51 Foods That Start With M

How many foods do you really know about? The average person always claims to know more food than they really do and the odds are that if I were to ask you the same question, you would say about hat amount too? So what about foods that start with M? How many can you mention off the top of your head? No need to keep cracking your head over that! We have saved you the trouble by compiling it so hop on the ride and lets goooooo!


51 Foods That Begin with The Letter M


This is a type of candy that all ages are sure to love. They are prepared by mixing egg whites and sugar and whipping them together before baking. You can add lemon to the mixture too. They are very popular in France and Italy.


Millet is a cereal whose plants look like maize. It is very rich in carbohydrates and protein and contains a higher percentage of calcium than most foods, even other cereals. They are cooked in puddings.


What do you get champagne and citrus juice? A Mimosa. This drink is perfect for brunches and can be eaten with different snacks like Turkish figs, mixed olives and chocolate-covered almonds among other things.


This is a type of white cheese and can be eaten raw or cooked depending on your moods. It is made from cow’s milk and originated from Italy.


These are round, small-sized products made from flatbread and quickbread and they have different varieties, each with different flavors. You can get a vanilla flavor, lemon and banana flavors. Unlike their cousin’s cupcakes, can be eaten either hot or cold.


These are a white, soft variety of fungi that are eaten mostly in African and Asia though they have started making inroads into the west recently. They are normally cooked with other meals or cooked and eaten alone.


Made from pasta, this “tubey” food is an instant hit and it can also be cooked the same way as spaghetti. Macaroni is a good supply of fiber and carbohydrates. Did I mention it is also very easy to prepare?


This is the most widely grown grain product in the world so it follows that it is a popular food around the world. They can be eaten alone, made into popcorns, made into other meals and be either cooked, fried or boiled. They are high in carbohydrates too.


Since we are still on the topic of grains, another popular grain is Malted barley, the cereal grain from which malt is made from. Malt is the dried form of this cereal and is used to make a variety of food and drinks. Also, malt extract is used for flavoring and if you have ever had beer, malt is the main ingredient there for alcohol production.


This is a fish food that is very rich in nutrients and when cured with salt and vinegar can be made into sushi. Mackerel is prepared by either baking, barbecuing or just grilling the fish in question.


You might be familiar with mustard paste which is the most common form, mustard is sold. They can be eaten alone or used in thick sauces, stews, dressings and other numerous food items. Comes in three varieties: the black, brown and white type.


This is a sandwich made of mushrooms and lamb chops.


Made out of potato and lamb meat, this originally Greek food can be served either hot or cold. Bread crumbs or sliced tomatoes can be used as toppings for this meal and the end product always tastes like lasagna.


As the names imply, they are balls made out of meat; but meat isn’t the only thing in the mixture. Also included in the mixture are onions, bread, eggs and other types of seasonings. Some of the meals that go well with meatball are pasta, fried cabbage and egg noodles, and mashed potatoes.


This is a loaf made out of meat and other ingredients. It originates from the united states, for the toppings, you can use ketchup, tomato sauce, bottled chili sauce or any other appropriate sauce.


Fleshy and filled with water, this fruit is a good source of fiber and contain small or low amounts of cholesterol. This can be eaten alone but in some parts of West Africa, they are cut and ground for use in making meals.


This is a type of soup popular in Italy and made with broth, potatoes and spinach. You can also use either beans or butternut squash for the cooking. Tastes absolutely delicious.


This delicious cake is made with egg whites, cream and flavor. It is usually served as dessert but can be eaten as a standalone meal too. The most popular Mousse cake is the chocolate flavored variety.


This is a fish meal made out of the flathead grey mullet and that has a rich oily and nutty taste. His fish is typically found in tropical regions.


This is a chicken recipe made with chicken, potatoes, white wine and pasta. To make Chicken murphy tastier, add chili pepper.


This meal has origins in Mexico. It is made out of masa and is similar to a corn-tortilla but slightly thicker. It is usually eaten as a snack but can serve as a full meal too.


Also of Mexican origin, this meal is made by wrapping chicken or rabbit meat in eatable maguey leaves and steaming it. It is best enjoyed hot and spicy.


This is a Japanese meal is a type of sushi but unlike other types of sushi, it is rolled up and is made by wrapping up fillings in rice and seaweed.


If you have ever been to china then odds are you have had this particular dish because it is the ultimate Chinese dessert. The fillings used in making them are made out of lotus paste and egg yolks.


This is another name for steamed dumplings but these are originated from Nepal and are widely popular there. Fillings are used for the dumplings so that the end result is a tasty meal.


This soup is not to be confused with margarita which is entirely another food. This soup is made from lamb offal, herbs and egg sauce tastefully cooked and served. It is best enjoyed with red wine.


This is an eatable tuber that looks like a radish, Maca can be baked, roasted or cooked and it sure has a good scent when cooked. Reports also say they are good for boosting libido but I can neither confirm nor deny this.

Marang Syrup

Also called the Italian meringue, this food is made of egg whites and corn syrup. Lemon can be added to the mix before whipping to add stability to the mix.

Marlin Fish

Popularly known as the fastest fish in the world, the Marlin is an apex predator at sea but on the palate, it is quite a tasty treat.

McIntosh Apples

No, we are not talking about Apple Computers here. The McIntosh apples are the national apples of Canada and have red and green skin. It is usually used in making apple juices.


These fruits are brown-colored and are very sugary when softened. They can be baked, cooked or eaten by pressing out the seeds and eating their insides.


Mostly grown in Japan where it is a staple food, this leafy vegetable is used to prepare other foods and can be eaten raw (you have to eat an awful lot to make a meal, though).


The only thing ugly about this fish is its face, it is delicious especially when cooked with tomato fish.

Moi Moi

This West African delicacy is prepared by grinding beans and mixing onions, pepper and other seasonings and steaming it for some time. It is best enjoyed with fruit juice.


This refers to meat from the animal, Moose. Its tough meat is surprisingly tasty and it is prepared the same way mutton and steak is prepared.

Mountain Rose Potato

This variety of potato is distinguished by its red skin and flesh, it is high in antioxidants and as is the case with other potatoes, it can be cooked, baked or mixed with other ingredients in the preparation of other meals.


This fruit can be eaten when ripe and is high in vitamins, iron and other nutrients. They are used to make jams and puddings.

Mung Beans

This small, green legumes are mainly grown in south-east Asia but can be seen all over the world. They are used as ingredients to make sauces and are rich in potassium, magnesium and fiber.

Mustard Greens

No, this is not a variety of Kale; even though they do look like that, Mustard greens are less bitter than kale. They are used to prepare dishes, especially in Asia. They are also very rich in Vitamin K and Vitamin A.


Madrilène is made with tomatoes and has lemon slice toppings. It has French origins which explain its name. It is best served steaming.


This fruit is purple with big, white seeds inside. It is edible and rich in antioxidants, fiber and essential vitamins. You can use it in smoothies and salads here its unique taste will make a great addition.


Remember we talked about marang syrup earlier? Well, this is the fruit it is made from. Marang tastes just like pineapple and has a rough-looking exterior with white innards.


There are two types of marshmallow: the Marshmallow salad and the marshmallow confectionary. Marshmallow salad is made from oranges, crushed pineapple, sour cream, cherries, marshmallows and other fillings while marshmallow confectionary is made from sugar, water and gelatin. The best part? They are both delicious.


This is a type of stew made of seasoned wine, oil, onions, potatoes and mushrooms, then served with fish. It is popular in France where it originated. The seasonings used for this stew is really strong so be prepared when trying it out.

Mash bean

As the name implies, mash beans is made by beating bean with a paddle until they have turned to mush, it is served with gravy, sausages and steak mignon.


Also known as Pancita, this Mexican food is made with cow’s stomach or pork and served in chili sauce. Its taste is similar to tortilla and you are sure to get a mouthful of meat on each bite.


Also Mexican in origin, this sandwich is a combo of beans, cheese and salsa and can be eaten with pickled jalapenos. It is very rich in vitamins and minerals too.


If you think you have seen it all when it comes to weirdly-prepared meals (weird in a good way), then you are in for a shocker. Moronga is prepared by adding spices, herb, onions and other ingredients into a pig’s intestines where they are boiled. This meal is usually served as breakfast.


Made with corn dough and mashed tomatoes, all fried; Molote is eaten with onion and mushroom fillings. It is normally eaten as a snack but no one’s stopping you from eating it as a full meal.

Mancha Manteles

The final Mexican food on our list, the Mancha manteles is a stew filled with different types of meat and packed to the brim with vegetables and fruits. Want to know a fun fact about this meal? Its name translates to “table stainer” in English so you might as well allow it to live up to its name.

Morello Cherries

These refer to sour-tasting berries with dark red skin. They are normally used for baking but if you want to eat them raw, I advise infusing them with apple juice first to cancel out the sour taste.

Wrap Up

Wow, that’s a whole lot of foods that start with M and I bet you haven’t encountered up to 3/4ths of them but no one’s saying you can’t try them all out. To find out the list of places where this food is available, use Google Maps. Happy hunting!!

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