51 Foods That Start With P

Pizza, Pasta, and what else? Trying to think of foods that start with P? Well, look no further than this list, because we have many suggestions that start with the letter P to help with your diet.

In this list, let’s explore 51 foods that start with the letter P. I have included a wide variety of popular from all over the world to take a peek at.

This list has grains, meats, fruits, vegetables, and anything else your stomach could crave. Without further ado, here are 51 foods that begin with the letter P, and hopefully, you’ll find something right for you.


51 Foods That Start With P


One of the most popular dishes from Spain is paella, the dish made from a combination of rice, meat or seafood, and vegetables. It’s more widely known to be from the Valencia region by Spainards and is simmered and sautéed until done.


Pancakes are flat cakes made in pans with the liquidated mix of flour, butter, eggs, and milk. Pancakes can also be filled with apples, raisins, chocolate chips, or anything else you can put in the batter.


Papayas are fun to say and more fun to eat and are big melons with orange flesh from one of the 22 species of the Carica genus. On top of being steamed like vegetables, pickled, and boiled, the leaves can be used to treat malaria and relieve asthma.


Coming in a cup, parfait is a name for foods that are layers of fruit, granola, yogurt, whipped cream, and anything else cold and delicious. This delicious dessert can have any nutritional values you want and perhaps some alcohol or ice cream.


Parmesan is an Italian cheese from unpasteurized cow’s milk giving it a strong smell. With a hard exterior and sharp flavor, this cheese can be shredded over any dish as it’s considered one of the best cheeses in the world.


What a wonderful food, pasta is a dry dough created by water, flour, and occasionally eggs. Examples of pasta include spaghetti, fettuccine, and ziti.


Cut and cooked from beef briskets, turkey, or lamb, the pastrami is a highly seasoned meat and smokes over hardwood. One can eat cooked pastrami or put some in a sandwich in its natural cut form or as lunch meat.


From the pod plant, peas are small green legumes that are frozen, canned, and used as vegetables (even though they’re technically not) in foods. You can have pea soup, pot pies, and milk to add variety to your meal.


Praised by multiple countries in Asia and by artists alike, peaches are juicy fruits with yellowish flesh. Not only are peaches full of nutrients and delicious juices but they can reduce allergy symptoms just in case you need it.


Peanut is a seed from the peanut plant holding multiple peanuts inside which can take different forms like peanut oil, peanut butter, and peanut flour. When consuming peanuts you can benefit from weight loss and better heart health having uses other than package filling.


Coming fresh, in a can, or as a juice, pears are greenish fruits that are dry and hard with a shape that’s wide on the bottom but thinner up top. Pears might be a bit bitter but they are good for digestion and your heart.


Not technically nuts but pecans are drupes from North America with an oval shape and sweet taste. Not only a filler in trail mix, but pecans are also often used in pies and sometimes candy for a buttery flavor.


Worth more than 1 cent, penne is a tube-shaped pasta with the ends cut diagonally and prepared until firm. Put any sauce you want on it from pesto, marinara, or alfredo. That’s the beauty of pasta.


What happens when you put milk, butter, and brown sugar together and caramelize the latter? Penuche, the fudge that is full of soft and chewy deliciousness of course.


Cultivating from black peppers, peppercorn is a spice added to add an extraordinary flavor. Coming in red, black, green, brown, and black, peppercorn, this crushed seed can spice up any dish.


Peppermint is a type of mint that peppermint candies and candy canes come from. The oils in peppermint are a part of what makes them a breath fresher and an aid in relieving headaches and keeping your gums healthy.


As a flat cake, Pfannkuchen is dubbed as German pancakes due to the difference in preparation and ingredients. It is determined by feeling instead of measurements and a dash of beer in the dough.


From South Asia and interpreted to many other countries, piccalilli are pickles topped with spices and vegetables. Depending on where it’s from piccalilli can be spicy, sweet, or saucy creating the perfect variations.


Did you know, pickles are just cucumbers that are furnished in vinegar or fermented in brine. If you do, I hope you also know pickles can relieve muscle cramps and soothe restless leg syndrome.


The next food on the list is easy as pie as pies are pastry dough dishes baked in a pan until the edges are crispy. You can put anything not cold in pies from fruit, chocolate, and even meat as the pie possibilities are endless.

Pie Plant

Also known as rhubarb, pie plants are sour in taste but are sweetened for consumption. You can enjoy it in pies, with nutmeg, or with brown sugar, just as long as you don’t eat the leaves.

Pigeon Pea

Both a food and coverage corp, pigeon peas are legumes common in meals around the world. As a tropical woody herb, pigeon peas are rich in protein to accompany the nutty and crisp flavor.


Pignolia or pine nuts are edible seeds from pine cones that come from coniferous trees. Pignolias can be enjoyed either raw or toasted coming with health benefits like the promotional for heart and brain health.


Pineapple is a tropical fruit with a sharp and pointy exterior but a sweet and tangy interior. Not only are pineapples full of vitamin C and manganese, but they are good for preventing macular degeneration. Talk about a treat.


Pierogi are Polish turnovers that use fruits or meats as stuffing after frying or baking them. They’re small enough to be appetizers or desserts are easy to make by hand.


If you’re a nut lover, you know all about pistachios, the seemingly irresistible seeds with a green filling. If you need to pop a quick snack that’ll lower your blood sugar, pistachios are the way to go.


Dragon fruit or pitaya is a fruit with a sweet red color and a sweet juicy taste.

Full of fiber and magnesium, pitayas are best eaten ripe and along with other sweets like yogurt or smoothies.


A classic and a favorite dish of many, pizza is a well-known Italian flat pie made of bread dough. Sure, you can always put pepperoni on it or you can put any other meats, vegetables, and fruits on it.


Coming from the Spanish word meaning banana, plantains are cooked bananas that are eaten as starchy fruits. Plantains can take many forms such as banana chips, drinks, or ketchup proving their flexibility.


Plum is one of the many varieties of round fruit with waxy skin and a single pit. Plums can also protect against certain cancers and maintain your gut health as well.


For a sugary, nutty, and confectionery treat, praline is candy with butter, nuts, and sugar as the main ingredients. Praline cookies can come crisp and chewy serving as a filling for chocolate and as a satisfying snack.


As one of the multiple decapod crustaceans prawns are larger than shrimp but have almost identical similarities outside of the shape. They both are rich in selenium, iron, and zinc helping you achieve nutritional needs.


Pretzels are salty oblong-shaped snacks that can either be hard cracker snacks or soft doughy treats. For an extra taste, you can try the soft pretzels with melted cheese or hard pretzels with ranch dressing. Trust me on this.

Prickly Pear

Prickly pears grow off of cacti manifesting the form of oval fruit being as sweet as syrup depending on how red it is. Prickly pears are commonly put in salads in Mexico and are used to tend to wounds with the pulp or stem.


Profiterole is a miniature pastry ball full of cream and topped with chocolate sauce, caramel, or powdered sugar. These bite-sized desserts can make any pre-meal or after meal sweeter.


The Italians really know how to make food as Prosciutto is another Italian meat which is sliced paper-thin. Prosciutto can be a topping on pizza or as a stuffing in other meats like veal or steak.


Prune is quicker than saying dried plum and sweeter than most plums as they are made into prune juices. They famously act as a laxative but also prepare sweet dishes and builds bone and muscles.

Pond Apple

Technically not an apple (or a pond), pond apples are circular-shaped fruits that can be enjoyed in various ways. Pond apples have edible pulps and they can become jams or drinks.


Once you make corn kernels hot enough, they pop and become popcorn. Cook it on a stove or in a microwave, either way with enough salt or butter, it becomes the perfect movie snack.


Pop on over to this food since a popover is a light roll made from puff batter and baked in muffin tins. Popovers often have cream or fruit on top to make an appetizing snack.


Related to the grapefruit, pomelos are teardrop-shaped fruits that taste too sweet to be true. Not only is it sweeter than the grapefruit but pomelos have an anti-aging effect due to the antioxidant properties in them.


The pomegranate is one of the healthiest fruits in the world full of many juicy seeds inside. Pomegranates are also full of enough nutrients to help fight breast and prostate cancer proving how beneficial it truly is.


No, not the animal, porcupines are a combination of beef with rice in it along with cheese and tomato sauce simmered in.

Porcupines can be made into meatballs or patties to go with or on top of any dish.


Pork is the name for pig or hog meat creating products like bacon, sausage, and ham. Although it is banned in some religions, pork can regulate heart health and provide zinc and other nutrients.


Exactly what it sounds like, porkchop is meat chopped from the pig after roasting or grilling them. Put garlic, butter, and seasonings on it and you have a lean protein meal to make your dinner.


You don’t have to be Goldilocks to enjoy porridge. Porridge is a breakfast food made from oatmeal providing a lower risk of heart disease and as a quick meal to make and eat.


Porterhouse is another name for T-bone steak cut from the back of cattle. Porterhouse steaks are grilled, broiled, or barbequed ranging from rare to well done on the inside.


Potatoes are a common root vegetable from Peru and are introduced all over the world. Slice them, dice them, mash them, fry them, or do anything else to them because potatoes take the form of fries, hash browns, or chips.

Potato Bean

Potato beans aren’t potatoes but instead are beans from South Canada but are commonly cultivated in Japan. They can be eaten raw, cooked, or even put in maple syrup as Native Americans often do.


Potherb is a general term for any herbaceous plant that uses its leaves for culinary purposes. Examples of potherbs are kale, mustard leaves, or spinach as they can be seasonings or eaten by themselves.


Pottage is a thick soup or stew made from boiling grains, vegetables, and sometimes meat. It’s cheap and an easy-to-make meal making it accessible to just about anyone.

Wrap Up

If this list impressed you, then hopefully you find something to add to your platter.

From all over the world, there is something new to dine on from this list.

Expanding your food horizons is one of the greatest joys in life. Even if you have to travel, it’ll be worth it to try something fresh and new.

I bet even the pickiest eater will find something to enjoy in this list. If you don’t, then assure you’re missing out.

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