25 Foods That Start With Q

If you’ve ever played the alphabet game while on a road trip, you know exciting and difficult it can be to find words that begin with certain letters.

One of those fun yet difficult letters is the letter Q.

Have you ever wondered what kinds of foods start with the letter Q? There are quite a few, so stick around for some fun food items that begin with this letter!


25 Foods Start With The Letter Q


Quark is type of German cheese, also called “fresh curd”. It has been traditionally made with milk that has been soured by lactic acid. This gives it its unique flavor. The consistency is reported to be somewhere between sour cream and ricotta.

Quinine Water

Quinine water is compound that is added to tonic water in small doses. It is known for giving beverages its bitter taste, and has been thought to help with restless legs and leg cramps. It is also a treatment for malaria.


Quandong covers three of kinds of wild bush fruits that are found in Australia. There is the desert quandong, the sweet quandong, and the bitter quangong. General qualities include edible, nutlike seeds and an edible flesh.


Quail is a name that is collectively used for medium-sized birds that fall into the Galliformes order.  There are about 130 different species of quail in the world.  They have been known to be hunted as game.


A Quaff is sometimes used to describe a hearty draft. It can also mean to drink heartily. This can be applied to any drink, but are more geared towards beer-like beverages.


Quiche is a savory dish that can be served any time, but makes a delicious breakfast. Ingredients such as spinach, cheese, meats, and unsweetened custard can be used, along with various spices. The dish is combined and baked until cooked.


Quadrettini is a variety of pasta that can be flat, square or triangle shaped. Typically they are used in thin broth soups. If you’re looking for a substitute, pastina can be used.


Quahog is an edible clam found in the northeastern parts of the US. Main US fishery services will focus on two major regions for harvesting them: Long Island, NY, and Maine. They can be harvested either by hand or by using machinery.


The Quince is a small tree that produces a fruit that closely resembles a pear. The leaves, seeds and fruit have been known to be used as medicine. Sometimes the syrup made from the fruit is used in children’s heartburn.


Quenelle is a French dish of creamed fish or other meat, sometimes mixed with breadcrumbs and held together by egg. Then, it is usually poached, but other methods of cooking are sometimes used. They were originally used as a garnish in haute cuisine meals.

Quail Eggs

Just as it’s possible to eat Quail, they’re eggs are also edible. Many people find quail eggs delicious, and because they are not super common they can be expensive to buy at the store. They are also much smaller than chicken or duck eggs and have a brown, speckled appearance.


Quesco is Spanish for soft, creamy white cheese. Another more common spelling omits the “c”, resulting in “queso”.  These can be mild or spicy, depending on the preferred taste of the consumer.


Quinoa is a plant food that is high in protein. It is also gluten-free and makes for a great grain substitute for those that either cannot physically tolerate gluten or choose to eliminate it for other health reasons. Another fun fact is that quinoa has about 9 essential amino acids that are necessary for optimal health. l


Queso is a thick sauce made of hot, melted cheese. Chili peppers and other spices are also typical additions to standard queso recipes. Queso can range in different spice levels from mild, medium, to hot. It’s also a classic side dish at many parties.


Quavers are a curly, potato snack food that is commonly found in Walkers gas stations. The idea behind this is similar to that of a potato chip or a Cheeto.

Quick Bread

Quick bread can be defined as any type of bread that hasn’t been leavened with yeast or eggs, but may be leavened with other agents such as baking soda, cream of tartar, or corn flour.


A Quesadilla is a popular dish that originated in Mexico. Many contain an combination of meat, beans, vegetables, cheese, and spices. They are then cooked on griddle until the ingredients are warmed. Sometimes they are topped with special sauce or sour cream.

Quarter Pounder

The Quarter Pounder is a famous American hamburger. Sometimes you can pick between one hamburger patty or two, making it a Double Quarter Pounder. You usually also have the option of adding cheese or anything else you might like, such as extra pickles. This Q food is sold by the well-known fast-food company called McDonald’s.


Quetzals are colorful little birds from the trogon family. They can be found in either the humid highlands in Mexico, or the forests. Sometimes they even live in parts of the southern US.


The Quenepa is a tree within the soapberry family. They are usually found in places such as Puerto Rico and are sometimes called “The Spanish Lime”.  Fruits are small, round and green with a thin, rigid skin. Fruits tend to grow in large bunches, similar to that of grapes.

Quarter Deck

A Quarter Deck is a martini-style cocktail made from sweet, fortified wine, rum and a cream Sherry. This could make for a tasty drink after a long day of work.

Queen Anne Cherry

The Queen Anne Cherry is a dessert that has a cordial cherry that is covered in cream and dipped in chocolate. They are usually found in many US grocery stores and tend to be popular around Christmas time.


A Quaalude is a cocktail that is comprised of heavy cream, coffee and hazelnut liquer, and vodka. For those that like these types of drinks, it sounds like it would be pretty good.

Quaraibea Cordata

The Quaraibea Cordata is a South American fruit that grows on a large, semi-deciduous tree. They are native to the Amazon rainforest. Fruits can be identified by their orange-yellow color, have a sweet and juicy flavor, and have around 2-5 seeds per fruit.


If you order a Quicksand at the bar, you’ll get a cocktail that has orange juice mixed with black Sambuca and ice. Shaken and strained, this drink is sure to thrill.

Wrap Up

Who knew that there are so many different foods and drinks that start with the letter Q? So the next time you go out and see something different that maybe starts with the letter Q, why not give it a try? You may be pleasantly surprised, and you may find yourself a new favorite food!

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