fifty-plus foods that begin with letter I.

From an ice cream to an ice cream soda or ice cream cake, you will be surprised by how many foods beginning with I are out there.

If you are interested in finding out more about the different kinds of food that life has to offer, you are in the right place. From iced latte to iceberg lettuce, here are 51 foods that begin with letter I.


51 Foods That Start With I

The food industry has come a long way from plain salt to iodized salt. Many foods begin with the letter i. They may include foreign foods like Imarti or indigenous like Idaho potatoes.

Iced Cappuccino

Nothing feels good like having a cold drink on a hot sunny day. If you enjoy the sweet taste of a regular cappuccino, then you will drool over an iced cappuccino. The iced drink is refreshing and the best option to take in a hot summer.


Icing is a sugar-water mixture used to decorate and cover cakes. The mixture comes in different flavors and ingredients depending on your preference.

Italian Kisses

You are bound to get confused when you come across this option in a diner’s menu or fast-food. The Italian kiss is a small ice cream with a chocolate cover and frozen. The treat is an impeccable dessert to have after dinner.

Idaho Potatoes

Idaho residents may need no introduction to one of their very own Idaho potatoes. The root tuber has distinctive brown-dark skin and white, dry flesh. Its used as baked potatoes, hash browns, or roasted potatoes.


Indian culture is popular for spicy curries and yummy noodles. Idiyappam consist of rice flour pressed into noodles. It’s served alongside chicken curry or stew, peas curry, and vegetable kurma.

Iodized Salt

Judging by the last name, the iodized salt is salt-like any other. What, then, makes it unique? Tiny amounts of iodine combines with table salt to make iodized salt. The salt ensures optimal health for people with iodine deficiency.

Irish Stew

The traditional stew is popular among the Irelanders as it hails from Ireland. The Irish stew is well balanced. It consists of potatoes, red meat, and carrot. You can flavor and thicken the stew by adding other root vegetables.

Inca Berries

If you desire a healthy lifestyle, Inca berries are the way to go. The Peruvian exotic fruit is rich in protein, vitamin C, potassium, and antioxidants. The berries are in small dry parcels. They have both a sweet and sour taste.

Iceberg Lettuce

You may have heard the crunchy sound while you were gobbling down a beef burger or diner salads. The leafy and crispy leaves you ate are from the iceberg lettuce. Its neutral taste doesn’t take away from any other ingredients in the dish.

Indian Curry

Many Indian foods have hot spices that flavor the dish. Indian curry tops the list. It’s made using poultry, vegetable, or meat. It’s served with rice, roti, or flatbread. The spice level and taste are crucial for the curry.

Ice Cream

Frozen dessert is common in almost every household in America. The sweetness comes from the sugar that mixes with cream and flavoring. There are many flavors and colors served together on a cone, waffle, brownie, or a bowl with sprinkles.

Instant Noodles

Cooking can be time-consuming when you have to prepare the ingredients and cook. Instant noodles are the instant solution. It’s a quick, easy meal, sold as dried blocks of pre-cooked noodles with seasoning. It only requires boiled water for preparation.

Ice Vegetable

The South African vegetable has a frosty-looking exterior. it has a crunchy texture that never folds when exposed to heat. Its texture and taste is incredible once you stir-fry.

Ice Cream Soda

The name is straightforward. You only need to scoop and add ice cream into a carbonated drink. Ice cream soda is different like Boston cooler, chocolate ice cream soda, and coke float.


The tropical fruit may be familiar to the natives of Central America. You may come across the green or the pink kind. The green variety has a white sweet flesh while the pink ilama has pinkish flesh with a tart flavor.

Israeli Falafel

If you enjoy the mystery of foreign foods, you should try out the Falafel. The deep-fried ball comprises ground chickpeas, or fava beans, and coriander. The ball is then wrapped in a pita or flatbread and served with hummus and baba ghanoush.

Instant Oatmeal

Any meal that begins with ‘instant’ has a time factor added feature. Instant oatmeal gets cooked and dried allowing quick preparation. They have flavoring options depending on brands.

Indian Taco

You are familiar with the Mexican taco. Indian taco uses the same principles but with different ingredients. It has beans or ground beef, chopped lettuce, sliced tomato, and optional green chile. You fill the fry bread, roll it up and eat.

Irish potatoes

The potatoes don’t originate from Ireland as the name sounds. They associate with the infamous potato-disease famine in Ireland. The South American potato is toxic except for the edible root tubers.

Island Crab

The aquatic life has many unexplored sea creatures. The Christmas Island crab is a species of land crab found in the Christmas and Cocos Island in the Indian Ocean. The Island crab is small and 90% filled with water making it inedible.

Intertwined Challah Bread

Most Jewish holidays and festivals happen with Challah bread. The unique Jewish bread is rich in tradition, folklore and filled with symbolism.

Iced Latte

If you are a fan of espresso, then, you will love the iced latte. Milk and the espresso adds to the ice in the glass. You can use any milk so long as you don’t put in heavy cream. The cream adds more fats to your iced latte.

Iraqi Kubbeh

The soup is popular among the Iraqi-Jewish. You will need beef and beet to make the dish. The beef-filled semolina dumplings cooks in beet soup and served while hot. The traditional soup is in many recipes.

Israeli Salad

The product features and applications are impeccable. Israeli salad dressing is easy to make, cheap and mouth-watering. It’s served alongside kebabs, and grilled fish during dinners.


The dish is not new in the Italian culinary industry. The name comes from the dish itself which means little rolls or bundles. The bundles comes from slices of vegetables, fish, or meat. A wrapper of sorts rolls around a filling.

Instant Rice

The devil is in the details. The beauty of this type of rice is that it lessens preparation time. Unlike instant oatmeal, the rice is wholly cooked and frozen. You only need to boil it in water to rehydrate. It lacks flavor and nutritional value.

Ice milk

The thought of ice milk is unheard of to many but possible. It follows the same freezing process as ice cream. The difference is distinguishable from the milk fat and solids which is less in ice cream. Iced milk is lighter, less creamy with a lower calorie count.

Indian Cress

Salad dressings brighten the flavor and taste of the dish prepared. The Indian Cress is more than a salad. It also has medicinal and ornamental value. The cottagey plant is in many Indian gardens.

Iced Tea

It is natural to take cold drinks during the hot summer. Iced tea beats regular tea under such circumstances. The cold beverage goes well with ice cubes or chilled without ice. It’s sweetened with honey, sugar, or syrup.

Iced Coffee

What if you prefer coffee to tea in the hot summer? You have nothing to worry about. Iced coffee is available in different forms. It serves well with ice and cold milk. The cold drink is stronger than the normal cup of coffee.

Italian Ice

The name can be confusing if you take in its literal form. If you are allergic to ice cream, you are in luck. Italian ice is an alternative to ice cream. It’s made of fruits or other artificial or natural flavorings.

Ice Pop

The treat is popular among American kids. Most people call them lollies, freezers, or popsicles. The treat shares popularity among the young ones and adults. You can make one from milk or water with added flavoring and coloring.

Indian Squash

The squash-like gourd comes from the cucurbit. The cucurbit is popular for its green, apple-sized fruit-like vegetable. The Indian squash makes a remarkable vine. Its popularity stretches between Indian and Pakistani cooking.


The Indian treat is hard to miss due to its iconic circular shape which resembles a flower. You only need urad bean flour batter and sugar syrup to make the sweet snack. The batter is deep-fried and dunked in the syrup to add flavor.

Irish Soda Bread

Yeast is a key component in the manufacture of bread. That is unlikely for Irish soda bread which uses sodium bicarbonate instead of yeast. The Irish bread is also made of buttermilk, flour, salt, and baking soda.

Illiwarra Plum

The Australian fruit has a striking resemblance to blueberries. It has a sweet, juicy flavor with a texture like grapefruit. The fleshy part of its seed makes a condiment to add flavor to food.


You may have found yourself in the company of one-two beers in a bar or at home. This together with any other form of brew or liquor that has alcohol as an active agent is inebriant. Apart from soul pleasures, it’s useful in cooking and preparing meals and desserts.

Indian Almond Fruit

The fruit is popular in India due to its nutritional value. Its seed contains nutrients and minerals which helps in the metabolic processes. The complimentary hazelnut-taste makes it pleasant to consume the fruit.


The fruit grows near the sea from a shrub. Its oblong shape and black-red skin make the fruit peculiar. The Icaco seed taste like almonds when roasted. Its flesh has a subtle, sweet flavor.

Instant Pudding

You can always go with instant pudding when you need to make that dessert for your family. The powder adds to either milk or other ingredients to make a pudding. The pudding is usually made from sugar, flavoring agents, and thickeners. It requires little to no effort to make.

Inga Edulis

If you enjoy the taste of vanilla ice cream, you will enjoy the taste of South American fruit. The seeds of the Inga Edulis have a sweet pulpy flesh. The seeds are edible when cooked and taste like chickpeas.

Iberian Ham

The black Iberian pig is popular in the Spanish sphere for its back leg which makes a tasty Iberian ham. The preparation process is delicate. That explains the certification issued for verification of Iberian ham.

Italian Sausage

Many pizzas get their names from their toppings which harbor many ingredients. The Italian sausage is a pizza topping made of pork and flavored with garlic and fennel. The toppings available are hot and sweet.


According to the law of physics, ice is water that has fallen below 00 C. The idea of referring to ice as a snack is absurd. Yet, ice can is in some meals and in preparing cocktails. Fresh oysters need ice to keep them fresh and cool.

Iraqi Cuisine

If you love eating pork and pork products, steer clear from Iraq. Iraq is a Muslim state which means they prohibit the act. Iraqi food is rich and diverse, incorporating spices. Meat dishes are often combined with rice and vegetables.

Indian Mustard

The Indian mustard has wide application across the board. Its stems, leaves, and seeds are Korean, Chinese, Indian, Italian, and African-American cooking. Its condiment is spicier than regular yellow mustard.

Indian Pea

The legume has its root in India, Asia. It is also called grass pea or white pea. Indian pea is resilient when it comes to reliability even where other crops fail. Its reliability extends to periods of drought and famine.

Indian Black Salt

This type of Indian salt is a volcanic rock salt made from Himalayan pink salt. The pink salt infuses with Indian spices including harad. The mixture cooks under high temperatures until it turns black.

Ice Cream Cake

The combo is popular in social events like birthday parties or weddings. It’s formed when ice cream fills in a cake tin or similar. The ice cream freezes until it is solid. It is, then, removed from the tin and served up with candles and decorations.


Idli is a South Indian steamed rice cake made of a mixture of fermented rice and lentil batter. The soft rice cake has a high protein content making for a filling and nutritious meal. Idli is vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free all at the same time.

Irish Coffee

Irish coffee is a popular cocktail in Ireland. It’s made of hot coffee, Irish whiskey, and sugar, topped with cream. You cannot get drunk when you take it since the amount of whiskey in the coffee is small.

Wrap Up

The food journey has taught us the need to consume nutritious foods. Moreover, some of these foods are home-made. You only need the ingredients and you are good to go. Go ahead and try your luck!

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